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TGCF Ch 13 Part 2 – No Matter How Cunning, She’s Just a Little Girl (II)

When Xia Mian’s name was mentioned increasingly frequently among the residents’ complaints, Huang Xiaojuan finally showed a proud smile.

Then the phone rang; it was Zhang Qiming, “Is your luggage all packed?”

“It’s all packed,” Huang Xiaojuan replied cheerfully. “You really have a way. I’ve heard so many people cursing her; she’s done now!”

Zhang Qiming’s voice also carried a smile, “If you’re packed, then leave now. Otherwise, those hooligans might come after Xia Mian and put you and Xuanxuan in danger.”

Huang Xiaojuan understood, “Right, I’ve packed such a big suitcase. Who knows what those hooligans might do? I need to stay at my mother’s house for a few days. Oh, I’ve also packed your luggage.”

“Good, I’ve booked the hotel.”

After hanging up, Huang Xiaojuan hugged Xuanxuan and spun around in high spirits, “We’re going to grandma’s house!”

Xuanxuan giggled happily, especially excited to hear they were going out. He clapped his little chubby hands and said, “Play with Tangtang!”

“We’ll go to grandma’s house first, and then we can play with Tangtang when we come back, okay?” Huang Xiaojuan looked at her son’s pouting lips, feeling the anger rising inside her again. Today, after she left the house, almost everyone she encountered either gave her strange looks or made sarcastic comments. Some women from the countryside didn’t have a scruple and even cursed at her directly.

She originally planned to send Xuanxuan to the daycare, thinking leaving the compound would solve everything. However, she overheard a parent telling a teacher, “Keep my son away from Xiao Huang’s son.”

Others taught their children, “Xuanxuan is the son of a murderer. Tangtang can’t play with him.”

Unable to bear it any longer, Huang Xiaojuan hurried back home with Xuanxuan in her arms and didn’t dare to go out again. That was until Zhang Qiming rang her a call after his union had talked to him over this morning’s incident…

Now that they finally retaliated, Huang Xiaojuan dragged her luggage and went downstairs with Xuanxuan. She deliberately passed through the place where people were gathering and made herself look flustered. Indeed, the people who cursed at her in the morning now seemed too preoccupied to care, and she ‘escaped’ the compound amidst some people’s sympathy.

When she arrived at the hotel, Zhang Qiming was already waiting. “What exactly happened?” He asked with a frown. “Didn’t we settle everything yesterday? How could that girl cause more trouble?”

Feeling wronged and angry, Huang Xiaojuan defended herself, “That girl doesn’t do things rationally! You don’t know how bad she is!” She recounted the morning’s events in detail, emphasizing how it was Xia Mian who threatened not to sue but then told others they were the ones pressuring her not to speak up.

Finally, she added, “I think that girl is cunning.”

Zhang Qiming squinted his eyes, “No matter how cunning, she’s just a little girl.” Then he asked, “She said she would call the police if the passbook was lost?”

Huang Xiaojuan frowned slightly, “Yes. If the police were involved, we would have to return the passbook, right?” Mentioning this made her somewhat guilty; she had taken some money from the passbook to help her brother invest in stocks, something Zhang Qiming didn’t know about. Therefore, under no circumstances could the passbook be returned; doing so would immediately expose everything.

Zhang Qiming smiled, “Why return it? She said if it’s lost, she’ll call the police. But she’s hanging out with those hooligans; sooner or later, she’ll get into big trouble. By then, she’ll be desperate to spend money to solve her problems, begging to give the passbook back to you.”

Huang Xiaojuan’s eyes lit up, “Really? What kind of big trouble do you think she’ll get into?”

Zhang Qiming gave Huang Xiaojuan a meaningful look, “What kind of trouble can a girl get into?”

Instantly, Huang Xiaojuan’s eyes sparkled, “You mean, if they get us some photos, she’ll have to listen to us from now on?”

Zhang Qiming was noncommittal, “Who knows?”

In an instant, Huang Xiaojuan’s mind was flooded with countless ways to torment Xia Mian and that brat.

“When will she get into trouble?” Huang Xiaojuan rubbed her aching stomach, somewhat impatiently.

Zhang Qiming glanced at her, speaking as if it were nothing out of the ordinary, “How much money does she have?”

“Today she took five hundred,” said Huang Xiaojuan, “She said she wanted to buy stuff for Xiao Feng. That girl spends money lavishly; she probably won’t have much left by the end of the day.”

“Right, did you take the key?” asked Zhang Qiming. “Xiaoxia needs the spare key, doesn’t she? Xia Mian won’t be able to enter the house today, but there’s no need to worry. She’s always liked to hang out with a bad crowd; she has plenty of places to go.”

In other words, if Xia Mian had no money, even if she didn’t go with those thugs, not being able to enter the house would mean she’d end up on the streets.

Huang Xiaojuan sneered. After those hooligans made a scene, not even the nosy old lady next door would let Xia Mian stay, and if Xia Mian did manage to stay, people would eventually get annoyed having to house two freeloaders!

Whichever the outcome would be good enough for them. Once that girl has had enough hardship, she’ll know to listen obediently!

Huang Xiaojuan grew more excited the more she thought about it.

Zhang Qiming reminded her, “About that passbook, since you said it’s at school, then put it there.”

“Huh?” Huang Xiaojuan was startled at first, then said, “Right, that girl goes to the police over the smallest damn thing. If she ends up without money and goes to the police to report me, that would be troublesome.”

“Well, I see you’re getting smart today,” Zhang Qiming said with a hint of amusement in his tone, “For us, it would be best if she really went to the police. Once she was known to make a fake report, even the police wouldn’t care about her again.”

Now Huang Xiaojuan hoped Xia Mian would really call the police.

“Furthermore,” Zhang Qiming sighed, “when Xia Mian needs money and the school is still closed, what can you do? We can’t produce that much money; she’ll have to worry a few more days.” By then, if they wanted her to kneel, she would have to kneel obediently.

Huang Xiaojuan was in a great mood, “I’ll go put it there in a bit.”

“Ah, right, I also need to inform Xiaoxia about Dr. Ning’s matter.”


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