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DDDV Ch 131 Part 1 – First Time a Father (I)

When Lu Chongyun walked into the study, he immediately spotted someone standing with their back to him. Recognizing the figure, he hesitated for a moment at the threshold and even looked up at the sky outside, only to find nothing unusual. After a moment, he finally entered the room.

Lu Chongyun walked closer to the figure in the room, his curiosity piqued. “What a rare guest. What gust of wind brings my senior brother here?” He asked as he gestured for Yao Jiuxiao to sit down. It was indeed a miracle for a shut-in who had only known to stay in seclusion forever to suddenly appear in his study. He then took a seat behind his desk, preparing for what seemed like an impending discussion. “Alright, Senior Brother. What business do you have with me?”

Having been his junior brother for more than a thousand years, Lu Chongyun knew Yao Jiuxiao very well. His mind was either about cultivation or… cultivation. If not for something important, it was impossible for Yao Jiuxiao to leave his seclusion and suddenly appear here. The last time he had done so was probably a few hundred years ago… no wonder Lu Chongyun was genuinely curious about what could have prompted his visit.

Lu Chongyun poured tea for two, ready for a lengthy conversation.

Yao Jiuxiao’s expression was as cold as usual as he remained silent. After a prolonged pause, just when the impatient Lu Chongyun was about to speak again, he finally opened his mouth, “How did you reconcile with Junyang when you had a disagreement and he gave you a cold war?” Asked Yao Jiuxiao in his icy tone.

Lu Chongyun’s expression changed abruptly. He understood the meaning behind this unexpected question and couldn’t help but bristle. “This Sect Leader, I, never had a disagreement with Junyang!”

Yao Jiuxiao, still with that cold gaze, remained silent.

Lu Chongyun solemnly cleared his throat and put on a stern face. “Junyang is a respectful and obedient disciple. Even if we occasionally have differing opinions, it’s always him who makes concessions and takes the initiative to reconcile.” How could he, as a Master, bow his head first? Where would he put this old face of his?

Yao Jiuxiao stared calmly, not saying a word as he watched Lu Chongyun’s one-man performance with cold eyes.

Lu Junyang was not Lu Chongyun’s son, still, it was he who had brought up the disciple when he was merely a young boy. Their relationship was as close as a parent and child, and while Lu Junyang respected and loved Lu Chongyun as a master, there was not a single relationship without conflicts or disagreements.

Lu Chongyun fell silent for a moment before his expression shifted again. “Why are you suddenly asking about this? Did you quarrel with my martial niece?”

Yao Jiuxiao continued his silent stance.

“Are you in a cold war with her? Is that why she refused to return to the sect?” Lu Chongyun frowned.

No words came out from Yao Jiuxiao’s lips.

Eyes wide in disbelief, Lu Chongyun couldn’t wait to question further. The Senior Brother he knew, the perpetually cold-tempered man with a solitary and reclusive nature, a man obsessed with cultivation to the point of neglecting proper relationship as a person, was actually troubled after getting into a disagreement with his child? Truly… beyond imagination!

Lu Chongyun suddenly burst into laughter, his deep voice echoing in the room and spreading outward. “Senior Brother, ah, Senior Brother, even you have days like these!”

Yao Jiuxiao, who was about to tell Lu Chongyun that his daughter was already a disciple of the sect, silently glanced at this schadenfreude and suddenly chose not to say anything.

Yao Jiuxiao suddenly felt silly for coming to seek advice from Lu Chongyun. Just as he was about to leave, Lu Chongyun straightened up and calmly spoke, “You must know, Senior Brother. Kids, most of the time, need to be comforted. You need to identify the root cause of your disagreement and address it accordingly.”

Lu Chongyun took a couple of sips of tea to moisten his throat. “As we grow older, we’re used to giving orders and don’t always understand the mindset of the younger generation. A single word or even silence can convey various mixed thoughts to them, sometimes in the wrong directions.” He shook his head and sighed as if reminiscing his own experience. “If you don’t communicate openly, misunderstandings will only deepen.”

Lu Junyang might appear a refined gentleman now, but in truth, he could be quite stubborn and prone to getting stuck in his own ways. Coupled with his childhood experiences, it took a lot of effort and dedication from Lu Chongyun to mold him into the excellent, highly respected chief disciple he is today.

Lu Chongyun was eager to share his years of parenting experience with Yao Jiuxiao. “Senior Brother, if you’ve never raised a child before, you might not know. Let me tell you about Junyang’s childhood…”

Yao Jiuxiao lowered his gaze, his expression aloof. After extracting enough useful information from Lu Chongyun’s long chatter, he stood up and walked away without a word.

Lu Chongyun was still in the middle of his story when he saw Yao Jiuxiao abruptly leaving. He hurriedly caught up. “Senior Brother, I haven’t finished yet…” Why is Senior Brother walking away so quickly? He has just opened up and was getting into the conversation, but Senior Brother isn’t playing along?

As Yao Jiuxiao stepped out of the room, he encountered a fair-faced female disciple. She had a gentle demeanor, her eyes slightly downcast as she walked, and her figure graceful. When she glanced up unintentionally and saw Yao Jiuxiao approaching, her beautiful eyes showed a momentary flicker of surprise. Upon hearing Lu Chongyun’s address to him, her expression changed to one of both astonishment and delight. “Muxue greets His Venerable.”

Chao Muxue paid her respects to Yao Jiuxiao and then raised her gaze to look at him, her admiration evident in her eyes, and her fair cheeks blushing with excitement.

Yao Jiuxiao’s eyes lingered on her face for an almost imperceptible moment before he retracted his gaze and continued walking.

Seeing his reaction, Lu Chongyun promptly introduced. “This is my newly accepted disciple, Chao Muxue.” In front of his disciple, Lu Chongyun regained his majesty as a sect leader.

Yao Jiuxiao responded with a short nod. He didn’t ask why Lu Chongyun, who had stated that he would not take any more disciple, suddenly made an exception. Yao Jiuxiao took out an exquisite box from his grotto-space and handed it to Chao Muxue with a concise statement, “A welcoming gift.”

Chao Muxue was taken aback, seemingly surprised. Lu Chongyun cleared his throat and encouraged her, “Accept it.” Since Yao Jiuxiao was his senior brother, strictly speaking, Chao Muxue could address him as ‘Martial Uncle,’ so receiving a welcoming gift from him was normal.

“Thank you, Your Venerable.” Chao Muxue respectfully accepted the gift. “Excuse me…”

Yao Jiuxiao nodded faintly before leaving, disappearing in an instant.

Chao Muxue blinked, slightly dazed. Had His Venerable just left like that?

“Master…” Chao Muxue walked up to Lu Chongyun’s side, quickly adjusting her mood. She had wished to become His Venerable’s disciple, but since she had missed that opportunity and was now under someone else’s tutelage, she decided not to dwell on it. However, she still held the utmost respect for His Venerable, and her attitude reflected that.

Curious, Chao Muxue asked, “Master, what brings His Venerable here?” She hadn’t expected to see His Venerable just after hearing about her friend meeting him. She wondered what important business brought him here.

With his hands behind his back, Lu Chongyun turned and walked back into his room, his tone solemn. “Nothing important.”

Chao Muxue followed him. “Master…”


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  1. I’m glad that Yao Jiuxiao finally sought help from someone! Maybe he’ll now be able to coax his daughter or at least learn to reflect on his actions and learn from them.
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