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MSRV Ch 105 Part 2 – Wire-Flying (II)

Both Wenwen and Fu Yunruo had eaten too much tonight and needed to move a bit to prevent indigestion. Although they couldn’t take a walk outside the hotel, the suite they occupied was spacious enough, so Fu Yunruo walked Wenwen in and out of the rooms for a while.

Afterward, they made video calls to Uncle Guo and Auntie Mei couple.

One day passed just like that. Today was Wenwen’s last day filming on the set. The crew wanted to prepare a wrap-up party for him, but Fu Yunruo politely declined.

Wenwen’s previous movie was his debut and he also had significant scenes, so having a wrap-up party made sense. This Xianxia production, however, was told from the female lead’s point of view, so the male lead did not have as many scenes. Wenwen, who played the childhood version of the male lead, was just a supporting character with relatively minimal appearances, mostly during the early part of the movie with a few scattered flashback scenes. After editing, his total screen time might be less than five minutes.

Before filming started, the director went to see Si Yue and Fu Yunruo, seeking their opinions. For this particular scene, he was thinking of having Wenwen do the wire-flying. Would that be okay?

The male lead in the movie was portrayed as a highly skilled disciple of an immortal sect, known for his exceptional abilities. At a young age, he could gracefully soar through the skies on a sword, captivating the young female lead and inspiring her to follow the path of cultivation.

Due to Wenwen’s excellent performance, the director unconsciously raised the bar and hoped that Wenwen could film this scene in person. However, he also understood that even adults might struggle with the fear of being suspended mid-air, let alone a child. Moreover, wire-flying was considered a risky scene, so the director had to consult with Wenwen’s guardian first.

Initially, Fu Yunruo outright refused. She might not be an actor, but she had observed enough on set. This Xianxia drama had plenty of wire-flying scenes. Even though the actors did not complain, they clearly looked tired and uncomfortable after being suspended in the air for extended periods. Once, Fu Yunruo had even accidentally spotted an eighteen-year-old girl shedding tears in secret.

Being an actor was a hard work. Fu Yunruo thought about her son’s young age and his tender, delicate skin. How painful would it be if he was tied by a wire and hanging up high? Her heart hurt just thinking about it.

“Mom, I want to do it!” Wenwen firmly declared.

“It’s going to be painful and tiring, you know?”

“I’m not afraid.” He was mentally prepared. In his previous life, he had done more wire-flying scenes than he could remember, sometimes for several consecutive days. He was used to having his thighs bruised, chafed, and even his skin bleeding, all because he wanted every role he played to be as perfect as possible.

Si Yue didn’t express an opinion. Regardless of whether Wenwen agreed or not, he approved. However, this kid’s determination to endure hardship impressed him even more, though couldn’t help but wonder if he would cry afterward.

Finally, under Wenwen’s persistence, Fu Yunruo had no choice but to compromise. However, she insisted the crew double-check the safety of the rigging equipment and prepare some cushions for extra insurance.

Before the shooting started, Fu Yunruo was still worried, so she went to the props department to inspect the equipment.

The person in charge of the wire-flying rig was a kind-looking middle-aged man. Under Fu Yunruo’s insistence, he rechecked everything without looking displeased, and assured her, “Miss Fu, rest assured, our rigs are all top-quality from reputable brands, and we’ve never had any issues before.”

Thanks to the flushing cash, the director spared no expense on equipment, especially for the most frequently used wire-flying rig.

Fu Yunruo smiled back, “I naturally trust the crew, but without seeing it with my own eyes, I can’t be at ease.” Just thinking about Wenwen being suspended in mid-air made her very uneasy. She had heard about various kinds of accidents that could happen on a set, and while she might be overreacting, she couldn’t help but be extremely cautious when it came to her son.

The middle-aged man understood Fu Yunruo’s concerns. After all, it was her son who was about to be suspended mid-air. As he did the final check, he patiently explained every part of the equipment to Fu Yunruo, and finally said, “Everything is in good condition.”

“Thank you.” After Fu Yunruo was completely sure that everything was fine, she thanked the man sincerely and headed over to the director’s side to personally oversee the process.

As Fu Yunruo had just left, a young man with a black hat emerged from the shadows and inquired, “Was that Miss Fu just now?”

“Yes, where did you disappear just now?” The middle-aged man asked in confusion. The young man was one of the props assistants under him. He had disappeared for quite some time, and the man had no idea where he had gone.

The young man clutched his stomach, his face looking a bit uncomfortable. “I just went to the restroom, had stomach trouble…”

Seeing this, the man asked with concern, “Are you okay now? Do you want to go back and rest? Don’t worry, we won’t deduct your pay for today.”

“No, there’s no need,” the young man refused and then eagerly offered, “Big brother, you’ve been working hard. Why don’t you take a break? I’ll keep an eye on this, I promise nothing will go wrong.”

The man naturally trusted his assistant. They had been working together for a long time, and the young man had never made any mistakes. Besides, it just happened that he was feeling thirsty and there was no one else around to watch over things, so he entrusted the young man with the task and went to fetch some water.

As the man walked away, the young man’s gaze fell on the rig, and his eyes glinted with a hidden intention.


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