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DDDV Ch 137 Part 1 – The Past (I)

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“I heard he was the First Elder of the Guiyuan Sect around a thousand years ago. Father, do you know him?” Lu Yaoyao inquired earnestly. Since she couldn’t find any information about his name, she wasn’t sure if this person’s reputation in the Guiyuan Sect was good or bad. Without absolute trust, she didn’t want to ask others rashly.

But Father was different. If she couldn’t trust Father, who could she trust? Moreover, she was still young and inexperienced! It was perfectly fine to seek her father’s help when she needed it. If even Father didn’t know, there must be something wrong with the elder’s identity.

Yao Jiuxiao’s cold voice revealed the turbulence inside, “Where did you hear about this person?”

Lu Yaoyao noticed her father’s agitation. She blinked and said, “It was during my time in the Abyss. I met an elder who helped me a lot…” She carefully recounted her experiences in the Abyss, “…So, I promised to definitely return the favor and send the elder back to the Guiyuan Sect.”

Lu Yaoyao looked up and saw fluctuations in her Father’s usually calm demeanor. Worried, she grabbed his cold hand and asked, “Father, who is the elder to you?”

Yao Jiuxiao, who rarely lost his composure, took a moment to calm his emotions.

“He is… my Master.”

Lu Yaoyao widened her eyes in surprise, “Father’s?”

Yao Jiuxiao closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them again, he had regained his cold composure.

Lu Yaoyao was astonished. Father’s master? That meant the elder was her grandmaster?

She quickly took out Grandmaster’s remains and belongings. A pitch-black coffin silently appeared before them. After arriving in the Cultivation Realm, she felt it wasn’t appropriate to keep the elder’s remains stored so crudely, so she bought a coffin. Lu Yaoyao was relieved that she had done so; otherwise, Father would definitely feel sadder to see his Master didn’t even have a coffin.

Lu Yaoyao then handed a storage ring to Yao Jiuxiao and said, “Father, don’t be too sad. I’m sure that Grandmaster’s spirit in the afterlife wouldn’t want to see you so upset.” Lu Yaoyao hadn’t expected that this elder had such a connection with her. Fortunately, she brought him back; otherwise, Grandmaster would have remained in that dark Abyss forever, unable to return to the Guiyuan Sect.

“Does this also belong to Grandmaster?” She also took out a jade pendant and asked.

Yao Jiuxiao took the jade pendant, clenched it in his palm, and fell into silence for a moment. He silently nodded. As his gaze turned to the coffin, he approached it with a slow and steady step and stared at it for a moment. The coffin lid moved slightly, floated in the air, and slowly moved to the side before silently landing on the ground.

Yao Jiuxiao lowered his gaze. Inside the coffin lay a set of remains. The well-arranged bones were as smooth as jade, emitting a faint white glow.

Lu Yaoyao looked at Yao Jiuxiao with concern and walked to his side, grabbing his hand. She didn’t know what had happened a thousand years ago, but she could see that her Father’s mood was definitely not calm at the moment.

Lu Yaoyao recalled how she had accidentally fallen into the Abyss and knew that Grandmaster must have been just as unlucky as her. However, he didn’t make it out alive, while she was fortunate enough to return.

Yao Jiuxiao only regained his composure after a moment and met his daughter’s worried gaze. He spoke calmly, “Father is fine. We already knew a thousand years ago that he had passed away.” However, he hadn’t expected his master to return in this way.

From the moment Master’s life-name plaque shattered, they knew he had already perished. They tried divination and sought the help of the master diviner from the Divination Pavilion, but they could never find the location of Master’s remains. In the end, they had no choice but to believe that the devil who had killed Master must have also obliterated him completely, destroying both his body and soul, leaving no trace behind.

Yao Jiuxiao couldn’t believe it, but the jade pendant and the storage ring in his hand, along with the bones in the coffin, all told him that this was truly his Master.

So, it turned out that Master had not been in the Devil Realm all these years…

Yao Jiuxiao patted his daughter’s head, “Yaoyao, thank you for bringing your Grandmaster back.”

Lu Yaoyao looked up at her Father. “This is what I should do.” She whispered. Despite being praised, she didn’t feel happy, and her mood became heavier instead.

“Father, the Abyss now recognizes me and Brother Yuanyuan as its masters. Once the passage stabilizes, I’ll take you to see it.” Lu Yaoyao thought Father would like to see the place where Grandmaster had spent his last days.

From the beginning, Lu Yaoyao had always had a favorable impression of the elder. Now that she knew this connection, her goodwill towards him grew even stronger. She felt that she and Grandmaster must get along well, and she regretted they had to meet in this way.

Yao Jiuxiao remained silent. He closed the coffin lid and then lifted Lu Yaoyao in his arms. “You should continue with your studies.”

As he spoke, they instantly appeared back in Lu Yaoyao’s pavilion.

Yao Jiuxiao put her down.

“Alright,” Lu Yaoyao didn’t protest, understanding that her Father might need some alone time.

After Yao Jiuxiao left, Lu Yaoyao was alone in the study, feeling not in the mood to do her homework. She furrowed her brows, rested her head on the desk, and sighed softly.

“…” She still found it unbelievable that the elder she had brought back from the Abyss was her father’s master.

How could this happen?

Dao Venerable Hengwu was the strongest person in the Cultivation Realm, so how could his Master be so obscure?

And how could this person silently perish in Abyss, alone and unknown?

What exactly had happened a thousand years ago?

Lu Yaoyao was extremely curious and wished she could go back in time to see what had really happened back then.

Father’s reaction was also very strange.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t miss the complexity in Yao Jiuxiao’s eyes just now. Apart from sadness, there were also emotions that she couldn’t really fathom.


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  1. I’m glad she finally brought up Lu Yuandao and was able to resolve the doubts her father had toward his master’s death. I can only think that his complexity toward his master has to do with Lu Qingyu from the past. Hopefully we’ll learn the truth soon!

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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