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DDDV Ch 144 Part 2 – Boundary (II)

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Hearing the word “devils,” Lu Yaoyao immediately asked, “Is it really the devils? What are they planning to do? They won’t harm anyone, right?” She wondered if it could be the devils she brought with her. Could it be their whereabouts were exposed? She had only brought Yaqing, but could it be Daddy?

Wen Zixing retorted, “It might not be devils; maybe it’s the demons!”

Du Qianshan: “But Muxue said there are traces of devils.”

Wen Zixing felt he had to make his point clearer, “Maybe it’s the demons disguised as devils, trying to provoke a war between humans and devils to benefit from the chaos!”

“…” Lu Yaoyao weakly raised her hand, “Maybe they’re here for personal reasons and not to cause trouble.”

“Think about it, with His Venerable here, why would demons or devils cause trouble? The boundary barrier at the borders has just been lifted up, isn’t it?” Lu Yaoyao reasoned. The Devil Realm had her and her Daddy around, so they wouldn’t dare stir up trouble. As for the Demon Realm, things seemed to have been calm ever since the emergence of the Demon Emperor. This new emperor supposedly hadn’t yet reached the level of the Great Ascension, so they definitely would need some time to consolidate power within the Demon Realm, leaving no spare energy to engage with the other two realms.

Chaomu Xue agreed, “Yaoyao makes sense.”

Wen Zixing insisted, “There’s definitely a conspiracy! I’m telling you.”

Lu Yaoyao was confident, “Brother Junyang is so capable, if there’s any conspiracy, he’ll definitely sense it.”

Wen Zixing stomped his foot in frustration, “You don’t understand. Nothing is more insidious than a silent infiltration. Once you realize the truth, everything’s already too late. Because of the mixture of truth and lies, nobody has noticed yet!”

The ultimate antagonist in the novel had planted many spies in all three realms from early on, slowly infiltrating from bottom to top. These spies themselves belonged to the race they spied on. At first, they were just invoking small discords here and there, stirring minor frictions that were hard to detect. By blaming the troubles happening in the Human Realm to be the handwriting of the devils, the antagonist escalated the friction between the two races, leading to the ultimate blow-up.

Wen Zixing had been paying attention to Li Dazhuang, who he knew was not exposed even until the world’s destruction. However, there must be more spies out there, whose identities he didn’t know…

Wait! There must be more than one spy in the Guiyuan Sect! Wen Zixing gasped, feeling a chill run up his spine, and looked around warily to see if anyone had noticed their conversation. He regretted speaking so openly. He’d been too careless!

“Xingxing, what’s wrong with you?” Feeling a warm, soft hand on his trembling one, Wen Zixing snapped back to reality and found himself surrounded by concerned friends. He laughed nervously, “It’s nothing, I’ve just been reading too many novels lately. My mind keeps drifting to conspiracy theories.”

“I’m just talking nonsense. We’re still just ducklings who can’t even fly with swords yet. With great seniors above us, we will be alright even if the sky collapses on us. We don’t need to worry about these things.” Wen Zixing kept rambling.

Lu Yaoyao looked at Wen Zixing thoughtfully, sensing he might know something, but seeing his fear, she didn’t press him. Instead, she switched topics, “I’ve been reading a book written by Martial Nephew Sujing recently…”

As they chatted, the conversation shifted, with Lu Yaoyao and Wen Zixing discussing novels.

“Is it really that good?” Du Qianshan, who hadn’t been involved but knew of Lu Yaoyao and Wen Zixing’s love for storybooks, couldn’t help his curiosity.

“Of course, it’s great!” Wen Zixing replied excitedly. “Reading these novels has greatly improved my literacy skills. I’ve studied hard to be able to read them, you know.”

Du Qianshan: “…”

When class time arrived, the conversation naturally came to an end. Lu Yaoyao, still preoccupied with their conversation today, found herself distracted when doing her homework that afternoon. She wondered how her Daddy was doing and waited for him in the evening, but he didn’t show up, and she eventually fell asleep without realizing it.

Lu Yaoyao decided to go find Lu Qingyu personally, hoping he was at the house.

Lu Yaoyao took out the leave token from before, asked Suqing to inform her friends, and quickly slipped out. She went straight to the suburban estate and asked Yaqing as soon as she arrived, “Is Daddy here?”

Yaqing replied respectfully, “Master has gone out and hasn’t returned yet.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded. “Did Daddy mention what he was going to do?”

“This subordinate doesn’t know.”

Lu Yaoyao didn’t press further, “Yaqing, I heard there were traces of devils in Tiangu Valley. Do you know about this?” The humans were investigating because Tiangu Valley wasn’t adjacent to the Devil Realm’s borders but located within the inner realm of the Cultivation Realm, making the presence of devil aura particularly concerning.

“With the Devil Realm’s boundary gates open, some might have come out without concealing their identities well enough,” Yaqing explained.

Such incidents used to happen frequently. When a devil entered another race’s territory without properly concealing their identities and was killed, they had no one to blame but themselves. After all, the current era is not like 300 years ago, when devils could recklessly cause chaos in the other two realms without any concern.

“There haven’t been any changes in the Devil Realm recently, right?” Lu Yaoyao confirmed.


Still concerned, Lu Yaoyao instructed, “Send someone to Tiangu Valley to check. If any devils are causing trouble, capture them and lock them up. Be careful not to confront humans.”


Lu Yaoyao walked around in circles a few times, hoping that there would be no conflict between humans and devils.

“Oh, right. Are there any updates on A’Mu?” Lu Yaoyao wanted to inquire two days ago, but she couldn’t ask Yaqing if her friends were around.

Li Mu, Qianqian, and the others were the mixed-blood hybrids that Lu Yaoyao had rescued before. They wanted to live in the Abyss after hearing Lu Yaoyao’s story, but the passage between the Abyss and the outside world was not yet stable, so Lu Yaoyao didn’t dare to send them yet and instead prepared a temporary safe dwelling, protected by a barrier Yaqing created.

Apparently, soon after they left, Li Mu also disappeared without a trace, leaving only a short letter to Qianqian and the others. No one knew where he had gone. Lu Yaoyao had asked Yaqing to track Li Mu before she entered Guiyuan, but she was not too concerned, knowing that Li Mu left on his own accord and could protect himself. Still, life wasn’t easy for a half-demon, so she instructed her subordinates to keep an eye out for him and offer help when appropriate.

“Li Mu has not been found yet,” Yaqing reported.

Lu Yaoyao nodded. Li Mu probably was hiding himself on purpose because he didn’t want them to find him. But it seemed that Qianqian and the others were still staying at the place she had arranged. She was relieved to learn that they had taken in a few more mixed-bloods and were now living a good life.

Back in the study, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t shake off the feeling that Wen Zixing knew something, but seemed afraid to speak. She took out the letters she received from Brother Yuanyuan and Xiao Si. Even though they were separated by realms, they had kept regular contact. Xiao Si’s letters were full of admiration for the new Demon Emperor. Apparently, his dad and their clan had been entrusted with important positions by the emperor and now had great power. Xiao Si kept praising the emperor for being a fair and just ruler, even telling Yaoyao that he would definitely grow up to be a great man like that one day.

Lu Yaoyao pondered. She knew Xiao Si had a sharp intuition. A person who got such a high evaluation from him was likely an upright person who wouldn’t do something sinister, but nothing was certain.

She read Brother Yuanyuan’s letters next. Her Brother Yuanyuan didn’t say much about himself but asked a bunch of questions about her situation and well-being, as if he was afraid that she would be wronged or bullied. Still, an important piece of news was included in the letters. Apparently, Brother Yuanyuan had successfully got his revenge and took over his family, but the victory was not complete. With the real mastermind escaped and still not found yet, he restrained himself from going to see her in person.

Lu Yaoyao knew that Shen Changyuan had some influence in the Demon Realm, so she wrote a letter and asked him to check if there was any unusual movement among the demons.

After sending out her letters, Lu Yaoyao finally felt a bit more at ease, hoping nothing bad would happen.

Sighing in relief, she suddenly noticed Lu Qingyu, who had appeared at some point and was now sitting nonchalantly in a chair nearby, startling her. “Daddy, when did you get here?!”

Lu Qingyu’s face was full of displeasure, “I’ve been sitting here for a long time, but a certain kid didn’t notice her Daddy at all.”

Lu Yaoyao rushed over to him, hugging and coaxing, “I’m sorry! Daddy, please be generous and don’t hold it against your daughter!”


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