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MSRV Ch 117 Part 2 – Meeting His Parents (II)

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As Fu Zonghong left the private room and walked a few steps, his straight back suddenly slumped, and his face turned pale. He had also made mistakes. If he apologizes now, would Yunruo still forgive him?

His assistant supported him, asking with concern, “Sir, are you alright? Should we go to the hospital?” His boss had just been discharged from hospital and hadn’t fully recovered, yet he had already been working intensely. As an assistant, this gave him a fright.

Fu Zonghong paused and waved his hand, “It’s nothing, don’t make a fuss.” Settling into his car, he muttered, “Yunruo…” He paused, and then instructed, “Keep an eye on the progress of the case. Don’t let anyone interfere. Let the judgment be as it should be.” He knew that now the only one still trying to influence the case was the Chang family kid.

His assistant understood and promptly nodded.

Perhaps Yunruo no longer needed this belated justice…

Chang Zhuyou had tried several times to get Fang Xueruo out of detention without success. After several futile attempts, he thought of approaching Fu Yunruo directly, hoping that if she withdrew her pursuit and wrote a letter of forgiveness, his Xue’er would be cleared. However, despite knowing where Fu Yunruo lived, he was intercepted by security every time and was unable to meet her.

Using his family’s connections, Chang Zhuyou managed to persuade a distant relative living in the same mountain villa area to take him inside and arrange a meeting with Si Yue and Fu Yunruo. He was convinced that once he met Fu Yunruo, he could save Xue’er!

As Chang Zhuyou was about to leave, he was suddenly stopped by his father’s stern voice: “Stop right there!”

Turning around, Chang Zhuyou saw his father, frowning and glaring at him.


“Look at what you’ve been doing recently! Neglecting the company, running around for that woman, making a fool of yourself! Let me tell you, my Chang family will never accept a bride who has a criminal record!”

Chang Zhuyou protested, “Xue’er is innocent.”

“It doesn’t matter. She’s been to jail. Which reputable family matriarch has such a shameful history? Do you want the Chang family to become a joke in our circle?”

“Anyway, listen to me. You must break off your engagement with Fang Xueruo immediately. Your mother is already looking for a suitable match among our contacts.”

Chang Zhuyou frowned, disappointed. “Just a year ago, you were all so pleased with Xue’er that you couldn’t wait to bring her into our family. Now, you’ve all changed.”

He felt let down by his parents. They used to call Xue’er affectionately and treated her like their own daughter. But now that she was in trouble, they were all turning against her. His Xue’er was truly pitiable. Abandoned by the Fu family, deserted by her fans, and even his own parents showed their true colors. She only had him now.

With this realization, Chang Zhuyou felt an immense sense of responsibility. He looked coldly at his father and declared, “I only have one wife, and that is Fang Xueruo. Nobody can change that!” Then he turned and left confidently.

“You!” His father, infuriated, clutched at his chest and exclaimed, “Disobedient son!”

Fu Yunruo naturally didn’t know that Fu Zonghong and Fang Wanping had really divorced, nor was she aware that Chang Zhuyou tried every means to see her. The family of three lived peacefully in the villa, guarded by layer upon layer of bodyguards, who kept all sorts of annoying bugs away from Fu Yunruo.

Now fully recovered, Wenwen had regained his lively nature. Si Yue somehow found a child-sized car that looked super cool and flashy. Boys, no matter their age, have a special fondness for cars. Right now, Wenwen was particularly attached to his new car, driving it around the lawn every day.

Fu Yunruo watched over him from the side. Si Yue stood nearby, looking leisurely, “Ruoruo, how about we go to the island for a change? Staying at home all day might get boring, right?” Although the days spent together as a family of three were delightful, Si Yue worried that Fu Yunruo and Wenwen might get restless staying home all the time.

Fu Yunruo hesitated, “Wenwen’s school is about to start.” Although the little guy recently whined about not wanting to go to school, she still wanted him to attend normally.

“Don’t worry about his studies, we have tutors there.” Si Yue told her. After a moment, he added, “My parents are very eager to meet you.”

He could have deceived Fu Yunruo and brought her there without telling her anything, but he chose to be honest and let her make the decision.

“……???” Fu Yunruo’s face stiffened, “Uh…” Meet whom? Si Yue’s parents?

“Don’t be nervous, they already know about you and like you a lot. They are looking forward to meeting you.” Si Yue had not mentioned Fu Yunruo and Wenwen to his parents, mainly out of concern that they would be overwhelmed with excitement upon learning they suddenly had a grandson and such a lovely daughter-in-law.

It wasn’t the right time for a meeting before. But the news of his injuries couldn’t be hidden, and he had also tapped into the family connections to handle the subsequent criminal charge. Naturally, his parents were aware of this. Si Yue couldn’t hide the matter anymore, so when they asked, he told them the truth.

As Si Yue expected, the couple were eager to come over but were stopped by him. Knowing his parents well, Si Yue figured they were reaching their limit of patience. Fu Yunruo had been taking good care of him for over a month, at least not rejecting his advances and occasionally blushing at him. The two were just a step away from breaking through the last barrier. Si Yue thought it wasn’t too rushed to meet the parents now, especially since they already had a child together.

Meeting his parents… Fu Yunruo felt nervous and even a bit timid.

Si Yue looked at her pitifully, “After everything we’ve been through, don’t you want to give me a status?”

Fu Yunruo’s gaze flickered, “Don’t talk nonsense, what relationship do we have?”

Si Yue couldn’t believe it, “You saw me naked and touched me and you still don’t want to take responsibility?!” Si Yue’s look was full of accusation, as if he were looking at a heartless woman.

Fu Yunruo felt weak, “I was just fulfilling the duty of a caregiver.” She only helped him bathe a few times, mainly because they were unable to find a suitable private nurse. On top of that, it was not suitable for maids to help Si Yue, and he disliked the roughness of bodyguards. In the end, Fu Yunruo had no choice but to step in. She rationalized that Si Yue was her son’s lifesaver — she was just paying back a debt.

“I knew it, you don’t want to take responsibility for me…” Si Yue clutched his heart dramatically.

“…” Fu Yunruo was at a loss for words. As expected of a veteran actor. Not only he didn’t look out of place with his exaggerated acting, but she even felt a bit like comforting him…

Just as Fu Yunruo was in trouble, Wenwen drove over with his mini car and stopped beside her. Then he poked his head out from the roof of the car, looking over with big black eyes, “What are you talking about?”


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