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DDDV Ch 147 Part 2 – Do You Believe Me? (II)

Wen Zixing’s eyes lit up. “There’s such a medicine?”

“Should be, right?” Lu Yaoyao rummaged through her little pouch and produced a collection of various bottles and jars. She had a good memory and could recognize each medicinal pill and its effects. Her Master and senior brothers were alchemists, and their way of showing affection was to occasionally give her pills they had refined. Most of her pills were from her eldest senior brother, who made all sorts of pills with quirky effects, but those weren’t needed right now.

After searching, Lu Yaoyao didn’t find any pill for calming the mind, so she said, “After class, come with me to the South Fifth Peak, and I’ll get you some pills.”

“Woah, so many pills!” Wen Zixing exclaimed. In his eyes, Lu Yaoyao’s face suddenly seemed to spell out “I’m rich.” He immediately hugged her, “Be my financial patron, pretty please!”

Lu Yaoyao, clearly disgusted, shook her small body to shake off this large parasite, “Don’t take advantage of me, or I won’t give them to you.”

Wen Zixing, worried about offending Lu “Little Rich Woman” Yaoyao, reluctantly let go but sneakily clutched the corner of her clothes.

Alchemists were among the wealthiest in the Cultivation Realm. The medicines and pills they made could be exchanged for anything in the world. The best elixirs were hard to come by, some even priceless, which was why the most talented alchemy masters could even command stronger cultivators with their creations. Cultivating alchemists, however, was not easy, requiring a lot of resources straight from the initial stage. Of course, a sect with such a prestigious name as the Guiyuan Sect could easily afford the expenditure to support budding alchemists.

Wen Zixing even felt a bit regretful, thinking he might have better chosen to be an alchemist. What a nice life, being wealthy and all! But he quickly reconsidered: being a talisman cultivator was also great, and he indeed enjoyed drawing talismans. The sect provided plenty of resources to its inner disciples, especially personal disciples, who received extra support from their respective masters. Among their group of four, none was poor, but now he was envious of Lu Yaoyao’s abundant pills.

“Yaoyao, I have some interesting talisman papers here, let’s trade for some pills!” Wen Zixing proposed cheerfully. He didn’t have a storage space item like Lu Yaoyao, but he always carried the attack and protection talismans given by his senior brothers and sisters for safety. He took out a stack of talisman papers, offering them in exchange for pills.

Lu Yaoyao was very generous, “Sure.”

Chao Muxue and Du Qianshan also showed interest, “We want to trade too.”

Lu Yaoyao waved her hand, “Let’s all trade.”

Wen Zixing and the others didn’t want to take advantage, so they made sure to exchange only items with similar value.

Once they finished, Lu Yaoyao happily put everything back into her pouch. Her collection had grown richer!

Once classes were over, Lu Yaoyao took Wen Zixing back to the South Fifth Peak. The two walked noisily, frolicking and laughing along the way. Halfway there, they noticed several groups of disciples rushing about. They stopped their playful antics and slowed down.

“What’s happening?” Wen Zixing wondered.

“I don’t know,” Lu Yaoyao replied, equally puzzled. Although the disciples seemed hurried, there was no panic on their faces, so it was probably not a major issue.

Wen Zixing looked around; except for him and Yaoyao, the winding stone steps were completely empty after those disciples passed by. He hesitated for a moment, but finally asked: “Yaoyao, do you know that there’s a spy in our sect?”

“Huh?” Lu Yaoyao looked at Wen Zixing in surprise, “What are you talking about?”

Wen Zixing carefully observed Lu Yaoyao’s expressions, seeing only confusion and astonishment. He dismissed his suspicion about her identity; she really didn’t know anything. Perhaps his arrival had caused some changes. He had been in the sect for so long and had met many characters not described in the book. After all, how could one book encompass an entire world and all its people?

“Do you believe me?” He suddenly turned serious.

Lu Yaoyao nodded with equal seriousness, “You’re my good friend, of course, I believe you.” Then she asked, “Is there really a spy in our sect? Where are they from? Do you know who it is?”

“I know, but I have no evidence.”

“Who is it?” Lu Yaoyao continued to ask. “You also know that our sect’s disciples have all undergone rigorous trials. Those with demon or devil bloodlines simply can’t pass the tests.” Especially the seemingly simplest third trial, which would expose any demon or devil in disguise. Even disciples born within the sect or raised from childhood in the sect had to undergo the same initiation trial as new disciples.

For example, Yao Jiuxiao was brought to the sect as an infant and raised there, and when he reached the age for the initiation trial, he formally participated. That was also the case with Lu Junyang.

With such strict trials, how could a spy infiltrate their ranks?

“It’s not necessarily…” Wen Zixing started to say but then stopped as he looked down at Lu Yaoyao’s large, round eyes, her plump, baby-faced cheeks, and her chubby, short stature.

She’s still a child.

Wen Zixing held back his words. Yaoyao was still so young, why did he need to involve her? If, by any case…

Anyway, as long as he is here, nothing will happen.

“Who is it?” Lu Yaoyao, sweating from the tip of her nose with anxiety, asked. “Could it be a spy from another sect?”

Wen Zixing burst into laughter. “I was just fooling you, and you believed it?”

“Ah?” Lu Yaoyao was stunned.

Wen Zixing put his hands on his hips, proudly declaring, “You’re so gullible. I entered the sect with you; how could I possibly know these things so soon?”

“Wen Zixing!” Lu Yaoyao stomped her foot in anger.


Lu Yaoyao’s face was red with anger, “I’m serious here, were you really lying just now?”

“Of course I am! It seems I’m pretty good at it. Look how easily you fall on my joke.” Wen Zixing said proudly.

Lu Yaoyao kicked Wen Zixing hard, “Stinky Xingxing, I don’t want to speak with you again!”

Once they arrived at South Fifth Peak, Lu Yaoyao went to her second senior brother for inquiry and quickly got the calming pills she wanted. After throwing it to Wen Zixing, she drove him away.

She didn’t want to see this clown again today!

How could he joke about such a thing? But…

Lu Yaoyao thought back to what Wen Zixing had said the other day and felt something was off. Since they had met, she had felt that sometimes Wen Zixing seemed to know something. She was curious, but she respected everyone’s privacy and didn’t probe further, not to mention that she was keeping many secrets herself.

Maybe Xingxing really knew something.

Feeling uneasy, Lu Yaoyao impatiently waited until evening and then teleported to the East Ninth Peak.

“Fa—Daddy?!” As soon as Lu Yaoyao called out for her Father, she was surprised to see her Daddy there as well. Moreover, miraculously, the two of them were sitting face to face, calmly playing a game of chess.

What a wonderful sight! Lu Yaoyao’s face lit up with a big smile, and she happily ran over to them.


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  1. It’s very considerate of Wen Zixing to not want to put her at risk by exposing the truth to her, but if someone isn’t aware of the existence of spies in the sect, then I wonder how he’ll go about dealing with them.

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