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DDDV Ch 152 Part 2 – Prejudices (II)

As the crowd dispersed, the town was abuzz with countless rumors. The townspeople didn’t dare approach the couple’s house anymore, and their neighbors lived in constant unease. The small town occasionally saw cultivators, but being devoid of significant cultivation resources, it was mostly a settlement of non-cultivating mortals who led a tranquil life. Being in a remote area, the residents were aware of mixed-bloods but had never seen one, and to them, half-devils were the same as full devils.

“Who would’ve thought Aunt Fang is a devil!”

“You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

“People mysteriously died here before, could it have been her doing?”

“The child that disappeared last year…”

Within the span of hours, rumors escalated. People started attributing every past incident to the half-devil woman, even fabricating baseless accusations, creating widespread panic.

Despite Lu Junyang’s best efforts, the rumors were unstoppable. He sighed, hoping the couple could start afresh elsewhere.

This misunderstanding was also a blow to the other disciples. Except for Lu Junyang and Gan Zilan, who had been out on expeditions before, this was the first real-world experience for the other four. They tried to do the right thing but ended up causing a mess, leaving them disheartened.

Apart from that, a question also arose in everyone’s mind: Why would that mortal man steadfastly protect a half-devil? Why trust a half-devil so unconditionally?

Ming Ziheng, the disciple who first discovered the couple, couldn’t shake his guilty feelings despite his senior brothers’ reassurances. Unable to stay still, in the deep, quiet night, he left his meditation and stealthily headed to the couple’s residence.

The house was dark, save for a dim candlelight shining through the main room. Inside, Mrs. Fang was applying medicine to her husband, tears in her eyes, “Husband, I’m sorry. I cause you trouble.”

The man held his wife’s hand, speaking gently, “Husband and wife are one. There’s no such thing as one of us being a burden to the other. It breaks my heart to hear you say that. Feel my heart; it’s shattered.”

Mrs. Fang smiled through her tears. Leaning into her husband, she asked softly, “Do we really have to leave?”

“Yes, the world isn’t kind to mixed-races. I don’t want you to suffer.”

“I’ll miss this place.” They had left their origins to root here, living a peaceful life for over twenty years, thinking they could spend their last days here. But life is unpredictable.

“We will find a better place.”

“I trust you, husband…”

After a quiet moment, Mrs. Fang spoke again, “Do you regret it, husband? If you had stayed there, even as a mortal, you could have lived well…”

“Being with you is the best decision of my life.”


Their gaze locked, filled with tender love. After a while, the man said, “Let’s leave tonight.”

“So soon?”

“While those cultivators are still here, the townspeople won’t dare to act rashly. We should leave now, or they won’t let us live in peace once the cultivators leave.”

Mrs. Fang thought of the neighbors they had lived harmoniously with for many years. Just because of her half-devil lineage, their attitudes changed drastically. She was saddened by their disgust, fear, and the weapons thrown at them during the day.

“Alright, we’ll leave tonight.”

With that said, the couple packed up their belongings, leaving behind anything inconvenient to carry. Then, under the moonlight, the husband and wife quietly left their home and swiftly departed.

Ming Ziheng silently followed them for a long time, fending off wild beasts along the way and ensuring the couple reached a safe place before returning.

By the time he flew back on his sword, it was already bright. As he returned, Zixin walked out and happened to see him, “Junior brother, where did you go so early?”

“Uh, nowhere,” Ming Ziheng answered and hurried past her back to his room.

Zixin watched him, puzzled by Ming Ziheng’s strange behavior.

Lu Junyang knew where this junior brother had gone last night but said nothing. Cultivators need experience, and sometimes encounters that contradict their beliefs can lead to inner devils if not resolved in time.

With their three-day limit up, it was time to leave. But Lu Junyang was still concerned. Before departing, he sent a message to friends nearby, asking them to keep an eye on Tiangu and its surroundings to prevent further incidents after their departure.

Then, leaving Gan Zilan to lead the other disciples to the Jitian secret realm, Lu Junyang hurried back to the sect.

When he returned, the sect was already very lively.

Guiyuan Sect had recently been hosting many guests from various sects, and some disciples from the South Fifth Peak were sent to assist at the main peak. Lu Yaoyao, who had been tailing her second senior brother everywhere, had also gone to the main peak these past days. She discovered that many big shots from the Cultivation Realm had arrived, broadening her horizons.

Still, in the eyes of others, she was just a child and not required to help with anything. As Lu Yaoyao wandered around the main peak, having nothing to do, she saw the busy Chao Muxue entertaining disciples from other sects.

Lu Yaoyao squinted and realized with surprise that the guests were none other than Fairy Yunsi and her loyal follower, Mo Shuang’er. Hadn’t they just left the sect not long ago?

Lu Yaoyao remembered that the two had already set off for the Jitian secret realm. It seemed they had been called back midway to attend the funeral.

Not wanting to disturb them, Lu Yaoyao was about to leave when she noticed Chao Muxue’s troubled expression. She hesitated, changed her mind, and walked to them.

“We are here with sincerity. Fellow Daoist Chao, please report our arrival,” Mo Shuang’er’s words seemed polite, but her tone was anything but.

Chao Muxue replied, “It’s not that I refuse to report, but my Master is currently very busy with important matters and shouldn’t be disturbed by minor issues. Please understand, Fellow Daoists.”

“This is not a minor issue,” Mo Shuang’er insisted urgently. “Yunsi’s master has old ties with His Venerable’s master, and she is here to convey her master’s greetings. If Yunsi’s master arrives and finds that she hasn’t done the task she was entrusted with, who do you think will be held responsible?”

Chao Muxue explained, “His Venerable is in seclusion, and even my Master can’t easily meet him…”

“You haven’t even tried to ask…”

Having overheard part of their conversation, Lu Yaoyao understood the situation. She rolled her eyes. It seemed that Fairy Yunsi, who was very keen on becoming her stepmother, had failed to see her father after staying in the sect for quite some time and had now taken the opportunity to visit again, causing trouble for Chao Muxue. Lu Yaoyao couldn’t stand it and called out, “Muxue, what a coincidence!”

Her crisp shout interrupted their conversation.

Chao Muxue turned to see Lu Yaoyao. Her expression visibly relaxed, and she smiled at the little girl, “Yaoyao.”

Lu Yaoyao approached and politely greeted, “Greetings to both fellow Daoists.”

Sang Yunsi returned the greeting, while Mo Shuang’er did so perfunctorily.

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head and asked curiously, “I’ve met Fellow Daoist Sang and Fellow Daoist Mo just a while back. Didn’t you say you need to return to your sect? Why are you here again? Do you need to see my master again?”

“My master said that Fellow Daoist Sang persists no matter what obstacles she encounters, truly a person of unyielding spirit! He told me to learn from Fellow Daoist Sang’s perseverance. If my master knows you’ve visited again, he will surely be delighted.”

Lu Yaoyao’s sincere words sounded rather pointed to Sang Yunsi, who felt like she was being subtly mocked. She lowered her gaze and looked at the young girl before her, wondering if she was reading too much into it.

“You flatter me. Shuang’er and I are preparing to visit Hall Master Mo in a moment.” Sang Yunsi said coldly.

“That’s wonderful,” Lu Yaoyao beamed. “My master will surely be happy to see Fellow Daoist Sang.”

Sang Yunsi and Mo Shuang’er didn’t say much more and prepared to leave after bidding farewell to Lu Yaoyao and Chao Muxue.

Chao Muxue, seeing the disheartened gaze despite Sang Yunsi’s cold look, momentarily softened and impulsively said, “I will try to inform His Venerable of Fellow Daoist Sang’s visit later.”

Sang Yunsi’s eyes lit up instantly, shining brightly.

Realizing she might have acted rashly, Chao Muxue struggled to backpedal but couldn’t, given Sang Yunsi’s intense gaze, and finally conceded, “However, I can’t guarantee if His Venerable will meet you or not. At most, I can help convey your message.”

Sang Yunsi’s tone was much warmer now, “That’s good enough. Thank you, Fellow Daoist Chao.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Goodbye.” Once Sang Yunsi confirmed Chao Muxue would help, she didn’t linger any longer. This time, her steps were much lighter.


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  1. Sang Yunsi needs to seriously get a reality check. No matter what she does in Guiyuan Sect, Yao Jiuxiao has never once paid any attention to her, so I don’t know why she thinks it’ll be any different this time. Her master needs to seriously talk to her about her actions to change her ways or at least Yao Jiuxiao needs to outright reject her so that she can get over her one-sided feelings and stop being a nuisance to others.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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