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MSRV Ch 127 – My Dad!

After formally being introduced to Fu Yunruo and Wenwen, Si Yue’s parents started visiting daily as if trying to make up for the years they missed. With much enthusiasm, they took over looking after their baby grandson, allowing Fu Yunruo and Si Yue more time together. Being a new couple, their relationship quickly deepened with their frequent secret outings.

Wenwen, now doted on by his newly found grandparents, spent much time keeping them entertained and didn’t always notice what Fu Yunruo and Si Yue were up to.

The little guy had a way with people, and it didn’t take long for Xie Zhiyun and Si Zhengze to treat him as their most precious darling, putting Si Yue in the backseat.

Si Yue and Fu Yunruo didn’t mind. Having their child be loved by the elders was a source of pride for them as parents.

It was during this time that Fu Yunruo truly began to experience what it was like to be in a relationship. Although it was Si Yue’s first time dating and he lacked experience, he somehow picked up some tricks. Some of his ideas about dating might have been old-fashioned, but they were effective and kept her happy.

But there seemed to be something she was forgetting?

Oh well, she couldn’t remember at the moment, so it probably wasn’t important.


When Wenwen confronted her with an accusatory gaze, Fu Yunruo finally remembered: she forgot to tell him about her and Si Yue!

Feeling guilty, she said flatteringly, “Wenwen, Uncle Yue and I are dating now…”

“If I hadn’t noticed, were you planning to never tell me?” Wenwen complained. How could Mom do this to him?

Wenwen started noticing Fu Yunruo and Si Yue seemed unusually close lately, which was strange considering Fu Yunruo’s previous awkwardness around Si Yue, especially in his presence. The abrupt change made him suspicious. Was she keeping secrets from him?

As a result, just a little probing, and the truth came out.

Mom and Uncle Yue were dating!

And they kept it a secret from him! For a few days!

Wenwen was upset, the kind that’s hard to soothe. He is angry; very, very angry!!

“Baobao, Mom’s very sorry. I didn’t intentionally hide it from you,” Fu Yunruo hurried to soothe her fuming little boy. She had planned to share the news, but the anxiety of meeting Si Yue’s parents overwhelmed her thoughts, and she eventually forgot…

Wenwen still felt wronged. He suspected that his earlier objections to his mom getting close to Si Yue made her think he’d disapprove, so she decided to keep it a secret.

Humph, did they think he was so unreasonable?

“Mom swears, from now on, Mom will never hide anything from Baobao. Can Baobao forgive Mom this time?”

“Mom’s Baobao is the most understanding and generous baby in the world. Mom loves you the most!”

“Baobao, Mom is wrong! Can you forgive me, please?”

Finally, Fu Yunruo bit the bullet, “If you can’t accept it, I’ll break up with him right away!”

Si Yue, who had been enjoying the drama from a safe distance, was stunned: “…” Wait, was he that disposable?”

Seeing Si Yue’s expression darken, Wenwen’s lips curved into a smirk. Humph, you see? He is still Mom’s most important baby!

“No need to break up; it’s not Mom’s fault. I forgive you. I knew it must be Uncle Yue leading you astray,” Wenwen generously said. He then sternly added: “Dating is okay, but you can’t pick up his bad habits, okay?”

Fu Yunruo nodded earnestly, “Yeah, Mom definitely won’t.”

Si Yue: “…” Stinky brat!

After successfully soothing Wenwen and putting him to sleep, Fu Yunruo finally relaxed.

Seeing the opportunity now that the little troublemaker was gone, Si Yue embraced Fu Yunruo from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder, and pretended to be aggrieved, “You wanted to break up with me…”

Fu Yunruo hurriedly explained, “I was just trying to appease Wenwen.” Of course, if her Baobao really disagreed, what else could be done?

“I don’t care, you’ve hurt me, and you need to make it up to me.”

Feeling drained from consoling both the son and now the father, Fu Yunruo resignedly asked, “What would you like?”

“Like this…”

Si Yue gently lifted Fu Yunruo’s chin and leaned in, his voice fading when their lips met…

As Fu Yunruo became more familiar with Si Yue’s parents and understood their character, she felt comfortable and started dating Si Yue without reservations. Their relationship deepened significantly after they kissed, becoming even closer.

The island had also become much livelier than before. After getting Fu Yunruo’s consent, Xie Zhiyun invited some close family children to keep Wenwen company.

Wenwen needed playmates. The Si family’s children generally grew up together from a young age and eventually formed a deep bond as they matured. Given Wenwen’s unique background, the plan was to introduce him to a few children around his age first, then gradually include others as Wenwen grew familiar with his new relatives.

Though not explicitly mentioned, Fu Yunruo could tell both Si Yue and his parents wanted to start educating Wenwen. Seeing that he wasn’t resistant, she didn’t intervene. She knew her son was smart and had his own opinions, so she always asked his opinions first before making decisions for him.

Thus, Xie Zhiyun introduced two similarly aged children from the Si clan. The couple, very cautious of their sole grandchild’s comfort, proceeded with utmost care, ensuring each step was taken gently to avoid causing him any distress.

Both children’s parents were from the branch families still closely related to the main house. With familiar elders around, the children felt curious rather than scared.

As for Wenwen, upon knowing he was about to have playmates, took the occasion very seriously and prepared gifts as a welcome gesture.

Both kids were older than Wenwen, one five and the other six, both chubby and cute with their handsome features already apparent.

Fu Yunruo was particularly attracted to the child named Si Tang, who quite resembled Si Yue.

More precisely, the boy resembled the Si family members, and the other child also bore some Si family traits.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help comparing the boys’ appearance with her own son. Wenwen had inherited her looks completely, not resembling the Si family at all. Yet, perhaps due to spending much time with Si Yue, Wenwen seemed to have picked up aspects of his demeanor. Certain small gestures, in particular, were a complete reflection of Si Yue’s.

The children’s first meeting was a pleasant one, with Si Tang and Si Zhongsheng quickly hitting it off with Wenwen.

Soon enough, Wenwen led his two newly made friends on an island exploration adventure. The two boys hadn’t been on Si Yue’s private island before, and Wenwen, already familiar with the place, knew exactly how to show them around. Though the kids were allowed to roam freely, they remained within the bodyguards’ sight, so there was nothing to worry about.

Initially, the kids played harmoniously, but it wasn’t long before Wenwen and Si Tang started quarreling.

The conflict arose when Wenwen overheard Si Zhongsheng asking Si Tang, “Will the Fifth Uncle adopt you as his son?”

Si Yue ranked fifth in his generation. Although he is a direct descendant and the current head of the family, the Si family members addressed each other according to the clan’s seniority and order of birth.

At Si Zhongsheng’s inquiry, Si Tang confidently affirmed, “He definitely will.” Actually, he also didn’t know for sure if the main house would adopt him, but the uncle and aunt who raised him had assured him it would happen, and Si Tang believed it.

His chance of being adopted stemmed from his status as an orphan: Si Tang’s parents had died in an accident when he was an infant. He was currently raised by the clan, with his uncle and aunt as guardians. When rumors circulated around about the main house considering adopting a child from the branches, Si Tang, an orphan who inherited the Si family’s look, seemed to have a good chance.

When Wenwen overheard their conversation, he bristled with anger, “He’s my dad, not yours! He won’t adopt any children!”

Why would he adopt another child when there was a biological son? Wenwen was furious, feeling insulted and offended.

But Si Tang was confident, “Fifth Uncle will definitely adopt me. He’ll be my dad!” Everyone said so, and he believed it wholeheartedly.

“You’re talking nonsense!”

“I am not! Fifth Uncle will be my dad!”

“He’s mine! Mine!”


The quarrel quickly escalated in volume.

Si Yue and Fu Yunruo, hearing the commotion, came over, “What’s going on?”

Fu Yunruo looked at her son, puzzled. What happened? Weren’t they all playing nicely just a moment ago?

As soon as Wenwen saw Si Yue, he ran to him and accused with a resentful tone, “Do you have other children besides me?” He demanded.

Si Yue gently patted Wenwen’s soft little head, soothing the flustered little guy, “You’re my only child.”

“Hear that?” Wenwen turned triumphantly to the other children, “My dad only has me!” Yes, he is his Dad’s only child!

“Uncle…” Si Tang shrank back, too timid to argue in front of the adult. But his eyes already brimmed with unshed tears and grievances.

Fu Yunruo’s eyes scanned over the children, “What’s all this about?” She turned to Si Yue, seeking an explanation.

Wenwen, holding onto Fu Yunruo’s hand, recounted their conversation fluently, ending with an indignant: “He wants to adopt another child!”

As if having him wasn’t enough, huh!

Wenwen felt aggrieved. Why there was a need to adopt another child? Wouldn’t that mean sharing not just his dad but also his mom?

Fu Yunruo looked questioningly at Si Yue, but she trusted he had his reasons. If there truly were plans to adopt, there must be a rationale.

Si Yue didn’t rush to clarify. Instead, he playfully asked Wenwen, “Who did you just say I was to you?”

“My dad!”



“Hmm~” Si Yue’s response was almost sing-song.

Wenwen: “…”


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