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DDDV Ch 155 Part 1 – Buddha’s Heir (I)

Yu Chanzhi’s demeanor remained calm, not at all affected by Ziwan’s words, while Ziwan himself didn’t necessarily want Yu Chanzhi to admit his miscalculation either. After showing off his junior sister, Ziwan easily shifted the topic, “Xiao Yu, how long will you stay here? It’s been years since I last saw you…”

Ziwan and Yu Chanzhi’s personalities were worlds apart. Ziwan, regardless of his actual age, still had the temperament of a child, while Yu Chanzhi had been serene and Buddha-like from a young age. However, as their parents were friends, they grew up together from the first day of their birth until they each joined different sects.

Meanwhile, Lu Yaoyao stared straight at Yu Chanzhi, who was said to be the most Buddha-natured person in hundreds of years, a precious Buddha’s heir to the Ten Thousand Buddha Sect. Back when she was still in the Devil Realm, Lu Yaoyao had heard of Yu Chanzhi’s name, as he had some reputation out there. For example, the disciples of the Hehuan Sect seemed to covet him, wanting to conquer this Buddha’s heir with their charm. However, he remained unmoved. It was said that several female devils had tried to seduce him and ended up losing their lives instead.

Lu Yaoyao never expected her Third Senior Brother to know such a person. The two seemed to be from completely different worlds, yet they shared some bond. That Ziwan brought Yu Chanzhi to meet her indicated that their relationship was far from perfunctory.

This was the first person Lu Yaoyao had seen who was as not less handsome than her Brother Yuanyuan. Yu Chanzhi’s skin was pale, with striking eyebrows and starry eyes. His bald appearance gave Yaoyao some sense of familiarity, as she was reminded of the time when her Father and Daddy became bald to comfort her wounded soul after she had her head shaved.

But Yu Chanzhi’s most outstanding feature was his temperament. His whole being seemed to be covered in a holy halo, which made one dare not overstep boundaries.

“Amitabha. This Young Monk’s Master and Senior Brother are invited by Guiyuan and take me with them.” Yu Chanzhi spoke calmly. His deep and serene eyes, reflecting a profound gaze, looked at Lu Yaoyao, and he instantly realized that he couldn’t see through this little girl.


This thought rose in Yu Chanzhi’s mind, only to be interrupted by Ziwan’s voice, “Does that mean you’ll be leaving soon?”

The ancestor’s grand memorial ceremony was about to begin, and most guests would not stay long.

Yu Chanzhi looked at Ziwan, his gaze still calm, “Yes.” As a practitioner of Buddhism, Yu Chanzhi had little attachment to the mortal world, yet his bond with Ziwan was deep, and both sides acknowledged each other as close friends.

Lu Yaoyao asked Ziwan to put her down. She then curiously raised her head and looked up at Yu Chanzhi with a pair of bright, lively eyes.

“Since it’s the first time you meet my junior sister, you should give her a gift, right?” Ziwan didn’t hesitate to take advantage of his old friend.

Yu Chanzhi did not refuse this small request and took off a string of Buddhist beads from his wrist, handing it to Lu Yaoyao.

But Lu Yaoyao felt embarrassed. She had received too many first-meeting gifts these past few days, not to mention Third Senior Brother was asking too straightforwardly!

Ziwan felt it was only right and urged Lu Yaoyao to accept quickly. The beads were clearly not ordinary, and it was a fitting gift for a first meeting. After all, Yaoyao was his only junior sister, and Yu Chanzhi was his childhood friend. Why shouldn’t this guy give a gift? If the gift had been too perfunctory, he would have been upset!

Lu Yaoyao had no choice but to accept the gift, smiling sweetly at Yu Chanzhi, “Thank you, Senior Brother Yu.” The beads, designed for an adult, were too big for her, so she wrapped them around her wrist twice. The beads seemed very precious and antique; each was a dark color, uniformly sized and smoothly polished, covered in dense, intricate inscriptions. As soon as she wore them, Lu Yaoyao felt waves of tranquility rushing into her; the beads seemed to have absorbed years of incense, plus their own innate fragrance, forming a unique aroma.

Breathing it in, Lu Yaoyao felt her mind clear and her heart calm, purifying even her meridians.

As Ziwan and Yu Chanzhi caught up, reminiscing about old times, she listened quietly, fiddling with the beads and trying to decipher the inscriptions on them, occasionally focusing on their conversation. Most of the time, it was Ziwan talking, with Yu Chanzhi occasionally replying briefly.

Ziwan, in addition to asking about Yu Chanzhi’s recent circumstances, mostly bragged about how smart, well-behaved, and adorable his junior sister was.

Lu Yaoyao felt shy but also delighted to hear her senior brother speak so highly of her.

Yu Chanzhi’s gaze occasionally fell on Lu Yaoyao. His presence was so low; if she hadn’t been looking at him, she wouldn’t have noticed.

She tilted her head, suddenly feeling worried. Could the Buddha’s heir see her origin?

Soon, Ziwan also noticed Yu Chanzhi’s gaze and boasted proudly, “Don’t be envious. Not everyone is lucky to have such a smart, lively, adorable junior sister like her. Since you are not destined, don’t force it.”

Ziwan sympathized with Yu Chanzhi. The Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect where this guy belonged was full of stinky men. How could he have such a sweet and soft junior sister? Dream on, haha!

“Amitabha, your words are not entirely correct. Your junior sister is also my junior sister.” Yu Chanzhi calmly replied.

Lu Yaoyao almost choked on her saliva in shock, her eyes widening. The holy and detached Buddha’s heir in her eyes suddenly seemed to descend to the mundane world, becoming more human and approachable.

Seeing Yu Chanzhi’s look and demeanor, who would guess that he was capable of saying such a thing? She didn’t expect this from a Buddha’s heir!

Ziwan was also stunned by Yu Chanzhi’s words. He protectively placed Lu Yaoyao behind him, nervously saying, “Yaoyao is my junior sister, a disciple of the Guiyuan Sect. Don’t even think about taking her away.”

Yu Chanzhi remained impassive.

Lu Yaoyao thought that Ziwan was worrying about nothing. Would Yu Chanzhi want to take her away to be a little monk? Sounded impossible. She felt Yu Chanzhi was just teasing her senior brother, who was being overly proud.

Lu Yaoyao’s image of Yu Chanzhi crumbled in her mind. She peeked out from behind Ziwan, her large, round eyes looking up at him.

Yu Chanzhi looked back at Lu Yaoyao, his gaze calm but seemingly profound, as if he saw something through her.

Lu Yaoyao blinked. Buddha’s heir or not, she believed that Yu Chanzhi couldn’t possibly see through her identity, as her devil race blood was personally sealed by her Father. When she first entered Guiyuan, she was worried about being discovered, but having been around many high-level cultivators without anyone recognizing her identity, she eventually felt reassured. Surely this young Buddha’s heir couldn’t be more discerning than those powerful elders?

“Senior Brother Yu, why do you keep looking at me?” Lu Yaoyao asked seriously.

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