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ATCF Ch 46 Part 2 – Senior Brother Zhao Isn’t Good-Looking Enough (II)

Seeing Qin Zheng silent, Bai Guolin sneered mockingly, “If Miss Ruoruo was Mr. Jiang’s biological daughter, would you still stand with Jiang Li today?”

Qin Zheng glanced at him, “Your ‘what if’ is meaningless. If Jiang Li were not Uncle Jiang’s biological daughter, I wouldn’t have known her at all.”

“You’re making excuses! You know how Miss Ruoruo feels about you… yet you chose Jiang Li because she’s not Mr. Jiang’s biological daughter!”

Qin Zheng frowned, “First, I have never changed my attitude towards Ruoruo because of her identity. We haven’t been in contact recently because she blocked my contacts, not the other way around; second, whether Jiang Li is Uncle Jiang’s biological daughter or not is irrelevant to me. Even if it were another girl today, my stance would be the same.”

“Miss Ruoruo blocked you because you broke her heart. If it were before, knowing I was troubling Jiang Li because of Miss Ruoruo, you would never stand with Jiang Li. When Teacher Qian asked you just now, you would most likely have remained silent.”

Bai Guolin spoke with such conviction that Qin Zheng had no way to refute. But his support for Jiang Li just now definitely wasn’t because of her identity, nor was it a matter of choosing Jiang Li over Ruoruo, as Bai Guolin implied. Jiang Li is a person, not an object; there’s no question of choosing or not choosing.

But as Bai Guolin said, if it were before, knowing Bai Guolin was targeting Jiang Li because of Ruoruo, he would have mostly remained silent.

Just like a few months ago, after Shen Mian’s fake suicide attempt, when she accused Jiang Zhou for instigating her but couldn’t produce evidence; he knew deleted chat records could be restored, yet he didn’t remind Shen Mian.

As for why he stood by Jiang Li today, even Qin Zheng couldn’t quite explain it. It seemed to be just a subconscious action.

Seeing Bai Guolin wanted to continue arguing, Qin Zheng pointed to the nearby infirmary, “We’re here, you better go see the school doctor!”

However, Bai Guolin didn’t immediately enter but turned around to face Qin Zheng and said with a heavy tone, “Miss Ruoruo regards you a very important person. She must have been very upset when she blocked you. Haven’t you thought about seeing her in person?”

Seeing Qin Zheng remain silent, Bai Guolin didn’t say more and entered the infirmary. But the school doctor, after a brief check, helplessly said, “You should go to the hospital for an X-ray. I dare not mess around here. If there are any complications later, it would be a big problem.”

After saying this, the doctor shook his head and called an ambulance. As he hung up, he muttered, “You clearly fought someone fiercely, and ended up like this because you met a master. Go to an orthopedic specialist, they will set it right. It shouldn’t be too serious.”

During the examination, Bai Guolin kept his head down and remained silent, only spoke when he noticed Qin Zheng at the door, “The ambulance will take me to the hospital, you don’t need to follow.” He said sullenly.

The school doctor frowned, “If he doesn’t go with you, who will help you with registration, payment, and getting the X-ray? You think you can use your dislocated hands?”

Bai Guolin: …

In the end, Qin Zheng still took Bai Guolin to the hospital. After registration and examination, he accompanied Bai Guolin to see the orthopedic specialist.

The orthopedic doctor glanced at the X-ray and examined Bai Guolin’s hands, then exclaimed, “Hmm.”

The nurse asked, “Is there a problem?”

The doctor shook his head, “No. It’s just that this technique looks familiar, much like the masterpiece of a student I once taught.”

Hearing the word “masterpiece,” Bai Guolin twitched in reflex.

The doctor excitedly continued, “You know I give lectures at the university every week, don’t you? I had a student named Zhao Qiang. He was very devoted to medicine and knew human bones well. He once dislocated the arms of a trafficker to save a kidnapped child and hand them over to the police.”

As the doctor kept on rambling, Bai Guolin wanted to ask when his bones would be set, but before he could ask, the doctor suddenly made his move. In an instant, Bai Guolin heard his bones snapping back into place.

The doctor said to him, “Try lifting your right arm.”

Bai Guolin slowly moved it and exclaimed in surprise, “My hand is fixed?”

The doctor rolled his eyes, “Yes, it’s fixed, but don’t lift heavy objects or make large movements for now, or you might develop chronic dislocation. You wouldn’t like that, would you?”

Bai Guolin: …

The doctor continued chatting with the nurse, “Speaking of which, my student is about to graduate from graduate school. I wonder how he’s doing now.”

The nurse sweetly responded, “Since he’s a student you highly regard, he must have a bright future!”

The doctor, whose surname was Zhou, shook his head with a bitter smile, “That kid is naive and not very articulate. For him, finding a girlfriend is a herculean task, let alone a bright future. He can dream on!”

“Since you think so highly of him, why not recommend him to our hospital?” The nurse joked.

“I think you want to find a partner for yourself, that’s why you’re urging me to bring him here! But that kid isn’t very handsome and looks anxious, you probably wouldn’t be interested in him.” The doctor responded with a laugh. While saying this, he swiftly set Bai Guolin’s other arm.

Bai Guolin moved his arm slightly and found that the dislocated joint was indeed fixed, so he immediately apologized to the doctor.

The doctor gave him a sideways look, “You should thank the person who dislocated your arm!”

Bai Guolin: …

Seeing his sullen attitude, the doctor snorted, “Don’t be arrogant, boy. Whoever dislocated your arm is definitely a master. If they had done a little more, your arm might have been permanently damaged.”

Bai Guolin quietly countered, “She’s not a medical student, just a high school student like me.”

The doctor’s eyes lit up, “Such skill at a young age, she must be a promising talent! You say she’s still in high school, but I bet her family must have someone in the medical field. Don’t believe me? Go and inquire for yourself.”

Bai Guolin: …

He was infuriated just thinking about Jiang Li, so how could he possibly go around asking about her?

However, Jiang Li was indeed a too formidable enemy. He definitely couldn’t outsmart her, and he wasn’t her match in a physical fight, either.

For a moment, Bai Guolin felt a bit lost because he didn’t know what to do to bring trouble for Jiang Li.

Whatever… he could just take things one step at a time!


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2 thoughts on “ATCF Ch 46 Part 2 – Senior Brother Zhao Isn’t Good-Looking Enough (II)”

  1. Ugh. So annoying. He should just stop and study hard.

    But I thought that putting back dislocated arms and whatnot would hurt just as bad as dislocation in the first place…

  2. It’s stupid that Bai Guolin is going to continue trying to cause trouble for Jiang Li, not only because it would be pointless with her family backing, grades, and physical abilities being greater than his, but also mainly because he’s implicating Jiang Ruo in the process. Since he knows people are insinuating he’s acting on Jiang Ruo’s orders, wouldn’t continuing to cause trouble just give people more reason to believe it?

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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