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ATCF Ch 46 Part 3 – Senior Brother Zhao Isn’t Good-Looking Enough (III)

Meanwhile, back at school, after Teacher Qian brought Jiang Li to the office, he resignedly contacted the guardians of both students. Bai Guolin’s parents were contacted quickly, and his father said he would come to the school immediately. As for Jiang Li’s, although the call connected, no one answered even after two attempts.

“My uncle is probably busy in the lab, so his phone is likely not with him.” Jiang Li muttered.

Teacher Qian smiled menacingly, “Then why don’t you try to contact your uncle?”

Jiang Li paused for two seconds, then slowly nodded. When she filled the papers at the beginning of the semester, the staff in charge advised against putting in grandparents as emergency contact, so she left Feng Qi’s number instead. When she gave the number, she thought she wouldn’t need to bother him, but the reality quickly proved her wrong.

Jiang Li took out her phone from her pocket and started dialing Feng Qi’s number.

Teacher Qian again showed a menacing smile, “Hmm? After your phone was confiscated, now you’ve learned to carry it with you?”

Jiang Li: …

Previously, she had left her phone in the dormitory because the last class of the afternoon was PE, and having a phone on her would be inconvenient. But there was no PE class today, so she didn’t have to worry about this.

At the research institute, the door to the lab where Feng Qi was working was tightly closed, but his phone left outside kept ringing. Initially, Fang Tong and Zhao Qiang saw an unfamiliar number on the screen and ignored it, not daring to disturb Professor Feng, who was conducting an experiment. The unfamiliar number called twice, but when the phone rang a third time, the two were surprised to see the caller ID displayed ‘Xiao Lizi.’

Fang Tong frowned, “Could it be that little junior sister has an emergency?”

Zhao Qiang nodded, “Most likely, but Professor Feng is in the middle of an experiment right now!”

Fang Tong suggested, “Why don’t you go and call him?”

Zhao Qiang repeated flatly, “Why don’t you go and call him?”

Fang Tong: …

She realized Zhao Qiang might have low EQ, but he was not foolish!

As the phone kept ringing, Zhao Qiang sighed in resignation, “Since it’s junior sister’s call, it should be okay to answer.” He slid his finger to the answer button, “Hello, little junior sister? This is your senior brother Zhao Qiang.”

On the other side of the call, Jiang Li was momentarily stunned before asking, “Is my uncle unable to answer the phone?”

Zhao Qiang hummed in acknowledgment, “Professor Feng is doing an experiment right now. Are you having an emergency?”

“Well, it’s not very urgent…” Jiang Li hadn’t finished her sentence when she heard Teacher Qian clear his throat threateningly, so she quickly changed her tone, “Actually, it’s quite urgent. I just… dislocated a classmate’s arm, and now… the teacher is calling my uncle.”

Zhao Qiang: …

“Senior Brother, can you do me a favor and tell my uncle later to come to the school? I’m still being held in the office by the homeroom teacher!” After being frequently fed by Zhao Qiang, Jiang Li had no qualms about acting miserably in front of him.

Zhao Qiang was stunned for a long time before finally muttering “Ok.”

After hanging up the phone, he grimaced in despair.

Fang Tong curiously asked, “What did little junior sister say?”

Zhao Qiang was silent for a few seconds, “It seems like she has injured a classmate’s arm.”

Fang Tong was stunned, “Did she break someone’s arm?”

Zhao Qiang slowly shook his head, “It should just be a dislocation.”

Fang Tong raised an eyebrow, “Should be?”

“During the summer break, I saw junior sister was interested in human bones, so I gave her a set of anatomical models and… also taught her how to dislocate human joints. I told her to use the skill for self-defense if necessary.”

“…” Fang Tong fell into a prolonged silence. After a while, she looked at Zhao Qiang sympathetically, “Professor Feng dotes on little junior sister, so he probably won’t be angry with her.” As for whether he would be angry with Zhao Qiang, well… that depended on this guy’s fate!

Zhao Qiang’s mind, however, did not go that far. “Junior sister said that her teacher is calling her guardian, but I think Professor Feng definitely won’t leave the lab anytime soon. According to his usual habits, it won’t be for at least another two hours.” He looked at Fang Tong and frowned.

Fang Tong also frowned, “What should we do? Is junior sister being punished by her teacher?”

Zhao Qiang took a deep breath twice, as if making up his mind, “I’ll go over first. I look older, so I might be able to pass off as a guardian.”

“…” Fang Tong was speechless. Zhao Qiang might look older, but there is no way he would pass as a student’s guardian! Most important, who would believe that he and little junior sister were relative?

Fang Tong, however, believed that her emotional intelligence was higher than Zhao Qiang’s, so she shut her mouth and refrained herself from telling her thoughts out loud.

Seeing Fang Tong didn’t oppose his suggestion, Zhao Qiang immediately packed his things and headed to Minjiang First Hight School.

Twenty minutes later, he arrived by the door of the teacher’s office.

Teacher Qian looked surprised, “Are you Bai Guolin’s parent?”

Bai Guolin was such a sturdy guy, could his parents really be this thin?

Zhao Qiang immediately shook his head, “No, I don’t know any Bai Guolin.”

Hearing his answer, Teacher Qian’s expression turned from surprise to shock, “Could it be that you are Jiang Li’s uncle?”

Zhao Qiang silently nodded.

Teacher Qian: …

Is this person really Jiang Li’s uncle and not a paid actor?

It’s not that he didn’t trust students, but he always believed in the power of genetics. Although Jiang Li was a bit impulsive, her appearance was unquestionably beautiful, but the person in front of him… well, some things were better left unsaid!

After greetings Teacher Qian, Zhao Qiang immediately turned his attention to Jiang Li, who was standing aside. Believing that his little junior sister had been wronged, he quickly took initiative to admit fault, “Teacher, this incident is not… not her fault. The method of dislocating joints, I taught her, and she…”

Teacher Qian, unable to tolerate it any longer, interrupted him, “How old are you?”

Zhao Qiang was stunned for a moment, then honestly answered, “I’m twenty-three this year.”

Teacher Qian: …

A twenty-three-year-old who looks like he’s thirty-three, with the emotional intelligence of perhaps a thirteen-year-old.

He doubted once again — this couldn’t possibly be Jiang Li’s uncle!


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Author’s Note:

The ordinary, totally normal Jiang Xiao Li: Compared with Third Uncle, I am indeed ordinary.

The not good-looking Zhao Qiang: Compared with other people, I am indeed not good-looking.

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  1. Haha! Zhao Qiang is so funny sometimes, especially when his E.Q. doesn’t live up to his I.Q. and it ends up backfiring. I just feel sad that he looks ten years older than his age, yet his E.Q. is that of a young teenager, lol. I wonder if they’ll eventually get ahold of Feng Qi because I’m sure he’ll only stand up for Jiang Li with the reason of self-defense and preventing future problems.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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