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ATCF Ch 47 Part 2 – Learn How to Play Victim (II)

After apologizing to Jiang Li again, Assistant Bai informed Teacher Qian that the entire incident was his son’s fault, and then left the school.

After he was gone, Jiang Li sighed in relief and then looked expectantly at Teacher Qian, “Can I go back to the classroom now?”

Zhao Qiang quickly followed, “If that’s possible, I need to rush back to the research institute as well.”

Teacher Qian, however, was not ready to let Jiang Li go just yet. “What was all that just now?” he asked.

Jiang Li thought for a moment and asked, “Do you know who Jiang Ruo is, Teacher Qian?”

Teacher Qian shook his head, then curiously asked, “Who is that? You mentioned this person just now…” He paused, then looked surprised, “Don’t tell me she’s Bai Guolin’s puppy love interest?”

Jiang Li: …

She had to admit, Teacher Qian’s imagination was quite rich.

“Not a love interest, more like an object of his one-sided obsession.” Jiang Li spoke truthfully. “Bai Guolin has been troubling me just because of her.”

Teacher Qian frowned, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Jiang Li replied helplessly, “I wanted to, but you said to wait for the parents to come first.”

“Young lady, you really don’t know how to adapt, do you? You won’t speak if I said not to speak? You should know how to play the victim at the right moment to avoid trouble… but never mind, with your personality, you’re probably not one to suffer losses.”

Jiang Li had long realized that middle-aged and elderly men seemed to have a habit of going on and on. Sensing the danger, she showed an awkward smile, “Teacher Qian, I still have a lot of homework to do. If I don’t go back to the classroom now, I won’t finish it in time for the Chinese class tomorrow morning. If that happens, the Chinese teacher will definitely…”

Teacher Qian waved his hand dismissively, “Go on, get out of my sight.”

Jiang Li left the office without hesitation. Before she left, she winked at Zhao Qiang, signaling him to fend for himself.

After Jiang Li was out, Teacher Qian suddenly realized something and frowned at Zhao Qiang, asking, “Did she… did she just apply what she learned and play victim with me?”

Zhao Qiang nodded earnestly, “It seems so.”

Teacher Qian: …

Well, let it be. Today’s incident wasn’t Jiang Li’s fault anyway. Now that Bai Guolin’s parents aren’t pursuing the matter, he might as well pretend it never happened!

After leaving the hospital, Qin Zheng parted ways with Bai Guolin. He walked along the familiar streets for a long time until he finally made up his mind. Once he got the resolve, he jumped on a shared bike nearby and immediately headed to Minjiang International School.

Bai Guolin was right—he thought—there must be a reason why Ruoruo blocked him. He should go and ask her for clarity, and couldn’t just avoid the issue because she refused to contact him.

Meanwhile, after leaving the hospital, Bai Guolin immediately returned to school. He was not a rebellious student and had never broken rules or played truant before. So, despite his injuries, it never came to his mind to skip classes.

When Bai Guolin reached the school gate, he saw a familiar figure. Thinking he had mistaken it, he rubbed his eyes and then couldn’t help but whisper softly, “Miss Ruoruo.”

Jiang Ruo turned around, her expression anxious. She ran to Bai Guolin and reached out to grab his arm. “I heard you got into trouble with Jiang Li because of me, and she injured your arm. I wanted to visit your school, but the security wouldn’t let me in. How bad is your injury?”

Bai Guolin, whose arm had just been set, winced as she grabbed it, sweat forming on his forehead. Yet, seeing Miss Ruoruo’s worried expression, he pushed aside his discomfort. “I’m… I’m fine,” Bai Guolin’s face turned bright red, “Don’t… don’t worry about me.”

Jiang Ruo noticed his odd expression and asked curiously, “What’s wrong? Does your arm hurt a lot?”

Bai Guolin immediately shook his head, “I’m… I’m fine, there’s… nothing… wrong.” He even raised his other arm, waving it dramatically to show he was indeed okay.

Jiang Ruo laughed, letting go of his arm. “Can’t you speak properly? You’re not even stuttering!”

Bai Guolin, embarrassed, replied, “It’s… it’s nothing. I just don’t like Jiang Li. It has nothing to do with you.”

Jiang Ruo sighed, “I know you got into the conflict with Jiang Li because of me, but it really wasn’t necessary. She’s back with the Feng family now, and we have no relation anymore. Besides, it was me who took her things in the first place; I’m the one at fault.”

“No, it’s not!” Bai Guolin frowned, “You’ve been… been switched since… since you were young. You… you don’t know… anything.”

Jiang Ruo, feeling helpless, said again, “But everyone thinks I’m the thief who stole Jiang Li’s life. So please, stop provoking her, okay?”

Bai Guolin remained silent.

Jiang Ruo frowned, “Aren’t you listening to me?”

“I am listening!” Bai Guolin quickly responded.

“Then promise me, no more trouble with Jiang Li. She has the Feng family backing her, and we are no match for her.”

Bai Guolin hesitated for a few seconds before finally nodding, “I… I promise you.”

Hearing this, Jiang Ruo breathed a sigh of relief, “I snuck out during PE class, and now I need to hurry back. Anyway, just remember what I said. Don’t forget it, okay?”

Bai Guolin nodded and watched her leave. Even after Jiang Ruo’s figure was no longer visible, his mind lingered on her words.

“Your arm doesn’t look that badly hurt!” A voice filled with anger snapped Bai Guolin back to reality, and he turned to face his father, Bai Qiming.

Assistant Bai looked at his disappointing son with a frustrated gaze. “Miss Jiang Li told me you were troubling her because of Jiang Ruo. I didn’t want to believe it, but it turns out you really are that muddle-headed!”

Bai Guolin: …

Seeing his son’s silence, Assistant Bai understood everything. At that moment, he made a firm decision: he would resign tomorrow and take his son away from this place of trouble!

Finally noticing something amiss with his son’s arms, Assistant Bai frowned, “Weren’t your arms already set at the hospital?”

Bai Guolin: …

They were, but just now…

Bai Guolin looked at his father with a guilty expression, not daring to say more.

Assistant Bai yelled, “Go back to the hospital right away!”

Father and son quickly went to the hospital, took a queue number, and saw the orthopedic doctor who had previously set Bai Guolin’s arm.

“Couldn’t resist moving it around extensively as soon as you left, could you? You’re really courting disaster!” The orthopedic doctor scoffed.

Bai Guolin: …

The doctor quickly reset his arm and cautioned again, “With your condition, there might be a risk of habitual dislocation in the future. Be more careful!”

Bai Guolin nodded repeatedly, then followed his father out of the ward. As soon as they left the hospital, Assistant Bai said, “I’m planning to resign from the company today and return to our hometown. You’ll come with me and continue your studies at the county town’s middle school.”

The Jiang family’s company had been declining rapidly, and his boss’ temper had been getting worse by the day. Continuing to work there held little meaning for Assistant Bai, but the main reason he decided to resign so quickly was his son’s obsession with Jiang Ruo. He was genuinely worried that his son would provoke Jiang Li again for Jiang Ruo’s sake, which would surely not end well once the Feng family got involved.

Bai Guolin couldn’t believe his ears, “Why?”

Assistant Bai didn’t bother to answer, just kept walking ahead.

Bai Guolin quickly caught up, reaching out to grab his father’s arm, but as soon as he did, a piercing pain shot through his arm. His face turned pale, and the orthopedic doctor’s warning echoed in his ears.

Assistant Bai finally stopped, incredulous, “Did your arm dislocate again?”

Bai Guolin: …

Assistant Bai roared, “Get back to the hospital now!”


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