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GNU Ch 120 Part 3 – Chess Game (III)

At this moment, it was already dark outside. The light of many lanterns shone quietly, and the world was very silent. The mood was indeed perfect to ‘play chess.’ Li Chengjing turned back and smiled at Cheng Yujin, “Sure enough, people will grow. Should we celebrate?”

Cheng Yujin raised her eyebrows and said, “Your Highness wants to refuse?”

“How come I refuse the invitation from a beauty?” Li Chengjing took back the chess piece he was about to move, and gestured to Cheng Yujin, “Crown Princess may make the first move.”

Cheng Yujin’s eyes swept on his hand, “Giving away the advantage of the first move? What does Your Highness mean?”

“The floor heating is not warm enough today. I’m just afraid that my beloved wife might catch a cold.”

It was a clear provocation. Cheng Yujin smiled softly, and her red lips slightly arose. “Whoever wins or loses still cannot be determined at this point. Don’t you think so, Your Highness?”

Cheng Yujin had always been a person with very clear goals. As the role model for her peers, she naturally refused to let any accidents destroy her name brand, which was why she trained very hard in the four arts of zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting. When she got serious, she was not an easy opponent, not to mention that today’s chess game was specially prepared by her.

Cheng Yujin was fully determined to make Li Chengjing lose.

After two turns, Li Chengjing found that Cheng Yujin was serious. He looked at the chessboard in front of them and sighed, “My beloved wife, this is just a bedchamber play. Why do you have to be so serious?”

“Why not?” Cheng Yujin raised her eyebrows slightly. Her gaze was condescending. “If you dare to gamble, you must also dare to admit defeat. Why the need to change the topic? If you lose, just take off your clothes. Easy, right?”

Li Chengjing nodded. The next moment, he untied his robe and threw it aside. “My wife is right. The winner should take the next first move. Wife, you may start.”

Cheng Yujin won two more games in a row. Seeing Li Chengjing’s well-behaved took off his clothes each time, a faint suspicion arose, and she couldn’t help but question: “Your Highness, do you keep losing on purpose?”

“No.” Li Chengjing had already taken off all of his outer clothes, revealing a piece of snow-white inner shirt. “Please do not misunderstand. This is my true level.”

Cheng Yujin of course didn’t believe it. She was a little unhappy and said, “Your Highness, win is win, and lose is lose. I would rather lose than win like this.”

“I know.” Li Chengjing raised his head and looked at Cheng Yujin with a smile, “But I prefer to watch you take everything off all at once.”

What arrogance! Cheng Yujin glanced at the smiling man and stopped talking nonsense with him. However, during this game, Li Chengjing finally seemed to have figured out Cheng Yujin’s movements. He changed his passive defense to an aggressive attack. In the end, he even beat Cheng Yujin by half a point.

After the game was over, Cheng Yujin sat still and didn’t move for a long time. Li Chengjing leisurely poured himself a cup of tea before saying with a smile: “If you dare to gamble, you must also dare to admit defeat. That’s what you said, right?”

Cheng Yujin gritted her teeth. Anyway, it was now winter, and she wore so many layers of clothing, so why did she have to be afraid of admitting defeat? When Cheng Yujin began to move her hand, Li Chengjing, who was pouring tea with his head down, immediately raised his eyes very eagerly. Cheng Yujin was extremely embarrassed. But as the one who started the game, how could she afford to back down now? Having no choice but to bite the bullet, Cheng Yujin moved her hand to her neck and slowly began to unbutton her outer jacket under Li Chengjing’s bright eyes.

Li Chengjing propped his chin with one hand, enjoying the beautiful scenery before his eyes. Of course, he also didn’t hold back from fanning the flame: “Can I order which article of clothing to be taken off?”

“No.” Cheng Yujin gave him a hard glare and put the silver-red jacket aside, revealing the light vermillion middle shirt inside. She then pursed her lips and said, “Continue.”

However, Li Chengjing seemed to have suddenly gained enlightenment in the next few rounds. As if her opponent was aided with divine blessing, Cheng Yujin was defeated again and again. Li Chengjing looked leisurely at Cheng Yujin and took advantage of their height difference to calmly count the remaining clothes she still had from top to bottom. He then had the gall to ask: “Crown Princess, you seem to not wear enough today. Are you still going to take it off again?”

Cheng Yujin gripped the chess piece in her hand, not willing to admit defeat. But after staring at the chessboard for a long time, she found that she really had no power to fight back.

Li Chengjing smiled as he watched his beautiful wife. She was full of reluctance and still held on to the last glimmer of hope, intending to find a miracle to break through the situation. From Li Chengjing’s point of view, he could clearly see her slender shoulders, beautiful neck, and slightly exposed collarbone under the collar. Cheng Yujin sat in front of the chessboard, holding a chess piece in one hand and frowning in thought, looking extremely beautiful.

There was still a thin layer of inner shirt left on the beauty, but the effect it made was actually even more tempting than direct exposure.

For Li Chengjing, it didn’t matter what the end result was, as the process alone was already very enjoyable.

Li Chengjing said leisurely and pointed at the chessboard, “Actually, you can disrupt my move here. It seems I was a bit dizzy when putting the piece and mistakenly put it wrong.”

Cheng Yujin, a firm believer in ‘winner is the king,’ certainly couldn’t accept this charity. She put down the chess piece in her hand and admitted her defeat with gritted teeth. When her fingers touched the collar, Li Chengjing suddenly said, “Wait a minute, although the earth dragon in the inner hall is burning, it is still the first month after all. I cannot bear seeing you exposing too much skin outside.”

Cheng Yujin raised her head and frowned in surprise. Did he just let her go? Such a gentleman?

Before Cheng Yujin could react, Li Chengjing put down his chess piece, stood up, and walked towards her: “So, let me solve the problem. Although I like to watch you undress one at a time, in the end, I still prefer to do it myself.”


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  1. “Please do not misunderstand. This is my true level.” He’s such a fox! Lmao.
    Thanks for translating the novel ❤ I originally couldn’t wait and read it TML and now have a rough guess of what is going to happen, yet is such a good novel that it’s a waste to not read it well, especially when someone is taking the effort to translate it.

  2. chinesefanreader

    GNU is ending soon?!!! I look forward to completing the story but also gonna miss looking firward to new chapters 😁🥹

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    1. My dear Yujin… shamelessness of this level cannot be cultivated, you have to be born with it this life you are destined to lese ..

  3. When I read the initial chapters of GNU, I’d never imagined that Chengjing would be this shameless (≧∇≦)

  4. She may be a firm believer in “winner is king” but I’m willing to bet he’s a “firm believer” right now as well.

    In my defense, how can my mind NOT go into the gutter when they’re describing stripping?

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