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THDP Ch 117 Part 2 – Negotiation (II)


Ji Wujiong looked up and down at the blue-robed girl who always maintained that kind of unperturbed calmness from the moment they first met. Apart from the occasions when he witnessed her flustered look because of that mysterious person she persistently called ‘Master,’ he rarely ever saw her expression changing.

“Excellent.” Meng Qi nodded. She held the IOU again and crossed out another one hundred profound-grade spirit stones, “Right, regarding the demon cultivator’s primordial spirit, what makes them different from the human cultivator’s natal weapon?”

Ji Wujiong was silent for a moment and then said slowly: “Primordial spirit is similar to that of the detached spirit of a human cultivator, so it is not the same as a natal weapon. But demon cultivators can coexist with the array put directly in their body, so they can use it as well.”

“Thank you!” Meng Qi nodded and smiled at Ji Wujiong, “Alright, now you only owe me four hundred and ninety profound-grade spirit stones.”

The debt was more than half removed at once, but Ji Wujiong was not happy at all. He watched in silence as the blue-robed girl started to get busy without delaying a moment. She first drew an array, and then seven profound-grade spirit stones flew out from her slender hand.

In fact, Ji Wujiong had long discovered that Meng Qi’s talent in the array was even higher than her medical talent. Teach once, and she instantly mastered it… or even more surprisingly, she often managed to draw inferences on her own and only needed very slight guidance.

In a blink of an eye, Meng Qi had finished engraving the array on her friends’ natal weapons, leaving only Su Junmo and Sikong Xing. Su Junmo’s was not difficult — Meng Qi pondered for a moment and directly drew the array on the primordial spirit he summoned. She also threw seven profound-grade spirit stones as well, which the five-tailed white fox hugged in its arms as it made a high-pitched scream.

However, the fox was as tiny as a palm, and its small claws couldn’t hold all the spirit stones together, so it fluttered two of its big fluffy tails to the front, covering the remaining spirit stones into one fluffy hug.

A pair of big round eyes looked up at Meng Qi, very cute and lively.

Meng Qi pursed her lips subconsciously, and the hand holding the knife also tightened slightly. So… so cute! She had seen Su Junmo’s fox form — an exceptionally beautiful five-tailed pure white fox. His ears were pointy, his eyes were big, round, and black, and his fur was fluffy all over… if she could ignore the lethality of his never-ending chatter, Su Fox was actually adorable to the max.

But compared with the primordial spirit in front of her, Su Junmo’s fox form was nothing. This was actually not the first time Meng Qi saw this primordial spirit, as Su Junmo had summoned it once during the battle with the snow fang bees. But the battle at the time was very intense, and she was not in the mood to observe it carefully.

Now, however, the little white fox was floating right in front of her eyes, holding the spirit stones very well-behaving. Its big eyes were rolling around, with two of its five tails folded in front, hugging the spirit stones together with its small claws.

Cute! Meng Qi gasped silently. Super-duper cute!

Wait a moment — Meng Qi’s heart suddenly jumped a bit. Su Junmo’s primordial spirit was actually not a miniature adult white fox, but a cub in the truest sense. Did it mean that… that Sovereign Qingyan’s primordial spirit should probably have the appearance of… Xiao Qi?

Now she wanted to see it badly!

“Meng Qiqi?” Sikong Xing stared puzzledly at Meng Qi.

“Sorry.” Noticing that she had been distracted, Meng Qi quickly shook her head and turned her eyes back into the distance ahead, toward the place where the snow wolves were still fighting the snakes. Both sides were mutant beasts born and lived in Starfallen Sea, so the snow wolves were not necessarily weaker than the snakes.

But the problem was the number! There were so many snakes that totally overwhelmed the wolves. At this rate, they would soon be eliminated!

Now was not the time to get distracted. She had to get a hold of herself!

Meng Qi shook her head again and turned to look at Sikong Xing. This girl was still at the Nascent Soul stage and had yet to form a primordial spirit, so she would need to do it differently. Holding Sikong Xing’s hand, Meng Qi said to her, “Xingxing, relax. Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you.”

“I know.” Sikong Xing nodded solemnly.

Meng Qi separated a wisp of spiritual sense and carefully pushed it into Sikong Xing’s body. It was not the first time she was looking into the spiritual sea of a demon cultivator. Despite being the same spiritual sea, it was completely different from a human cultivator’s. Celestial demons cultivated with starlight, and thus their spiritual sea had the faint reflection of the stars in the sky.

They were now in the Starfallen Sea, arguably the place with the richest starlight aura in the entire three realms. In the reflection of the stars above Sikong Xing’s spiritual sea, starlight was constantly falling. Their aura looked both rich and very pure, extremely beautiful.

Meng Qi slowly exhaled as she carefully controlled her spiritual sense and quickly carved the array on the sky above Sikong Xing’s spiritual sea. As soon as the array was completed, a large amount of aura suddenly flew up from the sea below and was instantly absorbed by the array.

Eh?! Meng Qi was startled. The array, called Minor Heavenly Circle, needed an aura equivalent to seven profound-grade spirit stones to activate, far above what Sikong Xing’s spiritual sea could provide at her current cultivation base.

All this while, Ji Wujiong was watching from the side with his hands folded around his chest. The corners of his lips curled up in a slight smile, waiting for Meng Qi to ask him another question… eh?

Ji Wujiong’s eyes suddenly widened, staring at the scene before him in disbelief. And he was not the only one, as the rest also widened their eyes in surprise.

Sikong Xing was the most baffled, and she looked at Meng Qi in disbelief: “Meng Qiqi…”

At this exact moment, the spiritual aura around Sikong Xing suddenly skyrocketed. The girl raised her head in reflex and saw thick black clouds begin to condense in the sky.

“I, I, I…” Sikong Xing almost burst into tears, “I forgot that my cultivation base was already approaching the peak!”


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