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GNU Ch.21 Part 1 – Birthday (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.19 Part 1.

Cheng Yuanjing has seen Cheng Yujin choosing a man before. Although he didn’t like it, he was not anxious either. Because Cheng Yuanjing knew that Cheng Yujin only valued ​​the man’s family standing and wealth, so he had inexplicable confidence.

If she only looked at status, it would make no difference. When Cheng Yuanjing watched Cheng Yujin moved back and forth between promising husband candidates, it was a bit like watching a child picking a toy.

But this time, Cheng Yuanjing clearly aware that Cheng Yujin has been genuinely tempted.

The men of the Lin family could only take concubines after being sonless at forty. Perhaps it was precisely because of the strict ancestral rules that generations of their descendants could produce many respectable scholars. If it were only Lin Qingyuan and the Lin family behind him, they would not be enough for Cheng Yujin to make her stance firmly. No matter how high Lin Qingyuan’s present score was in Cheng Yujin’s mind, once a better option appeared, she would abandon him without hesitation.

But what if she added the point of not taking concubines?

Cheng Yuanjing was not sure.

Cheng Yuanjing noticed his thought to be very strange. What did Cheng Yujin’s marriage prospect have to do with him? When a person grew up, they should get married. Cheng Yujin was trying to choose a husband to secure a better future for herself, wasn’t it better than a completely blind marriage? And to be fair, Lin Qingyuan was indeed very good. Otherwise, he wouldn’t enter Cheng Yuanjing’s eyes. As Cheng Yujin’s nominal uncle, he should be happy for her.

But Cheng Yuanjing was unhappy, and even felt an inexplicable irritation instead. He restrained his sudden emotion and raised his eyes to look out the window. Cheng Yuanjing suddenly realized, now that Cheng Yujin had finished embroidering the screen, she no longer had a reason to come visiting him every day.

If hadn’t been for old Master Cheng who suddenly decided to let Cheng Yujin do the embroidery, he and she would never have an intersection. In the beginning, Cheng Yuanjing was uncomfortable of this sudden intrusion, but slowly became accustomed. As if it was the most natural event, every day he would read the book on the desk, and whenever he looked up, he could see Cheng Yujin sat on the chaise, carefully imitating his handwriting.

After hearing Lin’s ancestral rule about concubines, Cheng Yujin began to seriously look at Lin Qingyuan, and her view also changed from ‘this person is good enough as an alternative candidate’ to genuinely think about marrying Lin Qingyuan.

Cheng Yujin grew up seeing the struggle in the inner courtyard. She understood very well the significant difference would be for the legal wife if her husband has or does not have concubines. Regardless of how clever and capable a woman was, once her husband picked up flowers outside and brought other women home one by one, the wife’s life would be ruined.

Just like her mother, Qingfu Junzhu. Ning Wang was a powerful vassal prince, and Qingfu’s ability was also strong enough. But what was the use? Being childless for so many years, she spent her time trapped inside the inner courtyard, covered in billowing smoke and foul atmosphere all day long.

Lin Qingyuan was living alone in the capital without elders’ supervision. Yet he still strictly adhered to the ancestral’s rule and didn’t take any concubine. This steadfast dedication was definitely better than simply choosing a family with vast wealth.

Cheng Yujin seemed to see Lin Qingyuan seriously for the first time and carefully observed the man in front of her. She really thought it would be a good thing to marry him.

As soon as Cheng Yuanjing moved his gaze, he saw Cheng Yujin’s look towards Lin Qingyuan, and the inexplicable irritability once again rose in his heart. Cheng Yuanjing suddenly called: “Cheng Yujin.”

Cheng Yujin raised her head and looked at Cheng Yuanjing with bright eyes: “Yes, ninth uncle?”

Seeing his own reflection in her pupil, Cheng Yuanjing realized that he had no reason to meddle in her affair. Nominally, there was no intersection between women in the inner courtyard with men in the outer courtyard. If it hadn’t been for old Master Cheng’s whim to let them prepare the Emperor’s gift together after hearing about Cheng Yujin’s failed engagement, he would have never interfered in her upbringing.

“There is a travel book on the bookshelf. You mentioned it last time. If you have nothing to do today, go back and read it.”

Cheng Yujin understood. Cheng Yuanjing didn’t like her to sit here and disturb him and his friend. This was him telling her to get lost. Cheng Yujin secretly glared at Cheng Yuanjing before gracefully bowed: “Ninth uncle, thank you. This niece retires. Compiler Lin, please stay longer, I’m leaving first.”

Lin Qingyuan was a little surprised: “Leaving now? There is rain outside. You may get wet.”

Cheng Yujin looked at Lin Qingyuan and smiled. When she smiled, her eyes resembled crescent moon and spring blossoms: “Compiler Lin, the rain has stopped.”

Lin Qingyuan looked out and found that the rain indeed has been stopped. He laughed: “I didn’t pay attention. But you are a woman and should still pay attention, don’t get cold.”

After Cheng Yujin left, Lin Qingyuan casually sighed at Cheng Yuanjing: “Your eldest niece is so smart and beautiful. Getting along with her is indeed comfortable. I don’t know who will have the fortune to marry her in the future.”

After talking, Lin Qingyuan looked back and was startled: “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Cheng Yuanjing no longer wanted to chat, and soon sent Lin Qingyuan out. After the visitors left, the room returned to its initial silence. Cheng Yuanjing looked at the chaise in the study, with two sets of pen and ink on the table, and the travel notes on the bookshelf. He suddenly realized that the layout of his room had changed a lot, and inside this space, Cheng Yujin’s shadow could be seen almost everywhere.


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