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GNU Ch 59 Part 2 – Pressure (II)

GNU sponsored chapters (2/5) by Anonkatt and anonymous sponsor and at ko-fi. Thank you for your support!

The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 59 Part 1.

After Cheng Yujin bid farewell to Xu Zhixian, she walked towards her courtyard. Along the way, her mind was heavy with thoughts. Lian Qiao reduced her presence as much as possible, saying nothing as to not disturb her Miss’ thoughts.

Today’s events brought a great impact to Cheng Yujin. As she turned on the corridor, she didn’t pay attention to the surroundings and almost hit the person in front.

Cheng Yujin almost fell. Fortunately, Lian Qiao saw it in time and quickly supported her.

Zhai Yanlin didn’t expect that they would collide. He quickly reached out to help Cheng Yujin, but her servant girl was faster. After Cheng Yujin stood up again, she quickly took a few steps back and put a distance.

Zhai Yanlin withdrew his hand, feeling somewhat regretful. He then looked at Cheng Yujin with a meaningful smile: “Eldest Miss Cheng, what happened that you walk so hurriedly and don’t even notice people’s coming?”

Cheng Yujin calmed herself down. When she opened her mouth, she had regained her usual steadiness: “This little girl is careless. Asks Duke Cai to forgive me. However, shouldn’t Duke Cai suppose to follow Marquis Huo’s welcoming team to the groom’s house? Why are you still here?”

When Zhai Yanlin first found out that Cheng Yujin and Xu Zhixian were meeting in private, he was very angry. But after listening to their conversation, his anger turned into surprise. On the one hand, he was displeased with Xu Zhixian’s feelings towards Cheng Yujin. On the other hand, he was overcome with a man’s pride. Cheng Yujin refused Xu Zhixian without hesitation, which made Zhai Yanlin very satisfied.

Although Cheng Yujin attracted bees and butterflies1, fortunately, she knew courtesy and shame, was abiding with the woman’s virtue, and didn’t get close with other men. Generally speaking, she was still worthy of being the second wife of Cai Duke manor.

Still with a meaningful smile, Zhai Yanlin said: “Eldest Miss Cheng, why are you so nervous? Are you afraid that I may hear something I shouldn’t suppose to?”

Cheng Yujin’s expression instantly changed. She didn’t even want to feign politeness anymore. This Duke thought of himself too highly. Who did he think he was, and what qualifications did he have to meddle with her personal affairs?

Cheng Yujin’s smile disappeared. She always had a perfect smile in front of other people, which added gentleness and warmth to her face. Once the smile disappeared, what was left was only alienating majesty and inviolable coldness.

“Duke Cai, please mind your words. First, you are an outsider male. When you meet womenfolk, you should avoid misleading behaviors. Second, although you are ennobled Duke, you are not my elder. It’s not your turn to control me.”

The smile on Zhai Yanlin’s face suddenly froze. He had just overheard an interesting scene and purposely came over to tease Cheng Yujin. Naturally, when he was speaking, his tone was like a cat playing with the mouse. Zhai Yanlin thought that Cheng Yujin would be shy or even be annoyed, but never expected that she dared to accuse him on his face.

Zhai Yanlin was momentarily stunned. For a while, he couldn’t find his words: “You…”

How dare you? Few dare to talk to him like this, let alone a woman?

Cheng Yujin kept reminding herself that this man was Duke Cai, whom she couldn’t afford to offend, so she barely restrained herself from scolding outright. Cheng Yujin veiled her words with fake hypocrisy and continued: “I don’t know why Duke Cai walked into the inner courtyard again. Although our Cheng family is not as powerful as the Duke Cai manor, we still guard the boundary between the inner and outer courtyard. It seems that we are disrespectful to the Duke. Because no one is showing you the way, Duke Cai accidentally entered the inner courtyard area and even overheard me and my biao brother’s conversation. This is really our negligence as the host. I wonder how long Duke Cai overheard us? I didn’t notice it at all. Duke, don’t worry. I will surely punish the servant girls on the guard duty and be sure to let them re-learn the principle of guests’ hospitality.”

How could Zhai Yanlin not understand Cheng Yujin’s sarcasm? He was almost choked. It was his first time knowing that Cheng Yujin’s tongue was so glib. He was dignified Duke. Even in the morning court, he had some prestige. But at this moment, he couldn’t think of any arguments to say back. Anger arose in Zhai Yanlin’s heart, and he immediately released the aura and suppression belonged to a high-ranking Duke: “Eldest Miss Cheng, people say that you are virtuous and sensible. Is this how you speak to others?”

Zhai Yanlin, after all, was a Duke. He was in charge of military commandery and had his share of experience in the military camp. When he deliberately released his aura to pressure others, it had a real terror. No matter how powerful Cheng Yujin was, she was only a young girl. In terms of age and experience, she was no match for Zhai Yanlin. Her face turned pale, and Lian Qiao was also drenched in a cold sweat. Lian Qiao took Cheng Yujin’s arm and tried to step back.

Zhai Yanlin didn’t want to make it difficult for women, especially a young and beautiful woman. But if he didn’t teach her a lesson, Cheng Yujin wouldn’t recognize her place.

He was interested in Cheng Yujin, so he was willing to give her a bit more leeway. But it didn’t mean that she could use this favor to get spoiled, let alone taking out a pose in front of him.

Women couldn’t be indulged. Once indulged, they would take one foot for one inch and began to point fingers at men. Women were just a decoration inside the house, and their most important duty was to give birth to children and be his amusement. If they thought that they could control and interfere with him, they were totally wrong.

Seeing Cheng Yujin’s face paled, Zhai Yanlin lowered his jaw slowly, finally feeling satisfied. He was about to speak when a voice came from the side, and a figure came in from the gate nearby and walked straight towards them.

“If Duke Cai is unhappy, you go and can find me. Why the need to scare a little girl?” Cheng Yuanjing walked over. First, he gave Zhai Yanlin a stern look, then he turned at Cheng Yujin and reached his hand: “Come here.”

Cheng Yujin was finally relieved. She immediately walked towards Cheng Yuanjing. Once she arrived, Cheng Yuanjing reached out to hold her wrist and pulled her behind him.

The moment Cheng Yujin stood behind Cheng Yuanjing, the pressure she felt just now no longer affected her. She was no longer afraid of Zhai Yanlin and even wanted to raise her head to glare at the man.

Zhai Yanlin saw how Cheng Yujin was in a stalemate with him. But the moment she saw Cheng Yuanjing came, her expression relieved, and she immediately rushed over, as if finding her home. She also had no resistance when Cheng Yuanjing pulled her into his side. Zhai Yanlin squinted and looked at Cheng Yuanjing coldly: “Why Jingxing is here instead of sending the bride off?”

“How about Duke himself?” Cheng Yujin was afraid of offending Zhai Yanlin, but Cheng Yuanjing didn’t have such a scruple. He looked back calmly, but with an obvious coldness, and slowly asked: “Duke Cai didn’t return with the groom’s team, but instead harassing my niece in private. What do you want to do?”


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  1. Attracted bees and butterflies: Attracted many suitors/provoking love everywhere.

29 thoughts on “GNU Ch 59 Part 2 – Pressure (II)”

  1. Cheng Yujin is amazing. I love how she scolded the misogynist irritant Duke Cai. This guy needs to stop appearing I am so over him. Honestly I wish the author had made her tackle this episode all by herself instead of making Cheng Yuanjing appear to save her. Stealing the shine of our girl.
    Thanks for the update.

    1. She is a young girl who is still in the boudoir, even if she is intelligent, charismatic, and brave, she still lacks experience in facing others outside her usual audience of womenfolk.

      Plus she is aware her position is nothing but a young miss of a declining family in a misogynistic society, facing off a powerful Duke is like an egg smashed to a stone. Her sharp tongue is an error of the moment, if she hasn’t been so distracted, and she has had broader experience, she would have employed a more tactful response.

      So yeah, it is good that an elder male ‘family member’ come to her rescue.

      1. Yeah, she doesn’t hold enough power in her own hands to confront him. There wasn’t any easy way that she could use, that’s also still within her knowledge and wisdom.

      2. She lived two lifetime, I would have preferred if she stood her ground despite being scared but we appreciate CPshelp

        1. Yes, she lived two lifetimes, hence she became tact and meticulous of her surroundings but that doesn’t mean MC is an omnipotent character. She still has limited power and voice in this situation compared with the Duke.

        2. She died when she was 16 and only remembers the next years as a lucid dream about the future – most of which she was not even alive for. That is not living 2 lifetimes but more akin to stumbling upon a time machine, time traveling from 2024 to 2041 and reading a summary of what had happened in the past 17 years and then you return to 2024. Turns out you died 2026. You didn’t live those 17 years into the future and you didn’t relive the years of the past up until 2024. No, you’re only technically ‘reliving’ 2024-2026.

    2. I agree but we have to consider the era from this story. Being an independent strong female that has taken care of everyone around me makes it hard for me to see(read about) another female not able to stand up for herself but unfortunately that’s the way it was back then. Women were nothing but placeholders and breeders. They had no say over a male let alone one that held a high status position. So glad I didn’t live in that time period or I would have died as soon as I opened my mouth. I would have been handed the silk to hang myself. lol

  2. I thought the Duke was just a bit pathetic, useless father, pushover son. I didn’t like the idea of CY becoming a stepmother, but otherwise I can’t blame him for seeking a second wife. Now seeing this side of him, this arrogant, completely sexist side of him, he doesn’t deserve a good wife ever! I can see his House falling in the future.

    1. I know that societal standards were different back then, but from the beginning, this was a middle-aged man perving on a fourteen year old girl. Disgusting.

  3. That 🤬🤬🤬!!!!!!!
    Women are decorations only meant for giving birth and being his amusement?!?!?! Crown Prince, when you become emperor, please sentence this guy to death or maybe a male brothel. See how he likes that. 👿
    I know ancient society had different thinking about women than we do now, but guys like this are still absolute scum.

    Thank god Yuanjin got there when he did, I don’t want to think about what would’ve happened if he hadn’t. 😥

    Thanks to the translator for translating the chapters, and thanks to the people who donate so they and we can read so many chapters at once.

  4. What an absolute jerk! Bullying the weak under the guise of “teaching a lesson”! Are you qualified to teach Yujin anything? Scram!
    Thank you for the translation <3

  5. Hahahahaha 😆 let’s all chew out the Duke
    Jin’er crack that whip 👅
    Jing’er claim your girl & toss that SOB out

    Thanks for the chapter 🎉

  6. I knew he thought like that, about women only being decorations and how him taking her in was her luckiest day, truly ignorance is outstanding.

    What a sack of sh*t, no shame in coming inside to a private residence, eavesdropping on a girls private moments going to her when she’s alone, intimidating her and wanting her to submit.

    And again ninth uncle comes to save the day, is it here where Yujin will realize what his constant helping is about? She was just about re-examine males attitude towards her and all, I’m surprised it seems she thinks she has no charm among males even with her beauty, I guess she knows most kids her age only find her intimidating and boring but even so I still thought she gave her looks some consideration to attract guys, but no she’s really super surprised someone would like her.

    Well some guys like capable women girl, your uncle especially has fallen too deep with your talented self.

  7. i hate how he literally acts and assumes like they’re engaged when she has shown no interest in him and he’s spoken to her twice now…….

  8. I feel like author is doing their best to make the Duke unlikable lol. However, I remember that men truly thought of women this way and even some men in today’s society still holds that same belief. How disgusting!

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  10. Sorry to the Lin dude but our FL is high maintenance, today she’s scolding the Duke, who knows who she’ll be scolding tomorrow lol. At least ML can protect her.

  11. She was still worthy of being the second wife of Cai Duke manor? Rofl the audacity. You are the one not worthy to be her husband, how about that

  12. Of course, the duke doesn’t understand that even if he successfully “puts her in her place” today, she will not forget it in the future. She’d get even with him eventually.

  13. This duke is too full of himself too, i never thought that a mild man like them is just another alpha male type. He doesn’t deserve Yujin. Who does he think he is? She is better of being a nun than marrying him, atleast she doesn’t have to do a thankless labor for his family and suffers grievance without even allowed to have a son herself.
    Even a crown prince is willing to indulge her, who is he then?!

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