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MSRV Ch 101 Part 2 – Never Let Them Take Over the Fu Group (II)

Fu Yunruo didn’t know what Fu Zonghong was thinking, but when he blamed her for not coming to him when she felt wronged, she found it ironic. “Why should I come to you? Shouldn’t you reflect on yourself? From a young age, how many times have I sought justice from you because of mistreatment? But you always scolded me, thinking I was making trouble and shifting the blame. With such an attitude, why should I trust you? When your daughter was in dire straits, she didn’t come to her only close relative for help; instead, she disappeared completely…”

Fu Yunruo looked at him and said each word deliberately, “Because, my dad, you are no longer my dad. You are someone else’s dad.” So, he was not her safe harbor, but rather the source of her unease.

Fu Yunruo also felt uncomfortable. The resentment was lingering in her heart, mixed with the instinctual connection that she had toward someone who was once her father.

In short, whether it was the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ or herself, they felt more resentment towards Fu Zonghong.

‘Fu Yunruo’ temperament became extreme, and it was all due to these people conspiring together, wasn’t it?

The only thing ‘Fu Yunruo’ did to harm someone was when, after Chang Zhuyou insisted on ending the engagement and being with Fang Xueruo, she lost her temper and impulsively instigated by her fake friends to trick Fang Xueruo and let a man do her. ‘Fu Yunruo’ was tempted, but didn’t dare to go to that extent. In the end, she drugged Fang Xueruo, wanting to take some compromising photos. However, the plan backfired, and not only did she not succeed, but she also ended up taking the drug herself. Even the drug’s effect was different from what ‘Fu Yunruo’ intended. Obviously, this matter was totally fishy.

But after Fu Yunruo took over this body, she instinctively refused to face the matter of that night, so she forced herself to forget about it and didn’t want to recall it again.

Now that she knew it was Si Yue that night, she didn’t feel so repulsed. She had stopped avoiding it, so she had also tried hard to recall the details of that day.

She said these words, defending the original ‘Fu Yunruo.’ Tell her biased or what, but she believed that ‘Fu Yunruo’ had been forced step by step to become like this. She pitied the girl who had not been treated kindly by the world since the age of five.

When they were a happy family of three, no one thought about how much all of this was stimulating for ‘Fu Yunruo.’ Even though that was her home, the girl had always felt like an outsider.

There was no place for her.

Fu Zonghong seemed like a deflated balloon, and he looked disheartened. His back suddenly bent, and he opened his mouth but couldn’t find a retort.

After being together day and night for twenty years, even raising a dog would create a deep bond, not to mention a girl who had been considerate, caring, and concerned for him since childhood?

Even if Xueruo wasn’t his biological daughter, after so many years of living together, he had treated her as his own. Compared to his biological daughter, who only ever angered him, Xueruo, who was obedient and gentle, naturally pleased him more.

So he had always hoped that these two sisters could get along peacefully, loving each other.

But reality proved that it was just his wishful thinking.

A soft and warm feeling suddenly enveloped her palm, and Fu Yunruo lowered her head to see Wenwen’s caring eyes. Her gaze softened instantly.

Whether it was ‘Fu Yunruo’ or her, they already had an inseparable, closest person in this world.

They already had the purest family affection, they had someone to love, and they didn’t need to ask for Fu Zonghong’s affection anymore.

Choosing to keep this child back then was the right thing to do.

The assistant on the side saw his boss feeling so upset that he couldn’t speak and couldn’t help but explain to Fu Yunruo, “Miss, no matter how unjust Chairman Fu treated you and how bad he was to you, he never thought of giving the Fu Group to someone else.”

Before Fu Zonghong remarried, he made a will and did property notarization, leaving all the Fu family’s assets to be inherited by Fu Yunruo. In the end, what would be given to his second wife wouldn’t be much, only enough to ensure she lived without worries in her old age.

Of course, Miss Xueruo would also receive a portion, but compared to what the Eldest Miss received, those were just a pittance.

Hearing this, Fu Yunruo smiled sarcastically, “So what? Should I be grateful and thank him?”

“…I’m sorry,” the assistant adjusted his glasses, “I spoke out of turn.”

“Forget it.” Fu Zonghong showed a trace of exhaustion. When he looked at Fu Yunruo again, his aggressiveness was gone. “Regardless, the Fu Group also has a part of your mother’s efforts. If you don’t want it, I’ll give it to Wenwen.”

He would try to live for another ten or twenty years, and by then, Wenwen would have grown up, so he could directly pass the Fu Group to him.

Wenwen was a good child and would surely take good care of his mother in the future.

But Wenwen lifted his head and firmly said, “I don’t want it!”

Although Fu family’s wealth was tempting, he also considered his mother’s feelings. He didn’t want to be indebted to others for nothing!

Moreover, he had already started accumulating capital at this point. In ten or twenty years, even if he couldn’t create another Fu Group, he would have the ability to compete with the Chang Group and the Fang Group. He wouldn’t end up in total failure like his past life.

Besides, it was uncertain whether the Fang family would still exist in the future!

He had already figured out that the Fu Group was the predecessor of the Fang Group in his previous life. As long as he prevented the mother and daughter from getting the Fu Group this time…

Wenwen’s eyes swirled around, his mind quickly turned.

“You…” Fu Zonghong was about to get angry, but when he saw Wenwen’s resemblance to Fu Yunruo, his lively appearance, he couldn’t bring himself to be angry.

Forget it.

Fu Zonghong left with his assistant.

Wenwen held Fu Yunruo’s hand, shook it a few times, and patted his chest with great enthusiasm, “Mom, don’t worry. When I grow up, I will create a company even more powerful than the Fu Group, and I will ensure you have a rich and comfortable life!”

Hearing her son’s comforting words, Fu Yunruo’s heart warmed, and she smiled, “Then Mom will look forward to it.”

Wenwen nodded earnestly. He started to plan ahead. When he got a bit older, Mom shouldn’t be so strict with him, and then it would be more convenient for him to do things. He planned to take advantage of the opportunity, start a company early, work hard in acting to snatch Si Yue’s status in the entertainment circle, accumulate more capital, and invest in projects he knew would be big hits along with companies with development potential…

“Cough!” Si Yue coughed heavily and glanced with displeasure at the smug boy. Who needed a brat to provide for his wife?


Moreover, his family’s assets were worth much more than the entire Fu family. Why would his son need to work so hard to start a business?

Still, since this kid was so ambitious, Si Yue made a mental note.

“I’m sorry you had to witness this.” Fu Yunruo looked at Si Yue with an apologetic expression.

Si Yue shrugged it off and reassured, “It’s fine. I’m here for you.” If that man wasn’t Ruoruo’s father, he would have long acted. No matter how bad their relationship, Fu Zonghong was still Ruoruo’s father after all, so he was somewhat restrained and couldn’t do anything reckless.

Although this incident affected Fu Yunruo’s mood somewhat, her excitement was not dampened, as she couldn’t wait to celebrate her son’s achievement.

The internet was buzzing at this time, and fans couldn’t wait for the critics’ reviews. Although some people who attended the premiere had already voiced their opinions online, everyone was more eager to see what the professionals had to say.


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4 thoughts on “MSRV Ch 101 Part 2 – Never Let Them Take Over the Fu Group (II)”

  1. Dunno. She’s emotionally forgetting he was influenced by the heroine’s halo; and even more than that forgetting that he was so shocked and upset by the knowledge of his daughter’s death he felt ill and died. He obviously has deep feelings for her. He does need to humble himself and apologize though.

    1. The fact that he was influenced that much and lost his ability to think rationally was because he did not care enough. For me, the only reason why he ended up dying was because of guilt and his failure to keep a perfect family not because he loved his daughter. A Father who truly cared should not have been influenced to the point that he can ignore how his daughter was being abused. Moreover, his bias was because he cared more about his reputation and his convenience. He did not deserve to be a father and his actions should not be condone ever.

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