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DDDV Ch 122 Part 1 – Initiation Ceremony (I)

Lu Yaoyao went with Ziwen to the main hall of the peak. Inside, Hall Master Mo had already seated on the principal seat, and three young men, each with their distinctive styles, were standing next to him. The moment Lu Yaoyao entered the door, they all looked over at her; their gazes were warm and friendly.

“I respectfully greet Master,” said Lu Yaoyao, trying her best to maintain a serious expression as she bowed in a practiced manner.

Hall Master Mo smiled kindly. His gaze was gentle as he spoke in what he thought to be his friendliest and warmest tone, “From now on, you are a disciple of the Guiyuan Sect. South Fifth Peak is your home. As your Master, I will wholeheartedly guide you…”

Responding to his old friend’s request, Hall Master Mo had agreed to take in a young girl to whom the Medicine Sect owed a debt of gratitude of. Initially, he only planned to give her the status of an inner disciple, allowing her to grow up under the protection of the South Fifth Peak. What he didn’t expect was that the little girl would be able to capture his attention so thoroughly. Having successfully snatched her away from other elders and peak masters, his affection for this youngest personal disciple of his was mired with cautiousness.

The reason was simple—this little girl was too young. Furthermore, she was the first and only girl among the many personal disciples he had taken in. Because of this, Hall Master Mo tried his best to be gentle when interacting with her, lest he frightened her away.

“This is your Eldest Senior Brother Ziwang, Second Senior Brother Ziwen, Third Senior Brother…” Hall Master Mo briefly introduced his personal disciples to Lu Yaoyao.

As Hall Master Mo introduced them, Lu Yaoyao’s gaze shifted to her new senior brothers. Each of the four had distinct characteristics that were easy to discern, and she quickly memorized their faces and names.

Eldest Senior Brother Ziwang was tall and slim, with a complexion so fair it seemed to glow. His expression appeared a bit languid, as if he were an introverted person who didn’t like to go out much. His words were sparing, making it seem as though he didn’t particularly favor this junior sister. However, it was just his aversion to socializing. He actually welcomed Lu Yaoyao and had prepared a meeting gift for her.

Third Senior Brother, Ziwan, had a youthful face that made him look like a seventeen or eighteen years old teenager. He brimmed with energy and showed open curiosity and fondness for Lu Yaoyao. When it was finally his turn to speak, he managed to talk for a good while as they exchanged first greetings. Ziwan’s mood was indeed ecstatic. This Little Junior Sister must be his lucky star! He was supposed to still be in solitary confinement, but because of the arrival of Little Junior Sister, Master let him go in less than two days. From now on, he would look after her!

Fourth Senior Brother Ziting had a pair of charming, flirtatious peach blossom eyes. Now Lu Yaoyao understood why Second Senior Brother’s description of him as warm and outgoing was a bit nuanced. He seemed like a playboy who easily attracted admirers everywhere. Every word and smile he gave caused Hall Master Mo to furrow his brows, revealing his clear disdain for this undisciplined disciple.

In comparison, Second Senior Brother Ziwen was composed and moderate. Handsome and mild-mannered, he went about his tasks diligently. It was no wonder that among the four personal disciples, Hall Master Mo held the greatest trust in him and entrusted him with the affairs of the peak.

“This is the meeting gift from me.” Hall Master Mo finally had his turn, handing Lu Yaoyao a small box about the size of a palm. Lu Yaoyao received it respectfully with both hands and spoke in a clear, melodious voice, “Thank you, Master!”

The senior brothers also presented their gifts one by one.

Having accepted five gifts in one go, Lu Yaoyao’s smile was even sweeter.

“If you’re bullied outside, don’t hide it. Seek help from these four senior brothers. If they are useless and can’t handle it, come to me. South Fifth Peak is your support.” Hall Master Mo said again.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes sparkled. In her soft voice, she replied, “I understand!”

Hall Master Mo was not good with his words. His personal disciples so far were all boys, so he thought nothing of treating them a bit roughly. This time, however, he had taken in such a soft and adorable little girl and was at a loss for what to do. For the time being, he took the opportunity to give her all the advice he could think of before dismissing the disciples.

As soon as Hall Master Mo left the hall, Eldest Senior Brother also disappeared like a ghost, leaving Lu Yaoyao wide-eyed with surprise.

Ziwen explained: “That’s just how Eldest Senior Brother is. He doesn’t like going out or talking much. He usually won’t step out of his room unless absolutely necessary, so we can all see that he likes you a lot.”

Ziwan seconded, “Sometimes we don’t see Eldest Senior Brother for two or three years.”

Lu Yaoyao hadn’t really noticed Eldest Senior Brother’s attitude toward her. But if the other senior brothers were saying it, then she believed it!

Lu Yaoyao thought happily to herself: Everyone loves her!

The remaining three senior brothers accompanied Lu Yaoyao back to her new residence. The Third Senior Brother and Fourth Senior Brother walked on either side of her, chatting all the way, while the Second Senior Brother walked alongside with a smile. In no time, Lu Yaoyao had become familiar with them.

“Little Junior Sister, what name would you like to give your house? My place is called Wandan Pavilion, Eldest Senior Brother’s is Wangdan Pavilion, Second Senior Brother’s is Wendan Pavilion, and Junior Brother’s is Tingdan Pavilion…”

Lu Yaoyao was stunned for a moment. She could name her new house herself? Her interest piqued, and as she heard the names of her senior brothers’ residences, she found them fitting and pleasant. If she followed the pattern, she should take one word of her name and combine it with the word ‘Dan’ — alchemical pill — which made it…Yaodan Pavilion?

Lu Yaoyao shook her head instantly. It sounded very weird!


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  1. That’s a lot of names with “Zi” in them, so luckily there aren’t that many to remember, lol. I’m just glad her new senior brothers are all so friendly and protective of her. Hopefully she’ll be able to pick up on alchemy fairly quickly and find ways to make pills for the devil race.
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