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MSRV Ch 101 Part 1 – Never Let Them Take Over the Fu Group (I)

After the premiere, it didn’t take long for the audience to disperse. As people emerged from the venue, journalists, like sharks sensing blood, rushed forward, surrounding the film critics and shoving microphones in front of their lips.

“Mr. Jiang, what are your thoughts after watching the movie?”

“Do you find it disappointing, or is it surprisingly good?”

“Will this movie become a dark horse in the summer box office?”

“Are you optimistic about the future of domestic sci-fi?”

“Without going into further details, I’ll just say this: I’m looking forward to the movie’s release and plan to watch it again with my family.” The scenes of the thrilling plot were still replaying in Mr. Jiang’s mind, and he couldn’t wait to express his excitement through writing.

He had never been optimistic about domestic sci-fi films, even with big stars like Si Yue on board. He didn’t hold much hope because sci-fi movies had always been a weak point in China’s film industry.

He had originally thought that this would be the first movie of Si Yue’s that would fail, even if he had high hopes for the genius actor. But now he had to write his review truthfully because he had underestimated the movie.

The history of sci-fi films was about to be rewritten, and he was going to witness it firsthand.

Fu Yunruo and her group didn’t witness the lively scene outside. After the initial excitement, she decided to celebrate with Wenwen. While the mother and son were talking affectionately, she suddenly noticed a familiar figure in the crowd.

Seeing her surprised, Si Yue, who seemed to have known in advance, said in a low voice, “Chairman Fu is also here for the premiere.” Someone had informed him of this before the event, but he didn’t tell Fu Yunruo to avoid affecting her mood.

Fu Zonghong noticed them and knew they had spotted him. He walked over with a stern face.

Fu Yunruo didn’t want their private affairs to be the subject of public attention. Under Si Yue’s arrangement, they went to an empty lounge.

“Why are you here?” Fu Yunruo looked at Fu Zonghong and his assistant, her expression indifferent. Thanks to his appearance, her excited joy was dampened.

Fu Zonghong snorted, “Do I need to report my whereabouts to you?”

Fu Yunruo didn’t want to argue with him, so she furrowed her brows and remained silent.

Fu Zonghong looked at Wenwen and tried to force a kind smile, “Wenwen, Grandpa watched the movie you starred in, and it was fantastic, very amazing!”

Wenwen looked up at Fu Zonghong, grabbed Fu Yunruo’s hand, hesitated for a moment, and then said a quiet “thank you.” He then pretended to be shy and hid behind his mother.

To Wenwen, Fu Zonghong was just a stranger with a blood relationship. His attitude toward this person was entirely based on Fu Yunruo’s standpoint. He knew that Fu Yunruo held a grudge against Fu Zonghong, and their relationship was hostile.

However, Fu Zonghong was still an elderly person regardless, so they could not be impolite.

Fu Yunruo noticed that Fu Zonghong looked somewhat humble. Her gaze swept over his temples, where she suddenly noticed a lot of white hair, and her heart felt a little sour.

She looked at Fu Zonghong and ‘Fu Yunruo’ relationship from the perspective of an outsider. Even so, the emotion of the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ was still capable of affecting her.

Fu Zonghong noticed the tall man who had been standing beside Fu Yunruo the whole time. In an instant, his gaze became extremely critical. He investigated Si Yue’s background and discovered that he did not come from a regular middle-class family as the public believed. Even his connections, Fu Zonghong couldn’t find out much about Si Yue, which meant that this guy was hiding his true self quite well.

“I’d like to talk to you,” Fu Zonghong directly said to Si Yue.

Si Yue smiled, but before he could speak, Fu Yunruo frowned and coldly interfered, “What does my friend have to do with you? What do you want?”

Fu Zonghong said sternly, “You don’t even know your so-called friend’s true identity and let him be by your side. If he cheats or bullies you one day, it’ll be your own fault.”

“I don’t need you to worry about that. My friends are all good people, and besides, what right do you have to interfere in my life?”

“I am your father!” Fu Zonghong retorted angrily. She might refuse to let him interfere with her life, but he still had the qualification as her father.

Fu Yunruo was about to respond, but Si Yue stepped forward and shielded her, “Mr. Fu, I dare to say that since you neglected Ruoruo five years ago, you have no right to meddle in her affairs now. What do you think?” His tone was polite, but his words were straightforward.

Si Yue couldn’t understand Fu Yunruo’s so-called biological father. Although he had helped erase the evidence at that time, Fu Zonghong could have easily found some clues if he wanted. But over the years, Fu Zonghong never once tried to contact him.

Even Fang Xueruo had come to pester him under Fu Yunruo’s name, but Fu Yunruo’s biological father seemed indifferent to his daughter’s disappearance, as if she had never existed.

From Fu Yunruo’s perspective, it must be very chilling.

No wonder she was so cold towards Fu Zonghong.

Since he had never bothered to find his daughter in all these years, what right did he have to interfere in Fu Yunruo’s life now? Wasn’t it hypocritical?

Si Yue thought this way, and his gaze towards Fu Zonghong became less friendly.

Fu Zonghong’s face turned pale with anger as he scolded, “This is a matter of our Fu family. Who are you, an outsider, to interfere?”

Fu Yunruo said, “Mr. Yue is right. After neglecting your daughter for so many years, allowing her to suffer and be harmed, you no longer have any right to interfere in my affairs.”

Although Fu Yunruo had initially gone into hiding because she was scared by the plot she knew when she first transmigrated, she could tell from the lack of actions later that Fu Zonghong was indifferent to his daughter. If she hadn’t left, she would have been driven away. It was the right decision to leave.

Fu Zonghong was annoyed and ashamed. He didn’t care at that time and believed it when the Chang family boy and Xueruo came telling him that Yunruo was so vicious that she tried to drug Xueruo to harm her. He was furious and thought Yunruo was hiding because the truth was exposed and she was afraid to face the consequence of her action.

In such a situation, not cutting off the parents-child with her was already good enough. Did she still expect him to come and find her?

However, now Fu Zonghong realized that things might not be as he had assumed, and Yunruo might be a victim too.

“If you felt wronged, why didn’t you come to me and clarify things? It’s you who hid away, and now you blame others?”

If it weren’t for this, would he have thought she was fleeing out of guilt? At first, he was indeed angry at her lowly methods, completely unbecoming of a girl from a good family. Later, he hadn’t seen her for a long time and had been worried, but he was always provoked easily by people around him, thinking that having such a daughter was an embarrassment. After a while, no one mentioned it again, and he almost forgot about this daughter…

Now that he had come to his senses, he naturally knew that it was his wife, who had figured out his temper, quietly fanning the flames from the background, slowly downplaying Fu Yunruo’s position in his heart.

After discovering that he had failed to see the true face of the people closest to him, Fu Zonghong was embarrassed, annoyed, and furious.

Still, Fang Wanping had been with him for so many years. Apart from using some means against Yunruo, she had been a good wife who treated him wholeheartedly. It was normal for a stepmother and stepdaughter to not get along peacefully. Wasn’t it enough if they both realize their own mistake and reconcile? Does he still have to get a divorce at his age?

He was now putting aside his pride and actively seeking reconciliation. What more did this girl want from him?


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