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MSRV Ch 103 Part 1 – Si Yue’s Jealousy (I)

After the host introduced the auction items, the bidding officially began.

“Mom, I’ll bid for this crystal diamond and gift it to you!” Wenwen declared confidently.

Fu Yunruo smiled warmly, touched by her son’s thoughtfulness and filial piety. “Mom is already happy with your intention, but you should keep this money for yourself,” she spoke gently. “Don’t you want to save for future capital?” This little guy had big ambitions, wanting to become a super tycoon!

Wenwen was undeterred and replied confidently, “It’s alright, I can earn money later.” His mom was the most important right now. Besides, he was still young, and there will be plenty of opportunities to save money. Once he became famous, he could make it all back in no time!

Doing a good deed for charity and giving Mom a gift to make her happy — it was a win-win situation!

However, many people were also interested in this crystal diamond, as it was pure, transparent, and had a considerable carat weight. It was also carved by a world-renowned sculptor, making it one of the more valuable items in the auction.

The starting bid for the item was 500,000, and each subsequent bid had to increase by at least 50,000.

Soon, people started bidding: “550,000.”



Wenwen was about to move, and held up the paddle high, “700,000!”

“One million and a half.”

Everyone looked toward the person who bid, and it was none other than Chang Zhuyou. It was certainly unusual to see someone directly double the price. The value of the diamond was around 1,200,000, and 1,500,000 had already exceeded its actual worth. Whether it was to give a face to the Chang family or because it went beyond their budget, most people remained silent, with only a few hesitating.

Wenwen couldn’t help but puff his cheeks. Why couldn’t this person follow the norm and raise the bid harmoniously? He reluctantly added, “2 million.”

“Three million.”

Wenwen felt annoyed. His little savings were barely below 4,000,000, and he couldn’t afford to bid higher. But how could he lose to that annoying person? Besides, he had already promised to win it for Mom.

“Three and a half!”

This bid was far beyond the actual value of the item. Others chose not to participate, and all eyes were on the young master of the Chang family competing with a little kid.

A kid?

People couldn’t help but smile when seeing the pouting little child sitting on Si Yue’s lap. He was an adorable little fellow, with chubby cheeks, fair and tender skin, and exceptionally beautiful features. Elderly people, in particular, loved this kind of child the most, and their hearts softened when they saw him.

So, when they looked at Chang Zhuyou, who insisted on competing with such a little child, many people couldn’t help but feel puzzled.

It wasn’t a rare or uniquely meaningful item. What’s wrong with giving way to a child? It seemed arrogant to compete with a little kid. How narrow-minded.

Chang Zhuyou didn’t notice the disdainful looks that came his way. When he saw the three people he despised, he didn’t think about anything else and simply wanted to compete, regardless of if the other party was a child.

Xue’er had caught wind of the shareholder’s daughter pestering him multiple times, and it made her angry. While he was pleased that she cared about him, it also led to some disputes, and they were currently in a cold war. To make her Xue’er happy, Chang Zhuyou had already bid on several items at high prices tonight.

Now, this crystal diamond was the one he wanted the most, because Fu Yunruo wanted it. He wouldn’t let her have it as she wished.

This crystal diamond was only worthy for his beloved Xue’er.

So, Chang Zhuyou didn’t care that the bidder was a child; he assumed it was at Fu Yunruo’s behest.

“Five million,” he glanced at Fu Yunruo provocatively.

On the side, Fang Xueruo frowned and said, “Brother Chang, since Sister likes it, let her have it.”

Chang Zhuyou helplessly said, “You shouldn’t be too gentle. You’ll be taken advantage of, you know?” How could he stand by and watch Xue’er being taken advantage of? This jewelry was meant for her.

“…” Wenwen was close to tears. He didn’t have enough money to compete and get the gift for his mom.

Fu Yunruo consoled, “The price is getting too high; let’s not go for it. Next time, Baobao can buy Mom an even better one, okay?” Fu Yunruo was also unhappy. She didn’t know what the male lead was thinking, but his eyes towards her were unpleasant.

Wenwen pouted and remained silent. After being pampered and spoiled for four or five years, he felt like the world was ending at the slightest discomfort. Once his mom comforted him, he wanted to cling to her in her embrace.

Wenwen reached out to Fu Yunruo with his watery eyes, begging for a hug.

Fu Yunruo leaned over and picked him up.

Si Yue cooperated, passing the boy over, and then raised his paddle before the auctioneer finalized the deal.

“Six million.”

Fu Yunruo and Wenwen turned their heads in surprise.

Seeing it was Si Yue, Chang Zhuyou immediately recalled the information Xue’er passed to her, and his eyes turned red in anger. That bastard was the child of Si Yue and Fu Yunruo! Counting the time, his engagement with Fu Yunruo hadn’t formally broken off at that time, so she was cheating on him!

Even though he despised Fu Yunruo, no man could stand the thought of a woman who belonged to him being with another man. It was hard for any man to accept the idea of being cuckolded!

“Seven million.” Chang Zhuyou raised his paddle again.

Si Yue followed, “Eight million.”

Chang Zhuyou shouted, “Nine million!”

Si Yue looked hesitant, but he continued raising the bid, “Ten million.”

“Eleven million!”

“Thirteen million.”

“Thirteen and a half!”

Fu Yunruo was astonished; the two men were competing as if in a contest, raising the bids rapidly and leaving no room for others to react. In the brief moment when she comforted her son, the price had skyrocketed into the tens of millions and was still rising.

The auctioneer was excited, his face flushed, “Fifteen million! Fifteen million! Is there anyone else willing to bid higher?”

“Fifteen million, going once!”

Fu Yunruo saw that Si Yue seemed like he was about to raise his paddle again, so she quickly called out, “Si Yue!” Even if he had the money, he shouldn’t spend it like this!


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