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MSRV Ch 102 Part 3 – Charity Auction (III)

Fu Yunruo only realized belatedly that following Si Yue inside with Wenwen might not have been appropriate. Did she become his female companion?

She then glanced at Wenwen. With him in tow, the three of them looked like a complete family.

But Si Yue didn’t seem to notice as he introduced his acquaintances to them. In front of so many eyes, Fu Yunruo couldn’t just walk away from Si Yue. She could only smile and exchange pleasantries.

Well, it couldn’t be helped — Fu Yunruo thought. Perhaps Si Yue intended to use this opportunity to introduce her and Wenwen to his social circle. If Wenwen wanted to continue in the entertainment industry, these connections would be indispensable.

At first, Fu Yunruo felt a bit out of place, but before long, she saw many familiar faces. Some top streamers were also present, and quite a few of them were Fu Yunruo’s acquaintances.

Moreover, many well-known philanthropist in attendance approached Fu Yunruo to greet her.

Only then did she know that many of these bigwigs watched her livestream and were her fans.

After exchanging greetings, Fu Yunruo stood with Wenwen and chatted with her fellow streamers.

Regardless of the social stratum, there were always different circles, and Fu Yunruo felt that she belonged to this side.

Si Yue also comfortably stood with Fu Yunruo.

Although Brother Fatty and the others were the top brass in the livestream industry, they still seemed slightly overshadowed by Si Yue, the super movie emperor. At first, they were a bit reserved, but soon they were chatting and laughing with Si Yue.

Seeing that Si Yue easily integrated into her circle, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

Not long after, there was a commotion at the entrance, and everyone subconsciously looked over.

Chang Zhuyou, dressed in formal attire, made a grand entrance with a glamorous-looking Fang Xueruo.

Fu Yunruo was momentarily stunned. How did that radiant halo around them get achieved? So eye-catching.

Others saw the couple and knew that Fu Yunruo had no good relationship with them, so they didn’t go up to greet them like they did with others.

Fu Yunruo watched as the male lead and female lead stole the limelight of the show, and thought: even if Fang Xueruo was blacklisted, she still had the halo of the female lead.

Seeing Fu Yunruo glanced over, her friends thought that she was in a bad mood, so someone quickly changed the topic.

“I heard Wenwen’s movie is going to be released soon? I will definitely buy the tickets and watch it with my family.”

“Me too! I saw great reviews online. Hey, why don’t you spoil us a bit?”

Fu Yunruo smiled and said, “That won’t do! You have to watch it yourself to feel the surprise.”

“You’re right. I don’t care about others, but you can’t spoil it for me,” another friend laughed, “I want to see it for myself.”

“Alright then, I don’t want spoilers anymore..”

While Fu Yunruo was chatting and laughing with her friends, Chang Zhuyou and Fang Xueruo noticed her. They walked over to Fu Yunruo’s group, but halfway through, a glamorous woman in a gorgeous tight black dress intercepted Chang Zhuyou.

“Mr. Chang, why didn’t you wait for me? You promised Dad to take good care of me…”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”


Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but take a few more glances. A flash of insight came to her mind, and she suddenly thought of some plot points from the original novel.

Later on, she only remembered that Fang Xueruo had been married to Chang Zhuyou after getting pregnant, and seeing this scene made her think of another subplot. It seemed that a woman had feelings for the male lead and wanted to replace Fang Xueruo. At a party, she tried to drug the male lead to seize an opportunity, but she ended up accidentally helping the male and female leads get together.

Could it be at this gala?

“Ruoruo, what are you looking at?” Si Yue noticed that Fu Yunruo had been gazing in the direction of Chang Zhuyou, and his eyes darkened. He couldn’t help but wonder if Fu Yunruo still had lingering feelings for Chang Zhuyou.

Si Yue glanced at Chang Zhuyou, his eyes narrowing slightly.

Fu Yunruo turned back, “Hmm?”

“The auction is about to start. Shall we go inside?” The auction venue was located in a separate hall, so they needed to move.

“Okay.” Fu Yunruo nodded. Holding Wenwen, who was also looking in the same direction, she followed Si Yue into the auction area.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t resist taking a few more glances back. This was the plot from the original story, and she never expected to witness it firsthand.

Seeing the event unfurled before her eyes made her truly realize that the story was coming to an end.

Wenwen also took a few more peeks. Back in his previous life, the harmonious love of the Chang family couple had been a legend for decades. But it turned out that the rumored affectionate Young Master Chang also had affairs with others!

Si Yue had been paying attention to Fu Yunruo all along, and when he noticed her absent-mindedness, he inwardly clenched his teeth.

This foolish woman. Why didn’t she like an excellent and loyal man like himself and instead liked someone who was so out of line? What was wrong with her taste?

Fu Yunruo had no idea what Si Yue was misunderstanding. She noticed that just before the auction started, Chang Zhuyou and Fang Xueruo also entered the venue. Fang Xueruo had a cold expression while Chang Zhuyou was trying to please her in a low voice.

Fu Yunruo glanced at them but didn’t look again.

Fortunately, their seats were far away, so she didn’t have to face them constantly.

The auction began shortly after. Wenwen was short, and no matter how hard he tried to raise his head, his view was obstructed. Just then, Si Yue noticed him attempting to peer over, so he directly picked him up and placed him on his lap.

With this little boost, Wenwen’s eyes widened as he could now see clearly. He wiggled his little bottom and adjusted to the most comfortable position. He also comforted himself, thinking that it was just an expedited measure. Si Yue was the one who offered himself as a cushion, and not what he asked for!

If he insisted on sitting on his own, he wouldn’t be able to see anything, and Mom would be so tired if she had to hold him. Since this was the case, it would be best to make Si Yue tired.

One by one, the items were brought up for auction. Besides some precious calligraphy and paintings, there were few antiques, but there were many autographed things by big celebrities.

Fu Yunruo looked and found them quite artistic.

She suddenly thought that she could donate a potted orchid for auction; that way, she would also participate in the charity.

Ah, why didn’t she think of it earlier?

It’s too late to do it now. If there’s another charity event in the future, she’ll definitely remember.

Chang Zhuyou successfully bid for many items, all of them gifts for Fang Xueruo.

Fang Xueruo’s expression softened a lot.

Si Yue noticed that Fu Yunruo was only looking and hadn’t raised the paddle, so he said, “If you like something, you can bid for it.”

Fu Yunruo calculated her savings and shook her head. Forget it. It’d be better if she donated money directly instead.

The next item was a crystal diamond in the shape of a flower. The exquisite and transparent diamond necklace sparkled under the light, and its projected magnified shape looked stunning.

As soon as Wenwen saw it, his eyes lit up immediately. He decided that he wanted to win this crystal diamond and gift it to his mom!

Wenwen calculated his wealth and confidently puffed out his small chest.


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