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MSRV Ch 110 Part 2 – Unexpected Development (II)

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Wenwen looked at the phone, his soft voice saying, “Mom, lend me the phone.”

Fu Yunruo was extremely indulgent toward Wenwen now. She handed him the phone but didn’t want him to browse the social media, which was still noisy right now. Instead, she opened a variety show for him.

“How about watching ‘Dad and Mom with Me’? Many kids like to watch it.”

This show happened to be Director Peng’s newest project and was about the relationship between cute kids and their parents. It was currently the hottest variety show.

Wenwen pouted. His eyes, still a little wet and red, looked up at Fu Yunruo.

After some consideration, Fu Yunruo said, “If you don’t want to watch this show, how about some cartoons?”

Wenwen: “…” Forget it! Cartoons were too childish. He’d rather watch the variety show.

When Wenwen quietly watched the video, Si Yue’s brows suddenly furrowed. He then asked Fu Yunruo, “Can you call a male nurse for me?”

Fu Yunruo looked puzzled for a moment. Soon, however, she realized what he meant and her face reddened slightly. She then hurriedly called for assistance.

Not long after, a tall male nurse arrived. Carefully, both of them helped Si Yue up and into the bathroom.

Fu Yunruo didn’t follow them inside. She felt guilty and apologetic. Si Yue, always a proud and self-sufficient person, was now reduced to needing assistance for even the most basic daily activities, all because of her… because of their child.

His self-esteem must be blown hard, yet he never uttered a single word of complaint.

Wenwen held the phone in his hand, and when he noticed the adults weren’t paying attention to him, immediately started browsing for information about Fang Xueruo. After this incident, he was determined to seek revenge for himself, and he could no longer afford to wait until he grew up and had the autonomy to do things by himself.

He might lack power at the moment, but that wasn’t a problem. Money could make things happen, and he decided to hire a private investigator.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t twenty years in the future yet. When he went against the Fang and Chang Groups in the past, he had collected a lot of evidence about their tax evasion and other misdeeds, but those were mostly from the past decade or so. He hadn’t found much from further back in time.

However, that didn’t matter. Since they would engage in illegal activities in the future, they must be doing so now as well. He could hire a private investigator, start collecting evidence, and then… huh?

Wenwen noticed the trending topic with ‘Fang Xueruo Arrested?!’ in bold headlines. Several hashtags were related to this news, and the comments overwhelmingly demanded Fang Xueruo’s removal from the entertainment industry.

He clicked on the news link and was stunned for a moment. When the adults were discussing the mastermind behind the scenes, he had fallen asleep and missed the part about Fang Xueruo’s involvement, so he had no idea until now.

He was about to take revenge, but now he discovered the enemy had already been arrested, and her reputation had been tarnished.

He hadn’t even done anything yet… but Fang Xueruo had been arrested! Of course, such a thing had never happened in his previous life. Fang Xueruo was supposed to have smooth sailing, rising to become one of the legendary figures in the entertainment industry. Now, however…

What a luck!

Wenwen was so thrilled that he wanted to burst into laughter. With Fang Xueruo’s current situation, there was no way she could achieve the success she had in his past life, right? She no longer had the power to harm him and the people he loved!

Besides Fang Xueruo, there was also the capital behind her, the Fang Group… Well, originally, it was the Fu Group, but as long as he prevented the mother and daughter from inheriting the Fu Group, that support would crumble!

Wenwen was ecstatic at the thought. Both he and his mother were still alive and kicking. No matter how deranged, that person would not disregard them and pass the Fu Group to the mother and daughter, right?

Still, if such a scenario really did happen, he would not spare the Fu Group either. He had no intention of allowing those who had harmed him and his mother to go unpunished.

Therefore, his primary target now was the Chang Group. First thing first, he would find a private investigator and find evidence against them.

With his current appearance, he couldn’t go out on his own, nor would anyone treat him seriously, so his only choice was to rely on the internet to look for a suitable person. The detective agencies he remembered from his previous life didn’t exist yet, so Wenwen cautiously continued his search.

Before long, Si Yue came out from the bathroom. Although he couldn’t use his hands, his legs were fine, and he could slowly move around without assistance as long as he did not strain his upper body.

Fu Yunruo went over to help him lie down. After the patient was settled, the male nurse left promptly.

“How about we ask Brother Yuan to find a private nurse?” Fu Yunruo suggested. It would be more convenient to have a professional on standby.

“Yuan Xin is busy right now; there’s no need to trouble him with this small matter. The hospital is already working on it. I can manage for these few days,” Si Yue replied. He then looked at Fu Yunruo and asked, “Do you think I’m a burden?” His voice was low, and he seemed somewhat vulnerable.

Fu Yunruo had never seen Si Yue like this before. She quickly reassured him, saying, “No, how could I ever find you a burden?” She felt sorry for him, “Rest assured, I will take good care of you!”

Si Yue smiled, full of trust. “Alright.”

With Si Yue’s trusting gaze on her, Fu Yunruo’s cheeks involuntarily turned warm. She hurriedly averted her gaze and looked over at Wenwen, who was engrossed in playing with his phone.

He looked like a typical internet-addicted kid.

Fu Yunruo walked over, “Alright, it’s time to stop. We can’t play anymore today. It’s time to rest.”

“…” Wenwen closed the webpage and checked the time on his phone. He had only played for less than half an hour!

Fu Yunruo didn’t plan on letting him argue. She took the phone, then picked the boy up. “I’m taking Wenwen to bed,” she said to Si Yue.

Wenwen softly protested, “It’s still early, Mom. I don’t want to sleep.”

“No, it’s not early.” Fu Yunruo’s tone was firm. She went to fetch a basin of warm water and began to gently wipe Wenwen’s body before putting him down on the bed. Then, she lay on the bed and cuddled him until he fell asleep.

Wenwen, who didn’t want to sleep, quickly dozed off.

Fu Yunruo watched over him for a while. She had initially planned to check on Si Yue once Wenwen was asleep, but she ended up dozing off herself.

She had been mentally strained all day, and once she relaxed, her body couldn’t hold up anymore.

As night went deeper, the chaos outside did not subside.


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