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MSRV Ch 111 Part 1 – How Did She End Up Like This? (I)

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Fang Xueruo didn’t know what had gone wrong. She was sure everything was perfect, and she hadn’t shown any flaws. No matter how much they investigated, it was impossible to find the connection to her.

But the police still came. They said they had evidence and took her to the police station!

She neither bribed nor instructed anyone to commit a crime. All of this had nothing to do with her. How could there be evidence?

She couldn’t figure out where the flaw was.

Fang Xueruo didn’t dare to imagine what public opinion about her was now. Only by proving her innocence could she clear her name and turn the tide to make a good comeback.

In her plan, after the incident happened, she would carefully direct some of the blame in her direction, then have a beautiful turnaround once her innocence was proven, gaining herself public sympathy. However, she had never intended to have herself arrested!

Realizing that everything was slipping out of her control, Fang Xueruo began to panic.

No, she would be fine! She was just being implicated. This matter had nothing to do with her! As long as she stayed calm and insisted that she knew nothing, no one could touch her.

Fang Xueruo was held in a solitary room at the detention center. The room was terribly quiet. Fang Xueruo looked around, there were four bunk beds, simple and rough, she was the only one here, standing in the middle of the room, feeling oppressed and suffocated.

Fang Xueruo didn’t expect Fu Zonghong to be so heartless. He knew that being taken away by the police would kill her reputation, yet he remained indifferent and let them take her away. She had worked so hard to please him for so many years, thinking there would be rewards. On the surface, he had treated her better than Fu Yunruo on the surface, but when the critical moment came, he still chose his own biological daughter over her.

Fang Xueruo’s eyes turned cold.

No — she must never give up. Her mother would definitely come to rescue her!


Suddenly, there was a commotion outside the iron door. Fang Xueruo’s eyes lit up instantly as she rushed over.

“Fang Xueruo, come out with me for a moment,” the officer in charge opened the door and said seriously.

Fang Xueruo’s face showed a hint of joy. She knew, she knew her mother would come to rescue her!

Fang Xueruo followed the person and entered a room, but instead of seeing Fang Wanping, she saw Chang Zhuyou.

“Brother Chang!” Seeing him, Fang Xueruo’s eyes instantly welled up with tears. “Brother Chang, you finally came!” She looked extremely aggrieved.

Chang Zhuyou hugged her with a pained expression. “I came late…”

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here, and I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Chang Zhuyou had only learned about Fang Xueruo’s arrest from his assistant, whom he ordered to keep an eye on her situation online. Chang Zhuyou himself had been too busy recently and had no time to visit Fang Xueruo often, but it didn’t mean he didn’t care about her. The thought of how much suffering his Xue’er might have endured out of his sight made Chang Zhuyou instruct his assistant to stay vigilant and warn him promptly at any slightest change.

Just as the Chang family was starting to recover, Chang Zhuyou was considering finding a new investment project to be given to Fang Xueruo. While they were still searching for a suitable project, he wanted to temporarily give her some endorsements first. Chang Zhuyou personally took the initiative, but they couldn’t secure any good endorsements. So, he had the idea to promote his own company’s products, but as soon as this idea leaked, the management and shareholders resisted it. They didn’t want a celebrity with a tarnished reputation to represent their brand.

Wasn’t this adding insult to injury? The company had just suffered a huge setback and was only slowly recovering. At this time, the last thing they needed was to be associated with a celebrity hated by the public.

Because of this, Chang Zhuyou lost his temper. His prestige in the company had declined significantly, and his authority was no longer as absolute as before. He had to consider the opinions of other shareholders.

He was disgusted by their attitude, whom he thought to be selfish and full of self-interest. They wore one face when it was beneficial to them and another when it wasn’t.

Chang Zhuyou had previously solemnly promised his beloved Xue’er that he would secure excellent endorsement and film projects, but none of it had materialized.

Frustrated, he slammed some documents on the table when his assistant entered the room with a grave expression. “Mr. Chang, it’s bad!”

“What’s wrong?” Chang Zhuyou asked impatiently.

“Miss Fang is in trouble!” the assistant hurriedly reported the situation to his boss.

Chang Zhuyou’s face turned ice cold instantly, and it was at that moment that he received a call from Fang Xueruo’s agent.

In a cold voice, he stated, “Xue’er must be wrongly accused!” He couldn’t sit still and immediately left, preparing to personally get Fang Xueruo out.

She must be very frightened.

With this thought, Chang Zhuyou arrived at the detention center and saw his beloved woman.

Sure enough, just as he feared, within just half a day, Xue’er already looked exhausted and extremely scared. When she saw him, it was as if she had found a hero who could rescue her from a burning building.

Chang Zhuyou comforted her for a while before sternly saying to the nearby police officers, “I’m taking her with me. I expect an explanation for this.”

The stunned officers, “…”

One officer blocked their way and said, “Mr. Chang, you can’t take the suspect with you.”

“Do you really want to go against the Chang family?”

The officers were speechless. Was this young master of the Chang family out of his mind? Did he not realize where he was?

“Even if it’s the Chang family, they must still obey the law.”

“You’ve arrested the wrong person. Xue’er would never do such a thing; it’s all a misunderstanding.”

The senior officer said with composure, “We have evidence and an arrest warrant before detaining someone. We wouldn’t wrongly accuse anyone.”

Chang Zhuyou’s face turned extremely unpleasant. He glanced at them coldly and then made a phone call from his mobile contacts.

Being deep in business, the Chang family naturally had connections with government officials. In their home turf of Beijing, who would dare to slight them?

But Chang Zhuyou was bound to fail today. Although the call was connected, his contact outright told him they couldn’t intervene because this case had significant implications and higher authorities were closely monitoring it. They couldn’t afford to get involved, as one wrong move might cost them their career.

At this point, they couldn’t even ensure their own safety. After advising the Chang family not to contact them for a while, the person hung up.


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