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MSRV Ch 110 Part 1 – Unexpected Development (I)

The receptionist lady at the hospital front desk placed the phone back and apologized, “I’m sorry, sir, but the patient doesn’t accept visitors.”

Fu Zonghong didn’t expect to be rejected. He felt somewhat frustrated, but he wasn’t willing to give up so easily. “Could you please ask again for me? I won’t leave until I see her.”

The receptionist hesitated for a moment. “Um…” Eventually, she made another call, “Miss Fu, Mr. Fu wishes to visit the patient. What do you think?”

“We’re not available now. Please ask him to leave.”

Then the voice on the other end turned into a busy tone.

The receptionist was helpless. “Mr. Fu, what do you think?”

Fu Zonghong frowned and then asked the receptionist, “How is Wenwen’s condition?”

“Sorry, we cannot disclose the patient’s information.”

Fu Zonghong underwent routine check-ups at this hospital every year, so he was aware of the hospital’s regulations. After realizing that he couldn’t get any information, he decided to try calling Fu Yunruo. However, he couldn’t reach her. Finally, he frowned and said sullenly, “I’m not feeling well. Please arrange for me to be admitted.”

The receptionist: “…”

In the end, Fu Zonghong was sent to the examination room and had a checkup. His health had been deteriorating recently, and he had various minor health issues, so the doctor in charge eventually agreed to admit him. While he usually managed his condition through regular check-ups, his body couldn’t handle significant emotional stress, and today’s incident caused him a great shock. A burning frustration that he couldn’t release seemed to gnaw him inside, causing headache and discomfort.

However, the most important thing for him right now was to see Wenwen, with his own health coming second.

Unable to obtain any information internally, Fu Zonghong called his assistant and ordered him to find out as much as possible. Then he decided to go outside and try his luck.

Fu Yunruo naturally was unaware that Fu Zonghong had himself admitted to the hospital in order to see her and Wenwen. After rejecting his visit, she spent all her time accompanying her son. Because Si Yue needed total bed rest, the two of them stayed by his hospital bed, saving him from feeling bored and lonely.

Even at night, Fu Yunruo was not idle. After her phone restarted, it vibrated incessantly, with messages pouring in one after another and dozens of missed calls from her friends and acquaintances, many of them turning to WeChat messages after failing to reach her via phone calls.

Fu Yunruo checked through her inbox and noticed dozens of missed calls from Auntie Mei. She hurriedly started a video call, and in order to assure the elderly couple and stop them from worrying, she had Wenwen join in to show that everything was fine.

Her call was quickly picked up, and Auntie Mei and Uncle Mei’s anxious faces appeared on the screen, “Ruoruo, what’s going on? The internet says Wenwen got hurt. How is he now?”

Fu Yunruo reassured them, “Auntie Mei, Uncle, please don’t worry. Wenwen is fine. If you don’t believe me, take a look!”

Fu Yunruo turned the camera towards Wenwen, who looked at the lens obediently and called out, “Grandpa Mei, Grandma Mei.”

The couple leaned closer to the screen, trying to get a better look. Fu Yunruo understood their intention and adjusted the camera to include Wenwen’s entire body. The boy turned around twice before approaching the camera and saying, “Grandpa Mei, Grandma Mei, I’m okay! Don’t worry~”

The couple scrutinized him from head to toe with their sharp eyes. When they couldn’t spot any injuries, their tense nerves finally relaxed. Auntie Mei patted her chest and said, “Thank goodness, thank goodness. It’s a relief that he’s okay. The rumors online were terrifying. They said Wenwen fell from a high floor and was critically injured, and is still in a coma…”

Fu Yunruo had no idea of the exaggerated rumors circulating online. She explained, “Those rumors must be exaggerated. Wenwen did fall from a height, but it wasn’t too high, and he was caught in time, so there’s nothing major.”

“Was it A’Yue who caught him? Where is he now? Is he okay?” After Wenwen started stepping into the road of the entertainment industry, Auntie Mei and Uncle Mei often surfed the internet and picked up young people’s hobby of following stars. Thanks to that, they were kept up-to-date about rumors and news circulating online.

Fu Yunruo turned to look at Si Yue, whose injuries, unlike Wenwen’s, appeared quite serious. She wasn’t sure whether she should let Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei see him.

Auntie Mei noticed Fu Yunruo’s gaze and quickly asked, “Is A’Yue there too? Let us see him.” They wouldn’t feel at ease if they didn’t see him with their own eyes.

Si Yue smiled at Fu Yunruo, “Let me say hello to Auntie Mei and Uncle.”

Fu Yunruo then brought her phone to him.

Si Yue greeted the couple with a smile and exchanged some small talk.

Even after confirming that Wenwen was alright, Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei still couldn’t help worrying and decided to come to Beijing in person.

Fu Yunruo hesitated. On one hand, she felt that the long travel would be too tiring for the elderly couple and didn’t want to burden them. On the other hand, however, it had been a while since they had seen them and they indeed missed each other so much. After some persuasion, Fu Yunruo finally relented and looked forward to their visit.

After hanging up the call, Fu Yunruo began to reply to each message one by one. So many people contacted them and her fingers soon felt sore typing, but she kept replying earnestly, feeling touched by everyone’s concern.

Wenwen sat beside his mother, his eyes fixed on the screen, while she gently read him the messages of concern from their friends and acquaintances.

In the end, Fu Yunruo realized that she couldn’t possibly reply to all the messages, so she posted a status on WeChat, thanking everyone for their concern, and mentioned that she wouldn’t reply individually. Then, she posted an update on her other social media to let everyone know that she and Wenwen were safe.

Wenwen looked at the phone, his soft voice saying, “Mom, lend me the phone.”


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