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MSRV Ch 111 Part 2 – How Did She End Up Like This? (II)

Chang Zhuyou couldn’t believe that his contact would disregard a request from him. His expression became exceptionally grim.

He couldn’t figure out who was so powerful that they could even override the influence of the Chang family.

Finally figuring out that he couldn’t take Fang Xueruo with him, Chang Zhuyou tried to arrange for her bail, but that also proved unsuccessful. He couldn’t bear seeing Fang Xueruo’s hopeful gaze and could only say in a bitter voice, “Xue’er, rest assured, I will get you out tomorrow.”

“Brother Chang…” Tears welled up in Fang Xueruo’s eyes. This time, she was crying for real. She hadn’t expected that even Chang Zhuyou couldn’t secure her release. Could she ever get out?

In the end, under Fang Xueruo’s tearful gaze, Chang Zhuyou left with a horrifying expression.

Once he returned to the car, Chang Zhuyou muttered angrily, “Where is Fu Yunruo?”

Besides Fu Yunruo, he couldn’t think of anyone else who would target Xue’er in this way. She was so gentle and kind; how could she possibly harm anyone?

It must be that damn woman who tried to frame Xue’er. He wouldn’t let her succeed!

His assistant, after a bit of effort and leveraging connections, managed to find out the name of the hospital.

“Go there right away!”

“Yes!” The assistant didn’t dare to say anything more and hurriedly drove to the hospital.

The hospital was quite far from the detention center, almost in opposite directions of the city. Even in good traffic, it would take over an hour to reach.

Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on their side, and they encountered evening rush hour, causing delays and stop-and-go driving. By the time they arrived at the hospital, it was already 9 o’clock.

The cold-faced Chang Zhuyou strode into the hospital and demanded to see Fu Yunruo.

The receptionist lady apologized and explained, “I’m sorry, sir, visiting hours have already ended.”

They politely but firmly asked him to leave.

Chang Zhuyou’s upbringing prevented him from causing a scene in the hospital, so he had no choice but to leave and stay at a nearby hotel, intending to return first thing in the morning,

Fu Yunruo, of course, had no idea that so many people were looking for her. She was sleeping with Wenwen in her arms, but her sleep was not restful. She would occasionally wake up and, feeling uneasy, check Wenwen’s breathing by probing his nose with her fingers and gently touching his little chest, making sure he was okay before drifting back to sleep.

But nightmares kept haunting her sleep that night. In one dream, both she and Si Yue failed to catch Wenwen, and the small child fell to the ground motionless, covered in blood. In another dream, Si Yue and Wenwen both lay stiff and cold. Each time she woke up, her heart raced with fear.

When Fu Yunruo finally woke up for good, the sky was just starting to brighten. She checked the time; it was already 6 in the morning. Unable to fall back asleep, she lay quietly for a while, and then she heard some movement in the next room.

Considering Si Yue’s limited mobility, she became a bit concerned, so she got up quietly and decided to check on him.

Indeed, there was some activity in the room. She knocked gently on the door and said, “Mr. Yue, are you awake?” She paused and added, “I’m coming in, okay?”


Fu Yunruo turned the doorknob and entered Si Yue’s room. The bedside lamp inside the room was still on, casting a dim light. It was enough to see the room’s furnishings clearly. Si Yue had already sat up, with his feet on the ground, and he raised his eyes to look at her.

Fu Yunruo walked over and asked with concern, “Why are you up so early?”

Si Yue replied, “I needed to use the bathroom.”

Fu Yunruo reached to him and said, “Let me help you.”

Si Yue raised an eyebrow but didn’t refuse. With Fu Yunruo’s assistance, he walked into the bathroom.

Fu Yunruo helped him to the toilet and was about to leave when Si Yue stopped her.


“Yes?” Fu Yunruo turned around.

Si Yue said, “I can’t move my hands.”

“Huh?” Fu Yunruo realized and her face turned bright red. She stammered, “I-I’ll go find someone!” Without waiting for his response, she hurriedly ran out and quickly made a phone call to call for assistance.

Si Yue watched her fleeing figure and couldn’t help but let out a light chuckle, looking pleased.

Well, what that surname Meng said made sense.

After Fu Yunruo called for assistance, she pressed her burning cheeks and felt too embarrassed to go back in.

A male nurse arrived promptly in less than two minutes. Fu Yunruo was initially curious about how he had arrived so quickly, but seeing the nurse’s tired expression, it was evident that he had been on a night shift, so she didn’t inquire further.

The male nurse entered the bathroom and came out shortly afterward before leaving.

Fu Yunruo tried her best to pretend the morning’s awkward incident didn’t happen. She cuddled Wenwen and went back to sleep for a while.

Around seven o’clock, Fu Yunruo woke up again. She freshened up briefly and went to the cafeteria to get breakfast.

When Wenwen woke up, he didn’t see his mother. He rubbed his eyes and looked around with big eyes. Still a bit sleepy, he called “Mom” in a numb voice, but there was no response.

He crawled to the edge of the bed, then slid out of the bed, put on his little shoes, and went to find Si Yue.

Si Yue had already woken up but was lying down, resting with his eyes closed. When he heard movement at the door, he opened his eyes and saw a small figure peeking in. “Wenwen, come here.” A faint smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

Wenwen looked at Si Yue for a while. Then, trotting over with his small legs, he approached him.


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