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MSRV Ch 113 – Over the Years, He Has Drained His Daughter’s Last Affection for Him

Yuan Xin didn’t return until an hour later. When he returned, before Fu Yunruo even asked anything, he told her, “Mr. Fu seemed to be greatly shaken. His body couldn’t handle the shock and collapsed. He needs rest.”

Yuan Xin explained Fu Zonghong’s condition in detail. There were no major issues like terminal illness, but he had several minor health problems, perhaps caused by his age and long years of hard work managing a large company.

As long as Fu Zonghong maintains a healthy lifestyle, there shouldn’t be any major problems. However, if he continued to have extreme emotions, it would badly affect his body, maybe even endangering his life.

Hearing this, Fu Yunruo calculated and found that at this time, Fu Zonghong should have passed away long ago according to the original plot. It seemed his health was indeed not very good.

Fu Yunruo felt a mix of emotions, but regardless, it’s good that Fu Zonghong is alive. She hoped he took better care of himself.

Seeing that Fu Yunruo didn’t express any intention to visit Fu Zonghong, Yuan Xin considerately changed the topic.

He explained that the current situation online was one-sided, with fans of Si Yue, Fu Yunruo, and Wenwen attacking Fang Xueruo’s fans en masse.

At the current moment, Fang Xueruo’s remaining brainless fans are still fighting hard following Chang Zhuyou’s public statement that expressed support for Fang Xueruo and his belief that she was innocent. As a result of this statement, the stock price of Chang Group plummeted instantly.

Apple Entertainment also sued Fang Xueruo on behalf of Si Yue and Wenwen. The court had accepted the case, and it was now in the process.

On their side, Si Yue had assembled a team of lawyers, and given their capabilities, the outcome was practically certain. Fang Xueruo’s fate was already foreseeable.

Fu Yunruo felt relieved after hearing this. She had never hated someone so much before. Wenwen was caught by Si Yue in the nick of time and they were both lucky to not suffer permanent injuries, but if something went even a bit worse…

If anything happened to Wenwen, she would go down with Fang Xueruo, even if she had to spend the rest of her life in prison.

Fu Yunruo actually wanted to personally handle Fang Xueruo’s matter, but Si Yue took charge and didn’t let her get involved. So, aside from keeping an eye on the progress, she stayed in the hospital to take care of Si Yue and Wenwen.

When Fu Zonghong woke up in the hospital room, it was empty except for a masked nurse standing by. She noticed him opening his eyes and politely asked, “Mr. Fu, you’re awake. Is there anything uncomfortable?”

As she asked, she pressed the call button by the bed, calling the doctor for a follow-up examination.

Not seeing Fu Yunruo there made Fu Zonghong feel uneasy. “I’m okay,” he reluctantly said. The oppressive chest pain he had before passing out was now gone, but his complexion still looked ashen.

Soon, a doctor came in, conducted a brief examination, and explained his condition. Fu Zonghong didn’t pay much attention to it and instead asked, “Did anyone come to see me before I woke up?”

“No,” the nurse replied.

Fu Zonghong felt a blow to his heart. He had fainted in front of Yunruo, and she hadn’t even come to see him. He couldn’t help but think that his actions over the years had drained Yunruo’s affection for him.

After the doctor’s examination, he gave some careful instructions and left. The nurse brought medication and a glass of water.

Fu Zonghong looked listless as he quietly took the medicine.

“Mr. Fu, here’s your phone,” the nurse handed Fu Zonghong his phone. He checked it and saw a dozen missed calls, most of them from Fang Wanping. He didn’t need to answer to know what she wanted.

Fu Zonghong remained expressionless and called his assistant, instructing him to come to the hospital.

Visitors wanting to see Si Yue and Wenwen came and went in waves, but most of them were turned away by Yuan Xin under the reason that they both needed a total rest.

Fans online were deeply concerned about Si Yue and Wenwen’s conditions. Although the company’s official accounts and social media status kept posting reassuring messages, without seeing their idols in person, fans remained worried and unconsoled.

So, they left comments one after another, requesting Si Yue or Wenwen to do a live stream or post some photos to ease their concerns. Finally, Fu Yunruo recorded a video of the two of them giving an update and uploaded it to their social media.

In the video, Wenwen was wearing a hospital gown, but there were no visible injuries, so the fans were finally relieved. However, when they saw Si Yue, they immediately exploded in an uproar.

Even though Fu Yunruo had deliberately avoided showing the injured area, eagle-eyed fans still managed to spot subtle signs that indicated Si Yue had been seriously hurt.

Their beloved idols had never suffered such severe injuries, even when filming dangerous scenes! They were proud of Si Yue for saving Wenwen, but if not for Fang Xueruo’s heinous action, Wenwen wouldn’t have been in danger, nor would their idol have been hurt. This realization fueled the fans’ anger against Fang Xueruo even more.

Meanwhile, Fu Yunruo had to take care of two patients while keeping in touch with concerned friends and acquaintances. She was busy enough all day and could only spare a little time each day to keep up to date with the situation outside. Soon, however, even this limited time was consumed.

The day after the video call, Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei rushed immediately to Beijing. Fu Yunruo couldn’t go in person, so she asked Qian Shengnan to pick the couple up at the airport and had them rest in the villa for a while before taking them to the hospital.

When Fu Yunruo saw the couple, her emotions burst up immediately and she couldn’t help but lean on Auntie Mei, half-crying, “Auntie Mei, I missed you both so much!”

“We miss you too,” Auntie Mei said lovingly.


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  1. Seriously I feel bad for Grandpa Fu. Because for me, as long as the person regrets its action and plans to change, I believe a chance should be given. And if the chance given is broken then there you can see that there is no change on the character of the person. Thus, that is where you have to be firm.

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