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MSRV Ch 114 – Divorce

Had to be said, the arrival of Auntie Mei and her husband greatly relaxed Fu Yunruo’s mind, reducing her stress significantly. The couple traveled a long distance to see her and her son, bringing with them many local specialties, such as homemade peanut oil, dried sweet potatoes, dried radishes, and mushrooms. Unfortunately, there was a limit of luggage two people could take with them; otherwise, they could have brought even more.

Wenwen was very dependent on Auntie Mei and Uncle Mei. He no longer clung to Fu Yunruo and freely acted spoiled around them. The couple also doted on Wenwen to no end, fulfilling his every request.

As a result, Fu Yunruo felt much more relaxed. All external affairs were handled by Yuan Xin, so she didn’t need to do anything, though the police had visited a few times to take their statements. The Fu family had made no moves, but the Chang family — or rather, only Chang Zhuyou — was trying their best to pull strings to exonerate Fang Xueruo. However, with solid evidence and Si Yue’s influence, the case proceeded steadily.

Fang Wanping couldn’t believe her daughter was so foolish. Not only did Fang Xueruo act without informing her, but she also left evidence behind! Fang Wanping felt her years had been wasted educating her stupid daughter.

Despite her anger, Fang Wanping still exhausted all methods trying to get her daughter out. After all, Fang Xueruo was her only child. If the girl was convicted, she would also be badly affected.

Having been the madam of the Fu family for many years, Fang Wanping had developed many contacts. The first thing she did was to ask her high-society friends for help. However, those fellow wealthy madams were the most sensitive when it came to matters of interest. Facing Fang Wanping’s plea, they were all evasive, and some even outright avoiding her.

One madam subtly hinted that Fang Wanping should approach Fu Zonghong instead. Indeed, these people maintained relations with Fang Wanping because of the Fu family, with whom their own families had friendly business ties. Fang Xueruo had been detained for several days, yet there was no response from Fu Zonghong. The circle interpreted his silence as a rejection to help the mother and daughter. No one was busybody enough to help with no gain, so it was only natural that they had no intention of lending a hand. To put it bluntly, without the Fu family and Fu Zonghong, Fang Wanping meant nothing to them.

At this reminder, Fang Wanping realized she had been looking in the wrong direction and should directly approach Fu Zonghong from the beginning. She spent years of effort, slowly manipulating him to favor her and her daughter, but everything was ruined by Fang Xueruo!

No, Fu Zonghong must still be on her side — Fang Wanping convinced herself. His anger must be temporary; as long as she explained well, he would eventually listen to her persuasion again, as always.

Fang Wanping quickly tried to contact Fu Zonghong but found him unreachable. He didn’t even return home for several days. When she visited the company, she learned he hadn’t been there for days and the business was temporarily managed by the vice president. Even his assistant had been absent.

Fang Wanping had no choice but to ask the vice president. The other party was polite, but he did not disclose Fu Zonghong’s whereabouts.

Disappointed, Fang Wanping returned home, only to find her husband had returned. Surprised and relieved, she asks, “Old Fu, where have you been these days? I’ve been searching everywhere for you.”

Fu Zonghong’s expression was calm. A few days of rest had improved his complexion, and there were no signs that he had just been hospitalized.

Fang Wanping didn’t notice this and kept expressing her worries. After a while, she paused and, with a sad and anxious face, began pleading, “Old Fu, now that you’ve calmed down, can you listen to my explanation?”

“You’ve known Xueruo since she was a child, and you know she has always been softhearted. That child doesn’t even have the heart to step on an ant, do you really believe she would entice someone to harm others? Besides, she admired Yunruo since they were young and always wanted them to be close sisters. How could she harm Yunruo and Wenwen?”

“There must be some misunderstanding here, you must check it out. Don’t let yourself be maliciously deceived…” There were tears in Fang Wanping’s eyes, “Xue Ruo has been detained for several days, do you have the heart to see her be so wronged and suffer?”

Fu Zonghong’s eyes flashed with pain. Although Fang Xueruo wasn’t his biological daughter, he had watched her growing up and his affection for her was no less than for Yunruo. With the evidence against her, however, Fu Zonghong struggles to deny the truth. No matter how much he tried to make excuses, it was an irrevocable truth that his biological daughter and stepdaughter were now irreconcilable.

He must choose between them. Previously, he had chosen Fang Wanping and Fang Xueruo, ignoring the injustice towards Yunruo. Now, he chose Yunruo and Wenwen, hoping it’s not too late to make amends…

Fu Zonghong closed his eyes for a while, then reopened them with determination. His expression stern. He signaled to his assistant, who stepped forward and placed several documents in front of the couple.

Fang Wanping took a look at the documents and saw the words ‘Divorce Agreement’ prominently displayed on the front page. Her complexion instantly changed, “Old Fu, you!” Hugely shocked, her figure staggered, “Are you really going to divorce me?”

Once Fu Zonghong made up his mind, he would no longer hesitate. He said coldly, “When I chose you, it was with the purpose of having you take good care of Yunruo. But I misjudged. Your kindness to your own daughter doesn’t mean you’ll be kind to someone else’s. Since you failed in this, there’s no need to continue this marriage.”

In fact, Fu Zonghong’s heart ached intermittently. It was a decision he made. Even so, despite the initial impure purpose, years of living together as a husband and wife had inevitably created feelings.

“Prior to our marriage. I’ve told you that all the Fu family’s assets belong to Yunruo. However, considering your dedication over the years, I’ll give you a house and a sum of money, enough for a worry-free life. As for Xueruo… once she’s released, I’ll send her abroad, ending our father-daughter relationship.”

“Are you blaming me?” Fang Wanping looked at Fu Zonghong with tearful eyes, “After all these years, don’t I deserve your trust?”

“It’s hard being a stepmother. I’ve always tried to make Yunruo accept me, but she never did. I’ve done my best. Is it still my fault?”

“It’s my fault,” Fu Zonghong’s voice was mired with mixed feelings. Back then, he should have stood his ground. If he didn’t get remarried, nothing of this would happen. It wouldn’t be like now, where father and daughter get along like enemies.

Fang Wanping clenched the documents tightly, suppressing her boiling anger before calming down, tears rolling down her cheeks, “Does it have to be this way?” Her eyes were moist with helplessness, “I’ve thought a lot, Old Fu. I thought when we both aged and you stepped down from business, we’d have more time together. I’ve been waiting for that day. I never imagined we would come to a divorce.”

Her voice was calm, but her tears were heavy, “Old Fu, what should I do now?”

If Fang Wanping had thrown a tantrum, refusing to sign, Fu Zonghong might not have felt so heavy, but her forced calmness and vulnerable tone made him feel extremely uneasy. He almost changed his mind, but thinking of Fu Yunruo and Wenwen, he steeled his heart, “Think it over, and give me a reply in three days.”

Fu Zonghong stood up and left with his assistant.

Left alone, Fang Wanping sat on the sofa, her figure fragile and lonely.

The servants didn’t dare approach. They felt sorry upon hearing about the divorce but couldn’t express any opinions, being mere employees.

Fang Wanping hung her head, her eyes dark and inscrutable as she looked at the documents scattered on the table.


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  1. Thank you!

    Too late, he will not reconcile with histoire daughter, may be he should have stay with her, even if it is fake love from her side!

    1. Considering that he’s originally would have already passed away due to stress, I think it’s better this way. It’s better for him and for Yunruo.

      At the very least, his company is guaranteed not to fall into their hands like it did in the original story.

  2. But still, he loved the wrong people not knowing their true color but wait, he still loves them but just can’t be together. I wonder if his love have always been that strong for them considering he’s chosen those 2 to side with from the beginning and is only making up to his biological family just now, hesitantly. And that lady, I feel she will fo something evil just like her daughter.

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