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MSRV Ch 117 Part 1 – Meeting His Parents (I)

“What do you want me to do? Kill the wench and that bastard child?” Guang Zhi asked Fang Wanping. He quickly continued: “Let me be clear, I dare not. At most, I can find some desperados to do it.”

He didn’t dare commit a murder and risk arrest, especially because his son’s future would be gone if he had a murder convict as a father. But hiring a hitman was a different thing altogether. He would only be responsible for finding the right people, with Fang Wanping providing the money. After the deed, the culprits could be sent abroad with new identities, leaving no traces. Naturally, nothing could be found out. China was such a huge country — there were countless cases that remained unsolved for decades, and adding one more wouldn’t make a difference.

Guang Zhi thought it was feasible. He knew the inheritance laws; if Fu Yunruo and the child died, Fang Wanping would be the sole legal heir to the vast fortune of her husband, which would eventually pass to her only child Fang Xueruo. As Fang Xueruo’s biological father, he would naturally also enjoy the glory and wealth.

Thinking this, Guang Zhi eagerly said, “Give me the money, and I’ll find the people.”

Fang Wanping coldly replied, “If you want to die, don’t drag me with you. They are public figures now. If something happens to them, I’ll be the first suspect.” The best time to act would have been four or five years ago when Fu Yunruo was still not in the public eye. But that time had passed, and nothing could be done now. It was such bad luck that Fu Yunruo had hidden herself so well; Fang Wanping had failed to find her whereabouts and, as a result, was unable to do anything to her.

Now, not to mention that Fu Yunruo always had bodyguards accompanying her and her son wherever they went, the two were also public figures. If anything happened to them, Fang Wanping and Fang Xueruo would be the very first suspects. With millions, tens of millions of fans demanding justice, the authorities wouldn’t dare to be sloppy and would eventually find even the smallest trace.

“I don’t want you to kill anyone,” Fang Wanping continued, “I want you to confess that those messages were sent by you. You’ve been silently watching your daughter, joined her fan club after she became a star, and then, seeing Xueruo suffer because of Fu Yunruo, you chatted with another fan and vented, but didn’t expect them to take it seriously. Feeling guilty and not wanting to drag your daughter down, you decided to confess.”

“What? So I have to go to prison?”

“It’s only incitement, at most three years, with possible sentence reduction.” Fang Wanping knew Guang Zhi well and made an offer he couldn’t refuse, “I know what you want. Serve a couple of years, and you’ll get five million when you’re out. Remember, she’s your daughter. Can you bear to see her life ruined?”

Guang Zhi was tempted. He thought it over; a few years in prison for five million would secure his future, and if Xueruo was sentenced and stopped earning money, there would be no benefit to him either.

“You said there’s evidence against Xueruo…”

“She never admitted it. Just agree, and leave the rest to me.” Fang Wanping had a plan and an ally—the Chang family’s young master, who would do his utmost to save his beloved.

After a moment of hesitation, Guang Zhi gritted his teeth and agreed, “Okay, I agree. But you have to keep the promise.”

“Of course,” she affirmed. If it was ultimately determined that Xueruo was not involved in the incident, she would be seen as a victim. Fu Zonghong would certainly feel guilty and stop asking for a divorce, allowing Xueruo and herself to turn the tide around.

Fang Wanping was lost in these hopeful thoughts when the door to the private room suddenly opened. Irritated that someone had entered without knocking, Fang Wanping looked up in annoyance. Didn’t the restaurant have a policy against such intrusions?! However, upon recognizing the newcomer, her face drastically changed. She stood up abruptly, “Old Fu? How are you here?!”

She looked frantic as she stepped forward. “Old Fu, listen to my explanation…”

Fu Zonghong looked at Fang Wanping with disappointment in his eyes. He had so hoped that all of this was not true, that Wanping was merely a victim of Xueruo’s actions. However, he had to accept that this might be her true nature and that he had failed to see the real face of the woman he had shared the bed with for more than a decade. He was chilled to the bone when he realized she could calmly discuss murder and framing others. Would she have gone to such lengths if Yunruo and Wenwen were ordinary people, not famous?

“Is the recording done?” Fu Zonghong asked his assistant in a calm tone.

The assistant stepped forward, retrieved a tiny black device from a hidden spot under the table, and answered, “It’s done, sir.”

A recording? Fang Wanping’s face turned pale in an instant. She grabbed Fu Zonghong’s arm, pleading desperately, “Old Fu, listen to me, it’s not what you think.”

Guang Zhi, recognizing the man as Fang Wanping’s husband, glanced between the stern-faced Fu Zonghong and the imposing bodyguards at the door. He sheepishly said, “It’s not my fault, this was all her idea!” With that, he quickly fled the scene.

The bodyguards at the door, receiving no instructions from their employer, remained stationary.

Guang Zhi ran far away from the restaurant, not stopping until it was out of sight. He shuddered. Realizing that they had been caught red-handed and that their plan was now impossible, he felt lucky to escape retaliation. After catching his breath, Guang Zhi immediately headed to the train station and got on the earliest train back to his hometown. It felt safer there than in the unfamiliar city. As for Xueruo, he consoled himself, believing that she would understand his inability to help.

Back in the restaurant, Fu Zonghong remained unmoved by Fang Wanping’s tearful explanations and pleas. In light of the truth he had heard, all her justifications were futile. He signaled his assistant to bring out the documents and coldly told Fang Wanping, “Sign it.”

“Our years of relationship… are you so heartless, Old Fu?” Fang Wanping looked down at the divorce agreement placed before her.

Fu Zonghong said flatly, “Sign it, while I haven’t changed my mind.”

Fang Wanping, understanding his stance, realized she was at a disadvantage. If Fu Zonghong insisted on the divorce, she had no say and might end up with nothing. The best course of action was to sign the document, securing at least a house and a settlement fee.

With trembling hands, Fang Wanping picked up the pen and signed her name.

Fu Zonghong said to her, “If you’ve done something wrong, you must bear the responsibility. If you can’t even do that, don’t come looking for me again.”

Fang Wanping’s face was ashen.

As Fu Zonghong left the private room and walked a few steps, his straight back suddenly slumped, and his face turned pale. He had also made mistakes. If he apologizes now, would Yunruo still forgive him?


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