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MSRV Ch 116 Part 2 – A Sudden Call (I)

The voice on the other end of the phone belonged to Fang Xueruo’s biological father and Fang Wanping’s ex-husband. It was hard to say that he had wronged Fang Wanping and Fang Xueruo during their marriage. This person was somewhat handsome and considered wealthy in Fang Wanping’s hometown, which was why she married him in the first place. However, after marrying him, she found him lazy and unmotivated. The family wealth dwindled under his lack of ambition, which was unbearable for the proud and ambitious Fang Wanping. After experiencing city life, she became determined to stay in the city.

She happened to be working in the Fu Group when she heard that Chairman Fu was widowed. It was said that he was deeply in love with his late wife and had no intention of remarrying, and he also had a young daughter. Apparently, he intended to focus on raising his only daughter and later to hand over the company once she grew up.

Fang Wanping thought that even if Chairman Fu could resist remarrying for a year or two, he would eventually do so. Given his affection for his daughter, he might not marry someone of equal social standing — which meant she had a chance.

For this slim chance, Fang Wanping was determined to take a huge gamble. She resolutely divorced her husband, insisting on keeping their daughter and not asking for anything else. The marriage, already strained by distance and Fang Wanping’s coldness, had little love left, so at Fang Wanping’s insistence, the two divorced peacefully. After that, Fang Wanping carefully enacted her plan and spent two years until she finally became Madam Fu as she wished.

When Fang Xueruo’s biological father found out that his ex-wife had taken their daughter to remarry into a wealthy family, he immediately came to them. However, Fang Wanping quickly gave him a lesson, frightening him so severely that he didn’t dare to step into Beijing ever since. However, once Fang Xueruo gained fame as a star, he started appearing again.

Once, he even found out the location where Fang Xueruo was filming and secretly came to see her.

Fang Xueruo might have considered family ties or feared that her biological father might turn to the media if ignored, so she promised to give him a monthly sum of money on the condition that he would not step foot in Beijing or appear before her and her mother.

Fang Xueruo mentioned this arrangement to Fang Wanping afterward. She wasn’t particularly concerned. After all, this man was still her daughter’s biological father, and it wasn’t a bad idea to lessen trouble by paying him off. Similar to Fang Wanping, he had also quickly remarried after the divorce and had a son. Naturally, he had little affection for Fang Xueruo, his daughter from his previous marriage. Still, years of financial support meant he couldn’t remain indifferent when something happened to her.

“What exactly do you want to say?” Fang Wanping asked.

“I just want to know what’s going on. How did Xiao Lian get arrested?”

“It’s Xueruo.”

“Alright, alright, Xueruo.”

“She’s nothing like you, except for this foolishness.” Fang Wanping was exasperated by her daughter’s stupidity, which had dragged her into such a dire situation. Despite years of guidance, Xueruo remained foolish and venomous. If it wasn’t for…

Still, Xueruo was her only daughter. How could she completely abandon her?

Fang Wanping also resented Fu Zonghong. She had no idea that Fu Zonghong had undergone a vasectomy to ensure Fu Yunruo’s position as his heir. Had she borne his children, the situation would be different now.

“Hey, why are you attacking me now? Listen, Fang Wanping, I didn’t realize it before, and that’s why I divorced you so easily. But after you remarried, I knew you must have been having an affair with that big boss behind my back!”

Fang Wanping’s face turned livid, “You are talking nonsense!” Although she did divorce to marry into the Fu family, they had nothing to do with each other at that time!

“Alright, I won’t talk about that.” Her ex-husband didn’t want to argue about it. After all, his daughter had become a lady of a wealthy family, which could benefit his son.

“About Xiao Lian… I mean, Xueruo’s situation, you have to give me an explanation, right?” He now had a more comfortable life thanks to the money from his daughter. Obviously, he didn’t want to risk losing this ‘pension money,’ and that’s why he personally made this trip to Beijing and contacted Fang Wanping.

“Explain? You…” Fang Wanping abruptly paused. A glint appeared in her eyes as she suddenly changed her tune. “Fine, let’s meet.” She then gave a time and place before hanging up, staring thoughtfully at her phone.

Fu Zonghong was in his office handling business that had been piling up during his hospitalization when his assistant suddenly entered and whispered something in his ear.

Fu Zonghong’s pen paused as he was signing a document. For the first time, he realized that he really knew nothing about his wife of many years. So it turned out that Wanping was still in touch with her ex-husband?

These past few days, although Fu Zonghong hadn’t appeared before Fang Wanping, he had people monitor her movements. Now she was in contact with Fang Xueruo’s biological father. What was she planning?

Inside a private room in a restaurant, Fang Wanping sat absentmindedly, stirring a cup of coffee in front of her, but without any intention of drinking it.

Not long after, a middle-aged man with a beer belly walked in. When he saw Fang Wanping, still looking well-maintained and had hardly changed after so many years, a look of surprise flashed in his eyes and he grinned lecherously.

“Wanping!” The man was Fang Xueruo’s biological father, Guang Zhi. He slumped himself on the chair in front of Fang Wanping and blatantly appraising her. Despite the years, not only her looks but also her figure had remained well-preserved.

Fang Wanping put down her spoon in displeasure, “Have you seen enough?” She looked at her ex-husband with disgust. The somewhat handsome man of her youth had become greasy and out of shape. If not for his familiar features, she would hardly believe he was the same person.

Guang Zhi chuckled. “Well, nice to see you again. Tell me what’s going on?” There were many speculations on the internet, but he didn’t know the whole story.

“Someone in the crew was Xueruo’s obsessive fan, who used her name to harm others. Xueruo was simply dragged down by this brainless idiot. However, the good thing is the person never admitted to being induced by Xueruo, so the so-called evidence can’t convict her. But Fu Yunruo took this opportunity for revenge, insisting on Xueruo’s guilt and demanding harsh punishment.”

Guang Zhi listened to Fang Wanping’s explanation. In fact, he didn’t care about the truth. He knew that Fu Yunruo was the daughter of Fang Wanping’s current husband; if anything happened to her and her son, it would be Fang Wanping and Xueruo who benefitted the most. In extension, he, as Xueruo’s biological father, could also reap endless benefits from it.

“What do you want me to do? Kill the wench and that bastard child? Let me be clear, I dare not. At most, I can find some desperados to do it.” He didn’t dare commit a murder and risk arrest. His son’s future would be gone if he had a murder convict as a father.


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