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MSRV Ch 122 Part 2 – I Am a Big Silly Pig (II)

Cradling the sleeping Wenwen in his arms, Si Yue guided Fu Yunruo into the castle and then to a particular room. This expansive bedroom was evidently designed for a child, with its layout segmented into different areas, all adorned with kid-friendly furnishings and decor. In the center lay a large bed where Si Yue gently placed the sleeping boy to rest.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t resist her curiosity and began exploring the room. The walk-in closet was brimming with children’s clothes in Wenwen’s current size, in all manner of styles, for all four seasons. Fu Yunruo found this slightly excessive; coming autumn or winter, Wenwen would likely outgrow many of these items.

Next to the closet was a bathroom, outfitted with a vast bathtub that seemed big enough for adults to swim in—another cause of concern for Fu Yunruo, who resolved never to let Wenwen bathe alone.

Last, she encountered a vast playroom, stocked with a variety of toys, promising endless entertainment for Wenwen.

Having inspected the room, Fu Yunruo initially wanted to wake up Wenwen, worried he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, but Si Yue suggested letting him sleep more, saying that sleeping was good for growing children. He then turned to her and offered, “Your room is next to this one. Would you like to see it?”

After pondering briefly, Fu Yunruo agreed. Though Si Yue mentioned the room was next door, it was still a bit of a walk. Upon entering, she noticed her two suitcases were already there, neatly placed in one corner of the bed.

Si Yue inquired, “Do you want to rest for a bit?” He understood the fatigue that comes with long-distance travel, even if it’s just sitting on a plane.

However, Fu Yunruo felt the need to unpack and acquaint herself with the new environment, so Si Yue left her to settle in.

After he left, Fu Yunruo walked around her room, which also featured a dedicated walk-in closet and a bathing suit with an enormous bathtub. The closet was even larger than Wenwen’s, filled with high-end custom-made clothes, shoes, bags, and all kinds of fashion items. There were also rows of drawers. She casually opened one and found it brimming with jewelry!

Fu Yunruo was stunned by the luxurious walk-in closet. It was truly what many girls dreamed of! Although she wasn’t particularly materialistic, she couldn’t help but feel uplifted seeing all these luxuries. Even if she didn’t accept them, she still enjoyed looking at them.

Yet, as she looked around, Fu Yunruo started feeling uneasy again. She had wished for Wenwen to be surrounded by loving relatives, but the sheer scale of Si Yue’s wealth and background was beyond what she had imagined, almost like something out of a novel!!

…on second thought, this was indeed a world of novel.

This kind of ultra-wealthy family was generally very strict about social standings. Would they really accept Wenwen? Si Yue had assured her that his parents liked Wenwen… but what if these were just empty promises?

After long contemplation, Fu Yunruo decided to temporarily put her concerns aside. In any case, she must remain vigilant. If Wenwen felt uncomfortable or unwelcome, they would immediately leave and never return. She was capable of raising her child on her own!

Meanwhile, Si Yue was facing a different problem. He had just stepped out when the butler came to inform him that his parents had arrived unexpectedly. Although Si Yue now had full control over the family, his father, the previous family head, could still keep secrets for a few hours, not to mention that Si Yue never monitored his parents without necessity. To his surprise, they had come unannounced and were now staying in a nearby castle, perhaps out of consideration for their new daughter-in-law and grandson.

When Si Yue arrived, his parents were sitting on the couch, cozily leaning on each other, chatting and laughing over something on a smartphone.

“I think this angle is nice. We should print it out and hang it on the wall. Let’s make a collage!” One said.

“My baby grandson is so cute! No need for any editing.”

“Look, look, they’ve posted a clip of our grandson in the fan group!”

“Oh, let me see, let me see… Wow, that’s impressive!”

“So many fans are praising… Wait, isn’t this one a disguised hater? Their comments are so passive-aggressive.”

“Definitely a hater. Kick them out right away!”

“…” Si Yue was astonished. In just a short time, how did they become so adept at navigating fan culture? Even when he had just ventured into the entertainment industry, he hadn’t seen them nearly this enthusiastic, let alone joining his fan club…

Si Yue cleared his throat loudly, trying to get their attention.

Paying no attention to their son, the couple didn’t even look up from their phones, “This person’s so stubborn! They’re trying to rejoin, even claiming to be a true fan of our grandson. I can spot a hater from miles away. Are they trying to sneak in as a spy? Not on our watch!”

“Block and report!”

Si Yue: “…”

“Father, Mother,” Si Yue raised his voice slightly and called out. His father, Si Zhengze, gave him a cold gaze in response. “I’m not deaf; no need to shout.”

“Exactly,” Si Yue’s mother Xie Zhiyun also looked over with discontented, annoyed to have their quiet time watching their grandson disturbed.

“…” Si Yue was speechless — his volume wasn’t even that loud. Still, knowing better than arguing with his parents, he sat down on a nearby sofa and asked, “What brings you here?”

Xie Zhiyun sighed, “We had no choice. Our son does not live up to expectations and can’t even bring our daughter-in-law back. Alas, his pitiful father and mother are left with nothing but longing hearts…”

Si Yue was speechless once again. “Why are you being dramatic?”

Si Zhengze was displeased, “We know our limits; what are you worrying about?”

“What a waste of the good looks you inherited from me,” Xie Zhiyun patted her husband’s hand, signaling him not to be angry, then turned to her son, “Don’t worry, we won’t recklessly show up. We just want to have a distant glance at our baby grandson.”

Si Yue was not reassured. Ruoruo wasn’t ready to meet his parents. If the couple couldn’t restrain themselves, wouldn’t that diminish his chances even further? Recalling some high-society gossip he’d heard, he scrutinized, “You’re not planning some weird tests, are you?”

Xie Zhiyun’s face turned stern, “What do you take us for? Do we seem like people who care about status?”

Si Zhengze also frowned, “We’re quite satisfied with Ruoruo. It’s you who’s not living up to expectations and cannot get yourself a proper status. What a disgrace.” Say, what was the use of being the most handsome actor if you couldn’t even catch up a wife? What’s the use of having that face, anyway?

“Exactly. We are already content that you don’t bring a son-in-law for us,” After a thought, Xie Zhiyun added for clarity, “Even if it’s a son-in-law, as long as he has a decent character, we’ll accept whoever you like.”

She and her husband were quite progressive; even if their son remained single forever, they wouldn’t mind. After all, the Si family had plenty of descendants, and adoption wasn’t unprecedented in their family history.

Of course, there was also the fact that Si Yue had grown and was beyond their control.

The corner of Si Yue’s mouth twitched slightly. Should he thank his parents for their open-mindedness?

“What are you doing here now? Shouldn’t you be with your future wife and child?” Xie Zhiyun soon shooed her son away, “They’re strangers here; without you by their side, they’ll feel insecure.” Tsk, no wonder this stupid son hasn’t succeeded yet; look how oblivious he is!

Of this, Si Yue agreed. After saying goodbye to his parents, he went back to the main castle. The castle was quiet upon his arrival. After inquiring with the servant and learning the two hadn’t left their room, he went upstairs and knocked on Fu Yunruo’s door.


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Translator’s Note:

Hello, everyone! My Son is a Reborn Villain is nearing ending, so I’ve prepared a replacement: Transmigrating into the Genius Cannon Fodder’s Aunt. For this week only, there will be daily updates, and then it will follow MSRV’s update schedule: Monday and Wednesday.


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