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MSRV Ch 123 – Left Behind

Fu Yunruo had just finished organizing her luggage and was sitting on the couch, busy with her phone. Being in a new environment, she didn’t venture out rashly. She hadn’t yet informed Uncle Guo and the others of their safe arrival. The signal here was fine, and she could access the internet, though the location was undisclosed. She could see they were on a private island in the Pacific Ocean, but not the exact location.

Fu Yunruo contacted her family members and close friends one by one when she heard the knock. Opening the door, she greeted, “Mr. Yue?”

Si Yue asked, “Would you like to go out for a walk?”

Fu Yunruo thought for a moment and nodded. So, Si Yue took her for a walk nearby.

The castle was tall and large. Surrounded by a grand outdoor garden, it resembled a palace. Along the way, they encountered many people wearing various uniforms, some dressed like maids, whom Fu Yunruo observed were mainly responsible for the cleanliness of the castle. There were also gardeners tending to the plants in the garden and squads of bodyguards patrolling the area.

Si Yue took Fu Yunruo to a high spot where they could see almost the entire island. As the sky gradually darkened, the castle’s lights turned on, shining brilliantly against the dimming sky. It was like a scene from a fairytale.

Fu Yunruo marveled, realizing that so many people took care of the island every day, yet the owners might not stay here for even a month a year.

“The island has many interesting activities. The two of us can enjoy ourselves to the fullest… of course, along with Wenwen.”

Fu Yunruo nodded; her primary reason for agreeing to this trip was to make her son happy, hoping to prevent any trauma from lingering in his mind.

The sea breeze was strong, and Fu Yunruo soon felt cold. Si Yue immediately shielded her from the wind and then suggested, “Let’s go back.”


They hadn’t gone far, but the island was vast, so Si Yue called a vehicle to take them back to the castle. As soon as they entered, they heard a lot of commotion.

“Young master, slow down, please. You’ll fall!”

“Young master…”

“Young master…”

As soon as Fu Yunruo entered the door, she saw Wenwen running ahead, followed by a group of young maids. His little legs were moving quickly, and the staff, not daring to catch him, just chased after him, worried he might fall.

Upon seeing Fu Yunruo, Wenwen’s eyes lit up, and he changed direction, running towards his mother.

“Mom, where did you go?” He had woken up in a strange place, initially groggy from oversleeping, but instantly became alert once he saw the unfamiliar surroundings. Before he could do anything, two rows of smiling maids suddenly entered to attend to him.

“…” He was totally startled; frightened, even. He quickly slipped out of bed, darted through the crowd, and ran out.

As soon as Wenwen left the room and saw the unfamiliar corridor, he almost thought he had been transported to a different world.

The chirpy voices of the maids behind him prompted him to run even faster. What’s going on? Where is he? Where is Mom?

After running for a while, Wenwen finally saw Fu Yunruo approaching and immediately felt relieved. Fortunately, he hadn’t been stranded in a bizarre place.

Fu Yunruo apologized, “Mom went for a walk.”

Seeing Si Yue, the maids stopped at a distance and stood still. “Sir,” they greeted politely.

Wenwen hugged Fu Yunruo and looked back.

Si Yue glanced at the maids and waved them away.

“Yes!” The maids looked at Wenwen, then reluctantly left.

Wenwen exaggeratedly patted his little chest with a huge sigh of relief. “Mom, where is this?” He looked at his mother. “When I woke up, I thought I was somewhere else.” Waking up in such an unfamiliar place, it felt like he had been transported into a different world.

“This is your Uncle Yue’s home. We’re in the castle on the vacation island we were coming to visit, remember?” Fu Yunruo explained. Having been startled upon arrival, she could sympathize with her son.

Si Yue announced, “Dinner is ready.”

It was already late. Fu Yunruo also felt hungry, so she nodded.

Si Yue then led them to the dining room. The room was large, with furniture made of expensive materials, but seemed normal otherwise. Dinner was familiar Chinese cuisine, only more exquisite and delicious. Because the mother and son were unaccustomed to being served, Si Yue waited until the butler and servants finished setting the dishes before instructing them to leave.

Finally alone, both Fu Yunruo and Wenwen felt more at ease and ate heartily.

Lifting his head from a cutely-shaped child’s bowl, Wenwen said, “Mom, I’m done eating.”

“Are you full?”

“I’m full.” Wenwen touched his round belly. He was sitting on a high chair specially designed for young children, his little legs dangled and swung. After finished eating, he finally had time to look around the spacious dining room. Although he hadn’t explored the entire castle, what he’d seen of the interior architecture was similar to the castles in vampire movies on TV. The only difference was that this one seemed more modern and luxurious, without the eerie, sinister vibe.

“Uncle Yue, aren’t you scared?” Wenwen curiously asked. A castle like this usually reminded people of Western horror, didn’t it? Wouldn’t you feel scared in the middle of the night?

“We are men, what’s there to be afraid of? Or are you scared?” Si Yue replied. His private island was of the highest security. The whole island was under full surveillance, with jammers blocking detection, and countless bodyguards patrolled 24/7.

“Don’t worry, you’re still young. When you grow up, you’ll not be afraid.”

Wenwen puffed out his chest defiantly, “I’m not scared! You are!” With people everywhere, how could he afraid!

Fu Yunruo watched the two banter, holding back her laughter.

After dinner, Wenwen, full of energy, began his castle exploration adventure. Along the way, he encountered many maids and servants, mostly foreigners or of mixed heritage, but all speaking fluent Mandarin.

Initially, Wenwen was startled. Even at his wealthiest in his previous life, he had never hired a live-in servant, let alone witnessed such a grand scene. But it didn’t take him long to adapt.

Si Yue watched this scene with a raised eyebrow. Usually, when their family visited, the servants each stuck to their duties and didn’t appear outside their work posts. What was different today? One after another, they seemed to be making their presence known.

Si Yue looked at their eager eyes and quickly figured it out: Oh, it turns out they are curious about this brat.

Indeed, the servants were curious about Wenwen. They were cautious at first, but seeing Si Yue didn’t reprimand them, one by one had an ‘accidental’ encounter with the young master. Their Young Master Wenwen was so cute and adorable. He seemed to exude a mysterious charm that made it hard for anyone not to feel affectionate towards him.

At first, Fu Yunruo always stayed close to her son, watching him run around energetically. She felt tired just walking for an hour, while Wenwen was still full of energy. She thought to herself that he must have gotten too much sleep during his nap; next time, she wouldn’t let him oversleep.

Finally, Si Yue took on the task of tiring out the child, engaging him in activities to drain his energy, followed by a bath and swimming. After getting cleaned up, Wenwen was ready to sleep.

Fu Yunruo was relieved to see Wenwen finally settling down. Indeed, taking care of an energetic child was a demanding task.

“You should rest early too. I’ll take you both out for fun tomorrow,” Si Yue said to her.

Fu Yunruo nodded in agreement.


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Hello, everyone! My Son is a Reborn Villain is nearing ending, so I’ve prepared a replacement: Transmigrating into the Genius Cannon Fodder’s Aunt. For this week only, there will be daily updates, and then it will follow MSRV’s update schedule: Monday and Wednesday.


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