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MSRV Ch 122 Part 1 – I Am a Big Silly Pig (I)

Soon, Si Yue was winning most of the game. Even Fu Yunruo, who started off poorly, managed to win several rounds once she got into the steam. Wenwen initially laughed confidently, already expecting the scenes to come. However, his smile soon faded as he kept losing, unable to secure a single win.

Fu Yunruo gave her son a sympathetic glance. She was often carried to victory by the other two, making her the one with the most wins. Wenwen, however, couldn’t turn the tables against Si Yue no matter what he did. Eventually, the outcome was clear: Wenwen lost fifteen rounds out of the thirty they agreed to play.

“…” Wenwen couldn’t believe it. How could it be?!! He had never lost playing Fight The Landlord!!

Si Yue smiled provocatively and feigned a sympathetic tone, “I’m sorry, but you lost.”

Wenwen hung his head low. He… he actually lost…?? The thought of having to shout “I’m a big silly pig” fifteen times brought tears to his eyes.

Si Yue, concealing his smirk with the cards in his hand, suggested, “If you don’t want to be punished, what about the loser rewarding the two winners?”

Wenwen looked up, “What reward? We must agree beforehand!”

Si Yue looked at Fu Yunruo.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t come up with an idea. What could she possibly ask from a little child? So she turned to Si Yue and said, “You first.”

Tilting his head, Si Yue said: “How about you call me ‘Daddy’ fifteen times?”

“…” Wenwen puffed out his chubby face and declared earnestly, “A man must keep his words and be willing to admit defeat.” Then, in one long breath, he shouted, “I’m a big silly pig!” fifteen times in quick succession.

As he finished, Wenwen covered his face with both hands, praising himself for his wit. Fortunately, he fulfilled his promise quickly and in private. There were only Mom and Si Yue here, and this was not the first time he had lost face in front of them anyway, so it didn’t matter. He dreaded the thought of doing so in front of others!!

“…” Si Yue was both amused and annoyed by his son’s cheekiness.

Fu Yunruo chuckled softly. At the same time, she was also quite puzzled inside. Wenwen had clearly accepted Si Yue as his father, so why he kept refusing to call him ‘Dad’?

Checking the time, Fu Yunruo found there was still more than an hour before they arrived. They couldn’t keep playing cards to pass the time, not to mention that it was already past Wenwen’s usual nap time. “Do you want to take a nap?” She asked the boy.

Wenwen was still in high spirits, but the emotional rollercoaster had drained his energy. Hearing the word ‘nap,’ he suddenly felt drowsy and couldn’t help yawning. Seeing this, Fu Yunruo carried him to the bedroom to rest.

As they settled down, Fu Yunruo held Wenwen in her arms, gently patting his back and lulling him to sleep.

Amidst the drowsiness, Wenwen suddenly heard his mother asking, “Baobao, why are you still hesitating to call ‘Dad’?”

Wenwen’s heavy eyelids widened in an instant. He twisted his small body, his fingers clasping Fu Yunruo’s collar.

Fu Yunruo patiently waited. After a moment, Wenwen slowly confessed, “I can’t bring myself to say it…”

Despite recognizing Si Yue as his father, the words just wouldn’t come out. Wenwen realized it wasn’t past resentment that held him back, but rather, his fear of losing someone important. He finally had complete parents in this life, but even though he cherished both of them, the word ‘Dad’ felt so heavy…

Sensing his distress, Fu Yunruo hurriedly reassured, “It’s okay, Baobao. Don’t force yourself. Take your time.”

Then she was busy lulling the child to sleep. Soon, under her gentle care, Wenwen drifted to sleep, his worries momentarily at bay.

Fu Yunruo watched him sleep peacefully, kissed his forehead, and joined him in rest.

An hour later, Fu Yunruo woke up naturally and spent some time lying down to fully wake up. Shortly after, Si Yue knocked on the door to inform that the plane was about to land. Fu Yunruo attempted to wake Wenwen, who reluctantly stirred from sleep, unwilling to open his eyes and whining softly.

“Mom… sleepy…” Wenwen murmured, his little legs and arms flailing briefly before he turned over and fell back asleep, probably still tired from staying up late the previous night and missing his nap.

Fu Yunruo hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she couldn’t bear to wake him up and decided to wait until the plane landed. Si Yue then came in, scooped up the still-drowsy Wenwen with one arm, and they disembarked.

It was already evening when they landed. The sunset painted the nearby sea and beach with a dazzling orange-red glow, stunning and breathtaking. Fu Yunruo wasn’t sure where they were, but the sea breeze was refreshingly cool, making the temperature and atmosphere comfortable.

They were on a high platform designed for private planes to land and take off. The area was vast, with three other private planes visible. Walking out of the airport would be quite a distance, but Fu Yunruo noticed a limousine and several handsome bodyguards in white uniforms and sunglasses waiting nearby.

As the family of three got off, the bodyguards approached respectfully, greeting Si Yue with a polite “Sir,” and then greeted Fu Yunruo. She looked at them, appearing calm and smiling, but inside she was panicking. What’s going on? What kind of background did Si Yue have? Why so many bodyguards were present just to pick them up?

The limousine then slowly approached. One bodyguard opened the passenger door and politely helped them aboard. The vehicle was spacious, and once inside, Fu Yunruo checked on Wenwen, who had just been roused and was resting on Si Yue’s shoulder. The boy rubbed his eyes drowsily and looked around. Upon seeing his mother nearby, he felt relaxed and soon closed his eyes again.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but ask, “Is this your home?” He wasn’t deceiving her, was he?

Si Yue replied, “No, this is a private island I own. I often come here for vacations.” The island was his private domain, accessible only to family members or people who had gotten his permission.

“…” Fu Yunruo was stunned. So Si Yue even owned a private island? It was only at this moment that she deeply realized the extent of Si Yue’s wealth and influence.

The car kept on driving. The island’s terrain was cone-shaped, with the central area being the highest point. After a ten-minute drive, Fu Yunruo saw European-style castles nestled in the green mountains, with the largest one in the middle apparently belonging to the owner of the island.

Fu Yunruo believed she had seen a lot and wasn’t easily fazed, but at this moment, she found herself amazed by every single thing, just like a country folk entering the city for the first time.

Cradling the sleeping Wenwen in his arms, Si Yue guided Fu Yunruo into the castle and then to a particular room. This expansive bedroom was evidently designed for a child, with its layout segmented into different areas, all adorned with kid-friendly furnishings and decor. In the center lay a large bed where Si Yue gently placed the sleeping boy to rest.


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