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MSRV Ch 124 – Grandpa and Grandma

Their island vacation officially began the next day. Si Yue, being familiar with the place, took charge of arranging the itinerary. Since they were surrounded by the sea, activities like swimming, surfing, yachting, fishing, etc… were naturally included.

Fu Yunruo had never tried something as thrilling as surfing, but under Si Yue’s guidance, she finally gave the sport a try, finding it quite exhilarating.

Besides the usual activities, the island also had a room built with specially made thick glass that went into the sea. With three transparent sides, one could observe the underwater world and watch the marine life without getting into the water.

For those wanting a closer look, submarines were available to explore deeper and farther into the ocean…

Fu Yunruo and Wenwen felt as if they were exploring new worlds every day. When weary from their outdoor adventures, they didn’t need to venture far; the castle itself was brimming with activities. Alternatively, they could simply find a spot to sit and soak in the picturesque scenery for hours.

At first, Wenwen was reluctant to stray far from Fu Yunruo, but as he grew accustomed to the island, he became more independent. The castle’s staff presented him with an array of unique toys from across the globe, capturing his imagination. They were also well-versed in numerous games, much to his delight and fascination.

Wenwen was so happy that he even laughed in his sleep. Every day was so much fun!

A while back, he found a football in the toy house, signed by a famous player. Now, this football was his favorite! When he looked at his short limbs, Wenwen was determined to play more football to promote his growth.

Sometimes, the family of three was too tired to go out, so they stayed in the castle. During those times, Wenwen would take his football and play in the vast garden outside. The ball would often roll uncontrollably, and once, when he kicked it a bit too hard, it rolled away. Chasing after the ball, he soon saw it stopped by a pair of leather shoes.

“Uncle, this is my football,” Wenwen politely said. He knew there were many bodyguards around and another maid watching him from a distance. Their lack of action meant this unknown man posed no danger to him.

The bearded man approached Wenwen.

Wenwen had to look up even higher and noticed the man was very tall, perhaps around Si Yue’s height.

The man stopped in front of Wenwen, then crouched down and handed the football back to him, trying to sound friendly, “I’m not an uncle, I’m a grandpa!”

Wenwen glanced at the man’s short black hair peeking from beneath his hat and the smooth skin peeking through his thick beard, feeling the ‘grandpa’ label didn’t quite fit. Nevertheless, he accepted the football and politely expressed his gratitude, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” the reply came in a deep, resonant voice, tinged with a hint of suppressed excitement. The man hesitantly reached out, his hand hovering as he aimed to softly caress Wenwen’s hair, cautious as if the slightest touch could hurt the boy.

Wenwen looked very approachable, but he rarely allowed strangers to get close. Yet, something about this man felt different; Besides sensing no malice, there was this comforting familiarity that put him at ease.

So, compelled by this inexplicable feeling, Wenwen stood still and allowed the man to touch his head. A wave of shyness swept over him afterward, and he quickly scampered away with the ball.

The bearded man kept his eyes on Wenwen as he hopped into the distance. It wasn’t until the small silhouette vanished from view that he finally retracted his gaze. Glancing down at his own broad hand, a smile crept across his face. As expected of his grandson: look how soft and cute he is!

If there was something Fu Yunruo liked most about the island, it was the four-season garden. Her occupation made her very fond of all kinds of flora. Seeing the well-maintained garden, she couldn’t resist approaching the gardeners to ask for advice and tips.

In the process, she met a seasoned female gardener with an extensive knowledge of flowers. Fu Yunruo found their exchange very enlightening and learned a lot from the other party.

Not every flower was the same. While Fu Yunruo was already an expert in orchids, she knew little about other plants. However, understanding a bit about their habits allowed her to get the hang of them quickly. With permission, she started helping take care of the garden.

Fu Yunruo wanted to take some photos to share with fellow flower lovers, but due to the recent commotions, she hadn’t posted updates for days and had even taken a break from live streaming. Nonetheless, this didn’t stop her from capturing their beauty, even if just for her own future enjoyment.

Instead of a panoramic view, she focused on close-up shots of individual flowers and bouquets.

“You take really beautiful photos, almost like a professional photographer,” the female gardener Fu Yunruo befriended sighed in appreciation, genuinely impressed by how Fu Yunruo’s lens captured the flowers’ most beautiful moments, making them eternally stunning.

“You flatter me, Aunt Yun,” Fu Yunruo replied modestly. “I just learned some photography techniques online.” In the beginning, she simply wanted to take pictures and videos of Wenwen, and later her interest extended to her orchids. Maybe she did have some talents? After all, some of her photos had unexpectedly gained quite a lot of fame.

After looking at the photos, Aunt Yun praised again, “You’re such an amazing girl, not only good at growing flowers but also at photography. That’s amazing!”

“No, no…” Fu Yunruo felt embarrassed. Aunt Yun was the first person to praise her so openly in person. Though her fans often showered her with exaggerated praises online, it didn’t feel as impactful as this direct praise, making her blush.

“My son, to be honest, is hopeless. Whatever he grows dies. Even his dad wasn’t like that,” Aunt Yun sighed.

Fu Yunruo was surprised, “That’s quite a coincidence; my son is the same.”

“You know, my son’s look isn’t bad, but other than that, he’s not good,” Aunt Yun complained. “He’s been chasing a girl for a long time with no success.”

“With a mother as wonderful as you, Aunt Yun, your son must be an outstanding young man. Sincerity moves the heart, he’ll surely succeed eventually.”

Aunt Yun’s laughter grew even brighter, “I’ll take your auspicious words. I just hope he’ll settle down soon, so we can enjoy our days doting on grandchildren.”

“It’ll happen before you know it.” Just as Fu Yunruo finished speaking, she suddenly remembered to ask, “How old is your son, Aunt Yun?”

“He’s over thirty, much older than you!”

Fu Yunruo was stunned, “You look so young; I thought your child was in middle or high school at most.” She couldn’t help wondering if Aunt Yun had married and had children very early.

Aunt Yun couldn’t stop laughing, “I’m almost sixty.”

“You look at most forty.” Fu Yunruo was amazed. Though she rarely wore makeup, it didn’t mean she didn’t enjoy looking beautiful. How wonderful it would be if she could look like that at sixty!

Maybe she should ask Aunt Yun for her skincare secrets!

The two chatted happily until Wenwen ran in.


Aunt Yun’s eyes lit up when she saw the little guy.


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