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MSRV Ch 125 Part 1 – Learning About Him (I)

The two chatted happily until Wenwen ran in.


Aunt Yun’s eyes lit up when she saw the little guy.

Seeing Wenwen’s flushed, sweaty cheeks, Fu Yunruo took out a tissue to wipe his face. “Did you have fun?”

Wenwen nodded.

Aunt Yun approached, “Is this Wenwen? What a lovely child!”

Wenwen curiously looked back.

Fu Yunruo introduced, “This is my son, Wenwen.” Then she encouraged Wenwen to greet the woman, “This is…” She hesitated. Having called the woman ‘Aunt Yun’ herself, Wenwen should call her ‘Grandma.’ But with Aunt Yun’s youthful appearance, calling her two generations older felt a bit strange.

“Just call me Grandma.” Aunt Yun smiled. There was a barely visible expectation in her eyes.

Wenwen couldn’t help but look at this beautiful woman a few more times. First, there was the strange man who wanted to be called grandpa despite looking young, and now another young-looking woman wanted to be called grandma.

Wenwen wondered if these were Si Yue’s parents—his own grandparents. The man just now had half his face obscured by a thick beard, so he couldn’t tell for sure. This woman, however, didn’t seem to resemble Si Yue much.

Seeing Aunt Yun was willing to be called grandma, Fu Yunruo instructed Wenwen to call her ‘Grandma Yun.’

The boy obediently did so, but he secretly glanced at his mother, who was oblivious to the truth, and sighed internally. Oh well, seeing how gullible she is, he’d have to keep a closer eye on her to prevent her from being deceived!

“Are you thirsty? Hungry? Shall we get something to eat?” Fu Yunruo asked her son, knowing he must be needing a refill after all the running.

Hearing this, Aunt Yun forgot her excitement, “Oh my god! Quickly go in; don’t let the child be hungry or thirsty.”

Fu Yunruo nodded, bid Aunt Yun goodbye, and then led Wenwen back to the castle. Once they left, Aunt Yun stood in the garden for a while longer before putting down her watering can and heading to another castle. Upon entering the living room, she saw her husband, Si Zhengze, still wearing a fake beard and staring at his hand in a daze.

She looked away in disgust. What an ugly beard!

“Zhizhi, I touched our baby grandson’s head,” Si Zhengze boasted as his wife returned, showing off his hand.

Hearing this, Xie Zhiyun hurried over and rubbed his hand jealously. She hadn’t touched her grandson’s head yet!

But then she bragged, “Our grandson called me Grandma!”

“What!” Now it was Si Zhengze’s turn to feel envious; he hadn’t heard their grandson call him grandpa yet!

The mysterious man and friendly female gardener were indeed Si Yue’s parents, who had previously only watched their grandson from afar, mostly through surveillance feed. But charmed by their playful and cute grandson, they were no longer satisfied with just looking from a distance. So, they decided to get closer by disguising their identity.

Si Yue inherited his looks from his father, making it easy for anyone to spot the family resemblance. Thus, Si Zhengze had to cover his face to blend in unnoticed.

Xie Zhiyun chose to dress as a gardener, knowing her daughter-in-law and grandson often rested in the garden, hoping to watch her grandson up close. Unexpectedly, she ended up bonding with her daughter-in-law first.

After interacting with Fu Yunruo, Xie Zhiyun grew even fonder of her future daughter-in-law. Unfortunately, her disappointing son really couldn’t live up to expectations and hadn’t brought her daughter-in-law home yet.

Si Yue, who was busy pondering how to reveal his parents’ presence on the island to Fu Yunruo, learned a bit late that they had made contact. When he finally got the news and went to see his parents, he came in time to see them arguing. Si Yue touched his forehead in resignation. How had he never known this side of his parents? Was Wenwen’s allure so strong? The two didn’t even care about their own image and went to such lengths just to see the boy closer.

Xie Zhiyun looked away in disdain upon seeing her son’s arrival. Before Si Yue could even greet them, she suddenly called him over, “Son, come here.”

Si Yue came over and sat down.

Xie Zhiyun spoke meaningfully, “With the way you’re pursuing her, I doubt you’ll see any results in two or even three years.”

Si Yue raised an eyebrow and straightened his posture.

“You take her out to have fun, and indeed, that can warm up feelings. But with a child around, she won’t focus all her attention on you, right?”

“I’ve been actively showing my feelings.”

“Hmm, and at most, she’ll think it’s good for the child to have a father. What else?”

“You’re not someone to compromise for the sake of a child, and neither is Ruoruo.”

As expected of a parent; as Si Yue’s mother, Xie Zhiyun knew his son very well.

“It’s apparent the child likes you too, but that, and her good impression of you so far, isn’t enough for her to decide to be with you. What you need to do now is to eliminate her concerns and make her feel your sincerity.”

“If you don’t express it clearly, Ruoruo might suspect that you want to be with her just for the child’s sake. Without love, such a marriage won’t last long. You must know that girls always have dreams about marriage and love…” At the end of her long speech, Xie Zhiyun sighed and patted her grown son, frustrated that he didn’t even know how to pursue a girl properly. Just wait — if he dared to mess up and her daughter-in-law ran away, she would have him kicked out!

Si Yue pondered. It was his first time pursuing someone, so he mostly relied on instinct. He thought he’d been clear enough for Ruoruo to understand his feelings…

After much contemplation, Si Yue decided it was time for the little guy to resume his classes. He should have had enough fun after so many days just playing around, right? So when Si Yue returned to the main castle, he immediately brought up the topic with Fu Yunruo.

“…!!!” Wenwen, who was having the time of his life, felt like thunder suddenly struck out of the blue. No! He wasn’t ready! He hadn’t played enough!


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