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MSRV Ch 87 Part 1 – Why Did He Never Appear in Their Lives Before? (I)

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After sending off her son, Fu Yunruo headed straight to the flower garden. Unexpectedly, Si Yue came to find her in person. It seemed that Wenwen’s attitude in the morning had left him nervous.

The garden employees knew Si Yue was close to Fu Yunruo and Wenwen, so he met no hindrance as he went straight to the flower shed and appeared in front of Fu Yunruo.

Fu Yunruo was surprised to see Si Yue coming. She didn’t want to drive him out in front of Uncle Guo, so she had no choice but to take him to the living room of the residential building. She didn’t waste any time and got straight to the point: “I told Wenwen last night…” She didn’t elaborate on the boy’s suspicion that Si Yue wanted to become his stepdad, nor did she inform him about his demand for evidence. Instead, she simply said, “He said he’ll talk to you when he has time.”

Hearing this, Si Yue said, “I’m not here to ask about him. I just want to know your reply.”

Even though he confessed his love, why did Fu Yunruo still alienate him? He didn’t think that he had lost his charm.

Unable to guess what was in Fu Yunruo’s mind, Si Yue decided to play an offense.

“…” Fu Yunruo was stunned. He was here to lie to her again!

Instead of answering, she asked back, “How do you know that Wenwen is your son? What if he isn’t? Do you have evidence?”

“Isn’t it obvious enough?” Si Yue raised his eyebrows and said affirmatively, “Besides me, you never have anyone else, don’t you?”

Fu Yunruo: “…” Although it was true, his straightforward statement made her blush.

Looking at Fu Yunruo’s rosy red cheeks, Si Yue suddenly felt tempted to take a bite. Was it as delicious as he had imagined? Unfortunately, the timing was wrong, so he could only hold back his impulse.

“It was the same for me. Besides you, I never have a single woman.”

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but give Si Yue a doubtful look, unable to believe his statement. No matter how clean Si Yue was, how could he be without a fling for almost five years?

Refusing to continue this talk with Si Yue, Fu Yunruo changed the topic, “Regardless, I hope you can keep your distance from me for the time being. Wenwen has repeatedly warned me today not to have any contact with you until you two have a good talk.”

“So…” She glanced at Si Yue and gave him a shrug, “You understand my position, right?” She had to listen to her son.

Si Yue: “…” This stinky son was pitting his own dad!

“I am busy.” Paying no heed to what Si Yue felt inside, Fu Yunruo promptly chased him away. Although Wenwen was not here, she had promised her son to keep a distance from Si Yue, and she had no intention of breaking her promise.

Otherwise, there would be hell to pay when the little guy got angry.

“I’ll see you later.” Si Yue didn’t force her. After leaving the flower garden, he got into a low-key black RV parked on the side of the road.

Si Yue leaned against the seat and began massaging his aching temples.

From the front row, Yuan Xin asked, “So, how did the talk go?”

“Both are hard to serve,” Si Yue’s reply was a mix of annoyance and sweetness. That the little guy suddenly gave him a cold shoulder after learning the truth had caught him off guard. This was totally out of his expectation. They were so close before, so why didn’t Wenwen happily accept him as his father? It was one thing if Wenwen was simply feeling awkward and didn’t know how to deal with their relationship change — all he should do was wait patiently and coax the little guy well. But no. What Wenwen showed him was a clear repulsion, even mixed with some hostility. Just why?

Both mother and son were so difficult to deal with.

“Didn’t you ask for it?” Yuan Xin gloated. Seeing the usually scheming Si Yue hitting a wall again and again made him so happy. Finally, someone could deal with this dog man!

Being in a good mood, Yuan Xin whistled an off-tune song as he drove the car to the filming set.

Si Yue frowned in annoyance, “Your bonus this month’s gone.”

The whistle stopped abruptly.

Yuan Xin cursed inwardly: dog man!

Si Yue paid no attention to Yuan Xin’s resentment. His mind was already deep in thought, trying to figure out what had gone wrong. He realized it was not easy for a child to accept a total stranger as their father. That’s why he put much effort into integrating himself into Wenwen’s life to deepen their bond. His efforts had paid off, as he could see how Wenwen’s love and respect for him had grown. At this point, shouldn’t it be easier for Wenwen to accept the truth?

Why was Wenwen’s reaction completely different from his expectation?

As Si Yue pondered deeper, he couldn’t help but sigh. Should he say, as expected of a mother and son? The two’s reaction upon learning the truth was basically the same: one turned hostile, and the other went to alienate him. Both totally caught him off guard — where had he done it wrong?

As the car drove silently, Yuan Xin suddenly said, “Si Yue, let me tell you something as a bystander.”

Being partners for over a decade, Yuan Xin couldn’t bear seeing Si Yue stuck at a dead end. While he found it amusing to see the always-confident Si Yue repeatedly stumble when dealing with Fu Yunruo and her son, years of friendship made him hope for the three to clear up their misunderstanding and become a real family.

“You can carefully plan and control every step, from the beginning of a project until you achieve your desired outcome when it comes to a business. But matters of the heart cannot be calculated in the same way. The world of business is different from the world of emotions. You may think that by preparing everything in advance, they will naturally accept and be happy with the situation, but human thoughts are the most unpredictable. From their perspective, perhaps they think you are manipulating them. They may even believe your past kindness was done with a hidden motive…”

“Just imagine if someone goes to great lengths to get close to you, and you accept their presence, even considering them one of the most important people in your life, only to find out that their approach was calculated and insincere, wouldn’t you feel betrayed? Wouldn’t you think your trust and affection were just a joke?”

“It’s not easy to build trust, but it takes only a moment to destroy it.”

“Speaking from the standpoint of a bystander, I find that your way of handling this matter is dishonest. No wonder they misunderstand you.”

Si Yue couldn’t deny that his initial approach was calculated, even though he had put in genuine emotions later… He pondered for a moment and said, “You’ll have a bonus this month.”

Yuan Xin was overjoyed, “Double?” It seemed that talking so much had its merit.

Si Yue chuckled, “No way.”

Yuan Xin: “…” Tsk, he shouldn’t talk nonsense and should have made more detours!


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