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DDDV Ch 104 Part 3 – The Boundary Gate (III)

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Taking his little girl into his hands, Lu Qingyu stood up and left the pool in a blink of an eye. Lu Yaoyao’s dizzy head gradually cleared, and she finally remembered her business. She rubbed her chubby face against Lu Qingyu’s chest and asked in a sweet voice, “Daddy, can you please open the gate now? The Three Realms are at peace, and there’s no need to keep it closed, right?”

“Many devils are feeling suffocated and want the gate to open, but they didn’t dare to talk to you!” She widened her eyes, “I already learned that the boundary’s gates usually aren’t closed unless it is under attack or a war breaks out. It’s so peaceful now, yet you keep it closed. Is it because you want to keep me locked up?”

“Yes.” Lu Qingyu made no secret of his purpose.

Lu Yaoyao choked up. She twisted her little body relentlessly, “Am I not your favorite cub anymore? Am I so untrustworthy to you? I’m starting to get mad!” Lu Yaoyao huffed, inflating her chubby cheeks like a pufferfish.

Lu Qingyu poked Lu Yaoyao’s cute little face and said warmly, “The Devil Realm is very vast. It’s enough for you to play around.”

Lu Yaoyao cried angrily, “Waaahhh! Daddy, you don’t believe me! You hurt my heart! I’m so angry!” After crying for a while, Lu Yaoyao looked up and saw Lu Qingyu’s composed expression. She immediately pouted, “Daddy, why aren’t you consoling me? Do you not care about me anymore?”

“The more I indulge you, the more carried away you get,” Lu Qingyu laughed triumphantly, “Didn’t you stop on your own?”

Ah, so frustrating! Lu Yaoyao kicked her short legs and hugged Lu Qingyu’s head. She then sat on his shoulders and pestered, “Daddy, will you promise me? Will you?”

“…” With his face covered by a chubby belly, Lu Qingyu struggled to breathe. He tried to pull her off, “Let go! You’re getting too arrogant, kid. See how I’ll handle you!”

“Say yes, say yes!”


It took Lu Qingyu a while to finally pull the troublesome kid down and hold her in his hand. Lu Yaoyao was caught by the collar, and she tugged with her short legs and hands, trying to climb up again. But Lu Qingyu wasn’t going to let her have her way.

After being messed up by his daughter, Lu Qingyu’s seductively handsome face was stained with some touches of redness, and the corners of his peach blossom eyes were tinted with blush. His black hair was scattered behind him, making him look stunningly beautiful. Even when facing such breathtaking beauty, all Lu Yaoyao wanted to do was to climb over and show his Beautiful Daddy who was the boss.

“Daddy, Daddy!”

The enraged Lu Qingyu glared and pointed at the wild little cub, “If you don’t listen to me, I’ll throw you into the cultivation chamber and lock you there!”

Lu Yaoyao calmed down and blinked. “Daddy, the boundary gate is so far from the Devil Palace. Even if it opens, I can’t leave under your watchful eye!”

“Daddy, you are my most important, beloved, and respected Daddy! I only have one, Daddy! Even if I leave, how can I not come back? My home is wherever you are!”

“I want to see Father, yet you forbid me to. Now you won’t even agree to such a small request! Daddy, you don’t love me anymore!” She curled up and hugged her legs. “I’m a pitiful little cub, a cabbage in the frost. At seventeen, Daddy doesn’t love me anymore…” She sang. Looking weak, pitiful, helpless.

“…” Lu Qingyu’s eyelids twitched. This kid was growing more and more difficult to handle. It was one thing to act coquettish and threaten him with tears, but now she had learned to sing a pitiful song? Was she born to drive him crazy?

With a sunken look, Lu Qingyu finally relented, “Okay, Daddy will open the gate.”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes immediately shone. Her pitiful song quickly turned into a sweet voice, “Daddy is the best! I love Daddy the most!”

Lu Qingyu remained expressionless, “So you won’t love me if I don’t open it?”

“How can it be? I have always loved you!” Lu Yaoyao opened her hands, “Daddy, why don’t you give me a hug!”

Lu Qingyu chuckled in anger but still took the little girl into his arms.

Hugging Lu Qingyu, Lu Yaoyao rubbed her chubby face against his neck and smiled very sweetly.

Despite his attempts to remain stern, Lu Qingyu couldn’t resist his daughter’s sweet smile. “Fine, I’ll fulfill your request this time,” he relented. “Just make sure you behave. If I catch you trying to sneak out…” Lu Qingyu narrowed his eyes and warned.

Lu Yaoyao raised her fat fingers, “If I break my promise, I will stay by Daddy’s side for three years and never go anywhere.”

“Only three years, huh?”

Lu Yaoyao anxiously added two fingers, “Five years. It cannot be more.”

“Remember your promise.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded fervently, but inside, she was calculating cunningly. For a cultivator with a long lifespan, time was nothing, and five years were very short. After she went to see Father, she would stay by his side for five years, then slip away to be with Daddy for the next five years. For the time being, this was the best way to get the best of the two worlds!

After agreeing to her request, Lu Qingyu was urged by Lu Yaoyao to go and open the boundary gate. As she had never laid eyes on the gate before, she also insisted on accompanying him. The Devil Realm was located on the Yuanqi Continent adjacent to the Cultivation Realm and the Demon Realm, but its location was unique, as it was a separate realm that could not be directly crossed over. The only way to enter or exit the Devil Realm was through the boundary gate, which was an ancient array passed down through the generations. A thousand years ago, Lu Qingyu had restored and reactivated the array, and now he was the only one who knew how to operate it.

When Lu Qingyu and Lu Yaoyao arrived at the gate, the gatekeepers immediately knelt down to greet their arrival.

Lu Yaoyao was filled with curiosity. She had entered and exited the Devil Realm twice, both times with her Daddy, but she never noticed the existence of the gate. Now that she was finally laying her eyes on it, she felt quite magical. In front of her was a void, with only a stone carving resembling a door frame standing where the “gate” was located. When she reached out her hand, she touched a transparent and soft barrier.

Lu Qingyu waved his sleeve, and the array that formed the boundary gate appeared in front of Lu Yaoyao. Outside the door frame was a transparent and slightly glowing barrier. Lu Qingyu’s hand touched the barrier, and a steady stream of devil aura emerged from his palm. After a moment, the barrier inside the door frame began to ripple.

Seeing Lu Qingyu retracting her hand, Lu Yaoyao asked curiously, “Is that all?”

She tentatively reached out and touched the barrier once again. This time, she felt no obstacle. She walked straight through, and her eyes lit up as she stepped out. The boundary gate had opened!

Lu Yaoyao had just stepped out and hadn’t seen the scenery outside the boundary gate yet when she was pulled back by her lapel. “Okay, let’s go back now,” Lu Qingyu said.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t object. Her bright eyes darted around through Lu Qingyu’s shoulder, clearly up to something.

Back in the Devil Palace, Lu Yaoyao hadn’t had time to say anything when Lu Qingyu grabbed her left wrist suddenly. A black beam of light entered her wrist and, after a moment, turned into a black mark that shone briefly before fading away. “Daddy, what’s this?” Lu Yaoyao tilted her head and asked,

“A seal for your cultivation base.”

Lu Yaoyao: “???”

“After thinking about it, Daddy felt it was too unfair, so I developed a similar seal.”

Lu Yaoyao: “???”

Lu Qingyu’s tone was full of self-righteousness, “That man doesn’t allow you to use devil aura and only allows you to use spiritual aura? He’s dreaming! It’s better not to use either, and when he releases his seal, I will release mine. That’s fair.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…” You have it fair, but why am I the one suffering?

Wait, Daddy should have planned it a long time ago, right? Why didn’t she see him studying the seal? When did he make this thing?

Lu Yaoyao tried to use a spell, but the gathered aura was so weak that the spell couldn’t be activated. She then checked her dantian and found that her golden core was nowhere to see.

She worked so hard to form the two cores, and now she had returned to the original point?

“It’s fine; it won’t affect your cultivation. In fact, it’s better this way. You won’t have to constantly think about sneaking out.””

“Daddy…” Lu Yaoyao was dejected, “Don’t you think your fairness is too cruel to me?”

Lu Qingyu patted Lu Yaoyao’s head and smiled warmly, “You can’t blame Daddy for this. If you want to blame, blame that Father of yours.”


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  1. Lu Qingyu was pretty smart to put a similar seal on her so that she can’t properly use her spiritual aura, but poor Lu Yaoyao is the only one suffering from it, lol. I wonder when she’ll finally be able to sneak out successfully, especially since she can’t rely on her spiritual aura to cast spells and whatnot.
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  2. TheUnderCoverNerd

    These two handsome father and daddy is too troublesome.. what if, when Yaoyao goes outside and met troublesome youths or beast or demons and she can’t use either her dao or devil cultivation to protect herself? Tsk. tsk.

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