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MSRV Ch 87 Part 2 – Why Did He Never Appear in Their Lives Before? (II)

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Meanwhile, at the kindergarten, other children were playing around the class, but Wenwen sat alone at his desk with a somber expression. He rested his chin on his chubby hand, deep in thought.

Teacher Su and her assistant teacher were watching over the children when they suddenly noticed Wenwen sitting alone and looking out of place.

Teacher Su approached Wenwen and asked with a gentle tone, “Wenwen, what’s the matter? You seem unhappy. Would you like to talk to me about it?”

Wenwen glanced at Teacher Su and shook his head, “No, Teacher, it’s okay. I’m fine.” A family scandal should never be spoken about outside. There was no way he could seek the teacher’s advice.

Even now, he still finds it unreal and thinks it was absurd.

If Si Yue was really his father, what about his previous life? Why had he never appeared in their lives? Why didn’t he help Mom?

Above all, why had he never shown up until Mom was gone?

Wenwen was at a loss. He couldn’t accept the fact that the person he admired and idolized was actually the scumbag he always loathed.

Rationally speaking, he knew he couldn’t blame Si Yue for his miserable past life. Maybe something happened that they missed each other. Most probably, Si Yue had never known that he had a son, let alone looking for him and his mother.

Because the trajectory in this life had changed, the three of them had an intersection, resulting in the discovery…

Even so, Wenwen couldn’t let go of the sense of grievance in his heart.

Why hadn’t Si Yue come to them in the previous life?

“Wenwen, let’s play!” Kangkang suddenly threw himself on Wenwen, almost crushing his friend to death.

Teacher Su quickly helped Kangkang up, “You can’t do that, Kangkang. Tackling other children like that will hurt them, understand?”

With a mischievous grin, Kangkang looked around before handing Wenwen the plastic headband in his hand, “Let’s fight monsters together, Wenwen!”

Lele also trotted over. Waving a pink fairy magic wand, she pouted, “Wenwen likes to play fairies with me!”

Doudou noticed the commotion on Wenwen’s side and ran over quickly. “I want to play with Wenwen!”

The children started quarreling over Wenwen again.

“…” Wenwen was speechless. How long was it been since he persuaded these sticky little dumplings to go play without him? Had it been three minutes? He only wanted some quiet time alone, but why was it so difficult?!

Teacher Su observed the scene with a smile. Usually, teachers let students handle small disputes among themselves and only intervene when things get out of control. Sure enough, the children soon reached a compromise and made peace, then pulled Wenwen back into the game with them.

Even though Wenwen had rejoined other children to play, Teacher Su noticed that he still looked distant from time to time, as if something was weighing his mind. Teacher Su felt uneasy about her charge, so she decided to report Wenwen’s abnormal condition to Fu Yunruo and advised her to keep a closer eye on Wenwen.

Wenwen was in no mood to play and just wanted to sit in silence, but Kangkang and the others insisted on having him join them with the building blocks. Wenwen listlessly put up a piece or two, then sat back and watched. After a while, he quietly asked his friends, “Kangkang, do you think having a dad is good?”

Kangkang nodded and replied without hesitation, “Of course! Having a dad is amazing! My dad is really nice to me. He picks me up from school every day, tells me bedtime stories, and buys me lots of toys!” Well, Dad sometimes spanked him too, but he was used to it and didn’t feel pain anymore.

Wenwen recalled Kangkang’s father, a tall and handsome man. If not for Kangkang’s own words, he wouldn’t have known that the family had the mother as the breadwinner, with the father taking care of domestic chores.

Lele enviously said: “Your dad’s amazing! My dad is not good. He travels often, and I hardly see him. I also want a dad who tells me stories.”

Doudou pursed her lips with teary eyes, “My dad… my dad won’t tell me stories or buy me toys!” Kangkang’s dad’s so nice!

“Kangkang, I will give you my dad; can you give me yours?” Lele blinked cutely.

“M-mine too.” Doudou sniffed.

“I can’t give you my dad,” said Kangkang. After thinking for a moment, he generously said, “But I can lend him to you; just remember to return him to me.”

Lele and Doudou cheered, and the three hugged each other.

Wenwen: “…” If Kangkang dared to mention this to his dad, another round of spanking would surely be awaiting him.

“Wenwen, is your dad also bad? I will lend you my dad too!” Kangkang didn’t forget his favorite friend.

Wenwen was very moved, but he still refused: “No need.” He didn’t want a dad, nor did he have one!

Kangkang thought Wenwen was holding back, so he patted his chest and declared, “Don’t worry, Lele and Doudou have it too!” Then, suddenly looking shy, he tugged the corner of his clothes, “You can lend me your mom.” What a good idea! Wenwen’s mom was so gentle and beautiful. He didn’t mind having his dad exchange with Wenwen’s mom.

“No way!!!” He wouldn’t share Mom with anyone!

Startled by the sudden loud voice, Kangkang was stunned for a while. Then his eyes quickly filled with tears, and he cried out, “Waaah! Why are you being mean? Don’t you love me anymore?”

Wenwen: “…”

As soon as they heard crying, the other children immediately began to wail as well.

Wenwen: “…”

There was a sudden turmoil in the classroom, and Wenwen was busy placating his friends.

Still sobbing, Kangkang held on to Wenwen’s clothes.

Lele was on Wenwen’s other side, holding his clothes with her little hands.

His back was occupied by Doudou and another little boy, clinging to him like a pair of koalas.

Wenwen felt that he could hardly breathe. He looked up at the ceiling with resignation, regretting bringing up the cursed topic. He shouldn’t have asked! Wouldn’t it be fine to just keep silent?

He really didn’t have it easy…


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