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MSRV Ch 96 – Who Is Getting the Role?

The waiting room suddenly fell into an awkward silence. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for the female lead audition to finally start.

True to their reputation as long-standing rivals, Xia Wanning and Fang Xueruo’s auditions were conducted one after the other, with Xia Wanning going first. The production team provided the same short script to all the actresses who came for auditions. The script only had a few lines of description, leaving it up to the actresses to interpret and perform.

Xia Wanning’s acting skills were excellent. She portrayed the transformation of the female lead from innocent and pure to betrayed by close friends with great depth. The examiners were very satisfied. Among the five or six actresses who auditioned, she portrayed the role most accurately. However, Xia Wanning’s flamboyant and stunning appearance didn’t quite fit the character of the female lead. This was a consideration for the director, but this shortcoming could be compensated for through makeup. If there were no other outstanding candidates later, she would be chosen.

Feeling the directors’ satisfaction, Xia Wanning left in a positive mood, even though nothing was confirmed on the spot. With Si Yue and Wenwen’s support, she felt confident in her chances.

Although Wenwen had become quite familiar with Xia Wanning and she usually took good care of him, objectively speaking, her character didn’t match the role in the script, posing the risk of breaking the immersion for the audience. His ulterior motives aside, Wenwen felt it would be impossible for Xia Wanning to replace Fang Xueruo as the female lead.

The next one to enter was Fang Xueruo. The moment she walked in, the director’s eyes lit up. Her innocent and pure demeanor resembled exactly what they were looking for to portray the female lead in her early stages.

Fang Xueruo was a movie empress and an award-winning renowned actress. To achieve such feats, besides her strong backing, she naturally also had enough acting skills. Although she was still a bit behind Xia Wanning in terms of acting, her look and aura was in line with the female lead’s character, which gave her enough boost.

Upon seeing Fang Xueruo, Wenwen became extremely vigilant. When he saw the director and others looking excited, he knew they were pleased with Fang Xueruo.

So, Wenwen took action into his own hands and said with an innocent face, “Isn’t this sister already the female lead in a big production? Can you play two female leads at the same time?”

Fang Xueruo’s expression remained unchanged, but her smile deepened as if she was delighted that Wenwen was paying attention to her. “The filming for that project is almost complete. It would be my honor to join this production next.” She replied with a smile.

Wenwen blinked, tilting his head in confusion. “Does filming a TV drama take less time than filming a movie?”

Their previous film project took only two months to wrap up, but that was because it was a movie. Furthermore, it was a science fiction movie, with heavy visual effects that mostly took place during the post-production process.

And Fang Xueruo’s current film started shooting later than them. It was an Xianxia drama, so it would take at least four or five months. Did she manage to finish filming all the female lead scenes in just one month?

Hearing their conversation, the director’s excitement quickly faded away. As a director, what he hated the most was the leading actors messing up with the production schedule. After returning to his senses, he suddenly realized that Fang Xueruo was not a good choice.

He wasn’t uninformed either. The news of Fang Xueruo taking the female lead role of a certain Xianxia drama had been circulating widely. The production would take at least three or four months to complete, which conflicted with their own schedule.

Although the casting process was still underway, everything else was ready. They only lacked the main cast, but with the support of Si Yue and Apple Entertainment, they had nothing to worry about.

Furthermore, the most important factor was that Fang Xueruo’s recent reputation was not favorable, and she was currently in a semi-blacklisted state, imposed by none other than the major investor and producer of this production.

The director secretly glanced aside, and his gaze met Si Yue’s handsome face, whose smile didn’t reach his eyes. The director suddenly shivered and almost jolted upward. What the hell did he think? How could he have the idea that Fang Xueruo was the only suitable choice?

Clearing his throat lightly, the director had an inscrutable expression on his face. After the assistant director and others finished discussing, he said calmly, “Please wait for the results in three days.”

Noticing the director’s indifferent attitude, the assistant director quickly intervened to smooth things over. “You performed exceptionally well. We will give it careful consideration.”

Fang Xueruo thanked them with a soft voice, taking a hesitant glance at Si Yue before leaving.

But Si Yue kept looking at the child beside him, as if he didn’t even acknowledge her existence.

Fang Xueruo lowered her eyes, then left with a smile.

After that, the audition for the female lead role continued, but not a single one came close with Xia Wanning and Fang Xueruo. In the end, the final casting process happened between the two.

From time to time, Wenwen’s eyes darted to a group of people who were debating fiercely among themselves.

The assistant director was very satisfied with Fang Xueruo. Seeing the majority favored Xia Wanning, he became visibly agitated, almost openly accusing them of receiving favors.

Unable to resist, Wenwen moved slightly and leaned his ear to listen to the heated discussion.

Thinking that Wenwen could no longer sit still, Si Yue lifted the chubby boy with one hand and said, “Are you bored? Let’s go out.”

“???” Suddenly soaring into the air, Wenwen, who was afraid of falling down, subconsciously hugged Si Yue’s arm.

Wait! He still hasn’t gotten the most important part! How could he go?

Si Yue had already opened the door and walked out. “Don’t worry, I won’t let people you hate appear in front of you.”

Wenwen, who originally wanted to break free, suddenly became quiet.

Right. How could he have forgotten that Si Yue also hated Fang Xueruo? He definitely wouldn’t let her join the project he was investing in.

“Put me down. I can walk myself.” Wenwen said awkwardly.

Si Yue gave him a glance before putting him down.

As soon as Wenwen’s feet touched the ground, he quickly took a step to run away, but he collided with someone coming out from the corner.

“Ah!” a soft voice exclaimed. Before Wenwen could react, the person he lightly bumped into fell to the ground with a cry.

Wenwen reacted swiftly, taking two steps back and then squatting down on the ground. He looked at the person in front of him as his chubby face made an aggrieved expression, complete with teary eyes. Without giving the other party a chance to speak, he began crying timidly, “Why did you block my way?”

Wenwen praised himself inside. Using other people’s tricks to corner his opponent, he was indeed a professional!

Fang Xueruo, who fell to the ground with a painful expression and tears in her eyes: “…”

Si Yue hurriedly leaned over to pick up Wenwen, and asked with concern, “Are you okay? Did you get hurt?”

Wenwen timidly glanced in a certain direction and mumbled, “My butt hurts…” Well, he just fell a moment ago.

Si Yue reached out and began massaging the plump little butt gently. It was so springy and soft that he couldn’t help but give it a few more squeezes.

“It won’t hurt anymore after I massage it a bit,” Si Yue said with a righteous face.

Wenwen: “…” He had a good reason to believe that this jerk was taking advantage of him!


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