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MSRV Ch 95 – Audition Begins

Although Xianxia-themed films were considered niche, there had been rumors circulating internally about the production being heavily invested and supported by Si Yue and Apple Entertainment. As a result, regardless of whether agents had confidence in this genre, those with connections all wanted to audition. Even if this movie flopped, it would still be great to make some important connections.

Therefore, even for supporting roles, there are many second-tier or higher young stars competing for the roles. Except for those who genuinely couldn’t free up their schedules, they all gathered here in a frenzy.

Fortunately, the director and producers only auditioned for important roles in person, while other roles were done by assistant directors or filled by people recommended by investors.

Because the director’s time was precious, each person was only given five minutes for the audition.

The fifth actress who came to audition for the female supporting role was Jiang Jiang, a budding second-liner who hadn’t quite reached first-line status. It wasn’t easy for her company and agent to secure this audition opportunity for her. They hoped she could transition to the big screen and if she could land a role in a major production, she would be able to break through the bottleneck and rise to first-line stardom.

Therefore, she attached great importance to this opportunity and even cleared her schedule one week prior to the audition in order to hone her acting skills.

The audition this time was conducted on-site, and the specific roles to be auditioned were revealed only ten minutes before the start. After receiving their assigned numbers, the actors and actresses were given temporary scripts for the audition.

This system meant that those who drew earlier numbers had little time to prepare, and Jiang Jiang was quite lucky to get a middle number.

When he saw Jiang Jiang, Wenwen immediately sat up straight. Compared to Xia Wenning, who had been suppressed by Fang Xueruo in his previous life and never rose again, Jiang Jiang managed to rise high enough that she almost overshadowed Fang Xueruo, although that only happened after Fang Xueruo married into the Chang family and retired from the entertainment industry to raise her child.

Later, during the peak of Jiang Jiang’s fame, she got married and retired abruptly. Although her popularity waned afterward, she led a happy life with her husband. However, due to unfortunate circumstances in her middle age, her husband’s family company went bankrupt, and she returned to filming TV shows and participating in programs.

Wenwen knew Jiang Jiang because she had once helped him, even though it was just a few words for her. However, for him, it was one of the few acts of kindness he had received.

Wenwen had no idea that she had also auditioned for this film. His bright eyes looked intently at Jiang Jiang. Her acting skills at this time were not as polished as they would be twenty years later, but she possessed the vitality and charisma of a young woman. Even ignoring his bias, Wenwen felt that among all the people he had seen, Jiang Jiang portrayed this character most fittingly.

Si Yue noticed Wenwen’s unusual attitude and asked, “Do you think this sister is acting well?”

As soon as Wenwen heard Si Yue’s voice, he subconsciously wanted to give him another cold shoulder. But then he realized that Teacher Jiang Jiang didn’t appear in this production later on, which meant she didn’t get selected. Wenwen hesitated for a moment but finally decided to help her. However, he knew he was just a little child. Being likable was one thing, but if he wanted to influence the opinions of adults, someone with a right to speak had to speak up.

So he nodded with a serious face. “Good acting!”

Surprised, Si Yue couldn’t help but give the woman a scrutinizing look.

What kind of charm did she possess that made Wenwen finally talk to him?

“What’s good about her?”

Wenwen gave him a contemptuous look. “Are you trying to embarrass me? I’m still a child!” He kept in mind his own persona. Being smart was fine, but if he act too intelligently, he would only creep out the adults.

Si Yue: “…” This brat was getting less and less cute every day.

The director was also very satisfied with Jiang Jiang’s performance. Seeing that the others had no objections, he wrote off something and told her to wait for further notice.

Wenwen didn’t even need to ask Si Yue to speak out. Seeing that the director choose Jiang Jiang for the role, he felt had spoken to Si Yue for nothing. But upon further thought, even if the audition was successful, last-minute replacements and such were common. He had encountered them many times. What if someone wanted to squeeze in and took her place?

So he asked worriedly: “I… I can meet Sister Jiang Jiang in the set, right?”

Si Yue rubbed his head and smiled without saying a word.

Wenwen quickly covered his head. Hateful!

Si Yue worried Wenwen wouldn’t be able to sit still for long, so he asked in a low voice, “Do you want to go find your mom?”

Si Yue found the audition quite boring. Although he was the highest-level producer, there was no need for him to sit here. The main reason was that he wanted to accompany this little guy, fearing that he would feel uncomfortable being alone in this unfamiliar environment.

Children usually had a short attention span. Rather than staying here and continuing feeling bored, it was better to go pick up Ruoruo and had a Western meal together.

“No, I want to watch!” The main event hadn’t arrived yet. How could he leave so early? Wenwen quickly read Si Yue’s intention and immediately warned in a low voice, “You can’t leave either! Don’t take the opportunity to be alone with my mom!”

Si Yue: “…” Should he get rid of this little rascal?

After the audition for the supporting roles finished, it was time for the main event: the female lead.

The audition for the female lead officially began in five minutes. The room was filled with hushed conversations, and the director was smiling from ear to ear.

Although not everyone in the room was there specifically for him, his production was benefiting in the end, so he had every reason to rejoice.

Finally, the audition was about to start. Wenwen felt a surge of excitement, and his eyes gleamed as he eagerly stared at the entrance.

The audition room was relatively quiet, but the waiting area in the lobby outside was bustling with activity.

Xia Wanning had been sitting quietly in a corner with her agent, waiting for the audition to start. To her surprise, her enemy suddenly showed up. She was a little surprised — if she remembered correctly, Fang Xueruo should still be filming, right? How could she have time to attend the audition?

When others saw Xia Wanning, they already felt that their chances were slim. They never expected Fang Xueruo to be here as well. Although she had been suppressed recently, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse. Her appearance here meant another powerful enemy for them.

Fang Xueruo walked to Xia Wanning and gave the latter a warm greeting, as if the two were best friends. In contrast, Xia Wanning’s cold response made her seem petty.

“Did you also receive the audition notice? Congratulations, but I won’t go easy on you later!” Xia Wanning smiled.

Fang Xueruo replied with a sweet smile, “Let’s wait and see. I will do my best too.” Then her brows furrowed slightly. “I heard that Si Yue is among the audition panel, and he is a close friend of my sister. What if…” She suddenly looked startled, as if realizing that she had made a slip of the tongue, and quickly changed the subject with an apology.

Xia Wanning said bluntly, “Look at what you’re saying. As if Brother Yue would seek revenge like that. Do you really think he’s that kind of person?”

Xia Wanning used to think Fang Xueruo was lofty and pure like a goddess, perhaps because she was once a spoiled girl beloved by many. But now, after seeing through her facade, it turned out that she’s nothing more than a sparrow harboring delusions of becoming a phoenix.

Fang Xueruo knew very well that the people on Si Yue’s side didn’t like her, yet she kept jumping into the fray. If it were her, she would have found ways to avoid those who wanted to suppress her. Was Fang Xueruo not satisfied with how quickly she fell?

Did she think that her acting skills were good enough for Si Yue to abandon previous prejudice and choose her? Or could it be that she expected him to reject her so that she could play victim to the public, painting Si Yue with the image of a villain who abused his power to take personal revenge? If so, that would be disgusting.

Xia Wanning initially wanted to mock Fang Xueruo until she had no face left to stay here for the audition, saving Si Yue from the disgust of seeing her. However, no matter what Xia Wanning said, Fang Xueruo remained completely submissive, allowing herself to be pointed at the nose. The more aggressive Xia Wanning was, the more wronged Fang Xueruo looked.

Xia Wanning suddenly came to her senses. Realizing that she was making herself a villain, she immediately shut her mouth with a sullen face.


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