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MSRV Ch 97 Part 1 – A Well-Matched Couple (I)

“Don’t pinch my butt!” Wenwen blushed, covering his butt with her small hands in an effort to protect his chastity.

Si Yue had a righteous expression on his face. “Nonsense, I’m just giving you a massage to ease the pain.”

Wenwen: “…I’m not in pain anymore! It doesn’t hurt!”

Si Yue saw Wenwen about to explode. Afraid of going too far, he reluctantly stopped his actions.

Si Yue spoke to Wenwen as if no one else was there. Then, with the little guy in his arms, he resumed his steps and walked towards the elevator.

Seeing this, Fang Xueruo hastily stood up and chased after them, “Si Yue!”

“Wait, I have something to tell you!”

Si Yue acted as if he didn’t hear it and only stopped when Fang Xueruo blocked his path.

Si Yue frowned, a hint of displeasure flickered in his eyes. He thought his attitude was already clear, but there are always people who are self-centered and annoying.

Should he stop the slow probing and just speed up?

Fang Xueruo had no self-awareness about Si Yue’s disgust of her. She casually tucked her loose hair behind her ear, revealing a beautiful and elegant face.

She tilted her head back, her misty eyes glistening. Her delicate neck was exposed to the air, as if it could be snapped at any moment.

Seeing this, Wenwen almost exploded once again. His whole body tensed up, and he glared at Fang Xueruo with hostility.

He could clearly see that this woman was trying to seduce Si Yue!

Wenwen was furious. This Fang Xueruo must be addicted to snatching things from her mother!

In the past, she managed to snatch Mom’s fiancé, and that was bad enough. But the man was a scumbag. Seeing that they were naturally suited for each other, it was actually a relief for Mom. But now she still wanted to steal Si Yue!

Men had a natural instinct to pity and want to protect a beautiful woman who appeared weak and innocent. Would Si Yue also be fooled by her?!

Wenwen turned his head aggressively and coincidentally met Si Yue’s gaze.

As Si Yue looked at Wenwen’s puffed angry face, his fingers suddenly felt itchy again. Oops, he really wanted to poke those soft cheeks!

Although this little guy could be annoying sometimes, his son was indeed very cute and absolutely adorable.

When Wenwen saw the eagerness in Si Yue’s eyes, he immediately became alert and subconsciously covered his face. He was so familiar with those looks. Whenever Si Yue made that expression, he knew his handsome face was about to be messed with!

Wenwen warned, “No pinching!” What if he was pinched too much and his handsome face deformed?

Si Yue looked innocent, “You’re wronging me.” He was just thinking about it and hadn’t actually done anything yet.

Wenwen chuckled in anger. Men! Who would believe their nonsense?

“…” Fang Xueruo, who was left out in the cold again, couldn’t help gritting her teeth in anger. What the hell with this man!

“Si Yue…” Feeling unreconciled, Fang Xueruo called again, using her softest and most aggrieved tone.

Si Yue was finally able to play around with his son, as the boy temporarily forgot that they were still in a unilateral cold war. Being interrupted again and again, he was increasingly displeased. “What do you want to say?” His gaze was icy.

“What should I do before you are willing to leave me alone? I really enjoy acting. Are you really going to follow my sister’s orders and completely eliminate me?” Fang Xueruo’s eyes were filled with beautiful tears. A touch of stubbornness mixed within her gaze as she looked at Si Yue fearlessly.

Wenwen instantly saw her intention, and his gaze turned hostile once again.

Si Yue responded coldly, “There may be some misunderstandings. Ruoruo didn’t work in the entertainment industry and didn’t pay attention to your affairs. She has nothing to do with you. As for me, I am just an ordinary citizen. Although I am an actor, I have no powerful background. How could I possibly have the power to suppress the daughter of the Fu family or the fiancée of the young master from the Chang family? Isn’t it always you who suppresses others?”

The entertainment industry was a jungle where dogs eat dogs. It was a common occurrence that those without strong connections faded into obscurity, while those with connections were untouchable and could continue to excel on the stage. Si Yue may not have bothered with Fang Xueruo in the past, but it didn’t mean he is oblivious to her past actions. Numerous talented individuals had suffered the consequences of crossing paths with her. Now, he was merely returning a small fraction of what she has done to others.

At least he had never done any physical or mental harm to her.

Fang Xueruo bit her lower lip. “Did someone tell you something that caused you to misunderstand me? I have never done anything to harm others. I…”

“Whether you have done it or not is none of my business, nor do I care. I thought you would at least have some self-awareness, but it seems I overestimated you.”

“You know well that I despise you, yet you repeatedly seek attention in front of me. Do you feel a sense of conquest by winning over a man who disliked you, especially since he is your sister’s man?”

These words were tantamount to trampling on Fang Xueruo’s dignity on the ground and exposing her hidden dark thoughts in broad daylight.

Her face turned pale and then flushed with anger, mixed with grief and disbelief of being misunderstood.

“I never…” She swayed on her feet, as if being struck hard.

Si Yue didn’t even give Fang Xueruo another glance. He deliberately put a distance as he bypassed her and continued walking to the elevator, then pressed the button.

“Si Yue…” Fang Xueruo wanted to chase after him, but someone appeared from the corner, recognizing her and whispering to their companion, “Hey, isn’t that Fang Xueruo?”

Fang Xueruo halted her steps, gazing at Si Yue’s retreating figure, and showing a bitter smile. Then she discreetly turned her head, trying to conceal her emotions.

But the two people she looked towards didn’t come excitedly to ask for her autograph like she expected, nor did they seem to notice her looking distressed. Instead, they simply walked past her, their eyes shining as they looked at Si Yue and the child in his arms.

“It’s Si Yue and Wenwen! Should we go get their autographs?” The girl’s face flushed with excitement as she nudged her companion with her elbow.

The other person was tempted, but ultimately hesitated. “We’ll have more opportunities in the future.” They were part of the production team, assisting with the audition process. There would be other chances to encounter their idols later, so there was no need to rush and bother them.

“…” Fang Xueruo’s expression suddenly contorted, and she gritted her teeth in annoyance. Damn it!


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  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    I really felt like someone would show up who had recorded all of their conversation. Of course they would be working for the Fang woman! But maybe I was mistaken?

  2. Hah, looks like Wenwen’s is more popular than that two-faced fake actress. Thank you for the chapter!

  3. ItsMachiavellianCheese

    Look at this potential father-son bonding moment. There’s nothing more binding then trampling your enemies together.

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