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MWFV Ch.24 Part 2 – Go To N City (II)

On the other side, Xu family’s villa.

Looking at the pop-up on the monitor that said: [‘Q’ sends you a friend request], Xu Yangyang simply felt that he was hallucinating.

God Q actually added him as a friend?!

Xu Yangyang rubbed his eyes and repeatedly shook the monitor to confirm that he was not mistaken. After seeing [Q] ‘s record, Xu Yangyang has regarded the other party as his ‘male god’. Unfortunately, his own ranking was too shameful that he didn’t dare to send a friend request to [Q].

Unexpectedly, he had given up, but god Q actually took the initiative to add him as a friend! Was he the legendary ‘Children of Men’?! He never dared to imagine this kind of extreme luck before!

Xu Yangyang typed a message to [Q] with his shaking fingers.

[Handsome Yang: Hello god Q.]

[Q: Good evening *smile*]

Xu Yangyang: “Mom, ah, god Q is so gentle!”

[Handsome Yang: I watch your level clearing video today, it is really amazing! ]

[Q: Thank you~]

[Q: I can’t talk anymore, I’m going to sleep~] Su Bei heard Mr. Qin’s footsteps at the door, telling them to go to bed.

[Handsome Yang: Oh-oh, okay, don’t let me disturb your rest.]

Xu Yangyang: god Q is not only gentle but also cute!

[Q: Good night, see you tomorrow. ]

Xu Yang Yang: God Q said good night to him? Also ‘see you tomorrow’?!

Su Bei meant ‘see you tomorrow at school’, but Xu Yangyang naturally translated it as: ‘god Q was willing to talk to him again tomorrow’!

Xu Yangyang: Ah! I am the happiest person in the world!

The next morning, Mr. Qin rarely did not leave early and had the time to eat breakfast at home. He saw Su Bei and Su Xiaobao came down from the upstairs. The girl helped her brother tidying the edge of his shirt and neatly tucked it into his school pants.

At first, Mr. Qin thought that this scene was quite harmonious. But soon afterward, his eyebrows frowned, and finally he realized what seemed to be wrong.


Qin Shao called Uncle Fu and asked with a dark tone: “Are Xiaobei and Xiaobao living in the same room?”

“Yes.” Uncle Fu replied. After seeing Mr. Qin’s frown, he finally realized his mistake.

“This…” Uncle Fu lowered his gaze.

When Chen De brought the two children to Jingyuan, the assistant only said to temporarily let them stay at the villa. Uncle Fu couldn’t possibly decide by himself, so he simply arranged a guest room for the children first. Later, many things happened one after another. Uncle Fu properly arranged for other things, but forgot only about their room.

Uncle Fu: “It’s my neglect, Sir.”

Although the two children were brother and sister, after all, one was a boy, and the other was a girl. If they were younger, it wouldn’t be a matter. However, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao already a teenager, it wasn’t proper for them to keep sharing a bedroom.

Hearing Uncle Fu’s words, Qin Shao’s face still looked gloomy.

“Clean up two rooms. After they come back from school, let them clean up their current bedroom and move out to live separately.” Qin Shao instructed with a heavy tone.

Uncle Fu replied: “Yes, Mr. Qin. I will arrange it immediately.”

At this moment, Su Xiaobao was walking out from the kitchen and happened to hear their conversation. His eyes instantly sank.

“My sister and I are living well now. No need to move us.” Su Xiaobao walked towards Qin Shao and spoke with a dark tone.

“You think you have the final say?” Qin Shao’s sharp eyes fell on the teen boy standing in front of him.

Su Xiaobao: “Nonsense.”

Qin Shao: “I have the final say in this house.” Was he too soft to these children before that this boy dared to talk to him like this?

Su Xiaobao: “…” If it was not for Su Bei, he did not want to live here at all.

Seeing the stubbornness in Su Xiaobao’s face, Mr. Qin suddenly felt a headache.

“Letting you move out and live separately is also for your own sake. Xiaobei is a girl, it’s not suitable for you two to live in the same bedroom.” Mr. Qin held the urge to beat the boy and patiently persuading.

Su Xiaobao lowered his head slightly, the expression on his face was still full of unwillingness: “We always live together.”

Ever since he could remember, Su Xiaobao has always been together with Su Bei. In their house in the countryside, apart from the toilet and earthen stove next to the door, there was only one room to live. When Grandma Wang was still living, three people were staying in the same room!

It was good that Su Xiaobao didn’t say this, because it would only make Mr. Qin’s face even darker. Mr. Qin looked at Su Xiaobao coldly. His sharp eyes were as if the stinky boy was taking advantage of his daughter, completely ignoring the fact that the two children were already together since in their mother’s womb.

“Go and clean the rooms.” Qin Shao ordered Uncle Fu.

“…” Su Xiaobao did not rebuke anymore, but his whole expression was filled with protest and confrontation.

Father and son confronting each other, neither was willing to give an inch. Facing this situation, Uncle Fu was anxious: Their father-son relationship hasn’t been cultivated for long, how could now they already in conflict.

Fortunately at this time, Su Bei was coming out from the kitchen. She walked to sit next to the sullen Su Xiaobao. Mr. Qin temporarily withdrew his gaze.

“What’s wrong?” Noticing the strange atmosphere, Su Bei asked.

“This… Mr. Qin was talking about preparing separate rooms for you and Xiaobao.” Uncle Fu answered. He tried to persuade Su Bei: “The room you use now is the guest room. It is too small for two people, and it isn’t convenient for the two of you to keep sharing a room….”

“Okay.” After listening to Uncle Fu’s explanation, Su Bei didn’t have any objections. In the past, it was simply their economic condition that forced them to stay in the same room. But originally, at this age, she and Su Xiaobao should already live separately.

Seeing Su Bei agreed, Qin Shao’s expression also softened a lot. Secretly he thought: His daughter was still the most sensible.


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  1. acertainpasserby

    Ahhh it’s sho good ah~ can’t wait for he next chapter hehe….. Thx for the chappy~

    1. No… first, he must face the bodyguards, then the father’s assisstant, then the brother’s friends, then the brother himself, before in the final he must face your highness the demon king. 😂

      1. Chantal Delaine

        Uncle Fu should also be in there somewhere, I kind of feel like it would end up being a passive aggressive fight during a meal.

  2. Loll yeah yeah Mr Qin. Your baby princess is the most sensible. It will be the debut a daughter’s slave soon loll

  3. Ah, ah, ah, our lonely boy! Both children are not stinky both have got to be so fragrant and you need to see and know Dad Qin! I want to see the student’s reaction if the teachers announce their new name. As well as the Father-family bond! ;-;

  4. It’s actually a good thing if they can become a bit less co dependent.. but also sooooo sad nooo everyone in the same bedroom, slumber party every night!

  5. Well indeed a girl needs her privacy a lot more then a man, lil bro should understand this.

    Still I get him, he’s always been used to having her next to him and always relying on each other, but that codependence might turn into something bad so yeah they should separate.

    Understandable he’s mad that the dad is asking a desicion like that though and the whole “you’re under my house so it’s my rules”, I mean they’re very understandable words but they just got there and all …. Su Bei is a very understanding girl but this kid is very confrontational … Hehehe well they need time to bond, again like I said before they’ll only get along to protect her lol.

  6. The father-son relationship needs a lot of improvement. As is it’s completely relaying on the girl’s existence.

    And I get that with a big house there’s no need for teenagers to share a room. It’s very reasonable but I don’t like the way it’s phrased. It’s unnecessary icky. Xiaobao hasn’t warmed up to the new father and living situation, being able to share a room with his sister might actually put him more at ease.

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