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MWFV Ch.3 Part 2 Compared With You, He is Far Worse (II)

On the way home from school, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao was stopped by a student’s sudden appearance.

He was Xu Lang, mostly known as ‘young master Xu’ among female students. His family was engaged in coal mine business and was rumored to be very rich. In this school, he is the school grass(1) and also a male god admired by many girls.

Looking at Xu Lang, Su Bei only felt ridiculous. This person actually the reason why Zhou Hongmei’s gang found trouble with her.

“Get off the way.” Su Xiaobao looked at the dog blocking them and said rudely.

To this, Xu Lang’s eyes looked at the twins in disdain, as if to say: Do you think I want to waste time talking to people like you?

“I only want to say a sentence, and I will go after I have finished speaking,” Xu Lang lowered his voice and said: “I don’t like Zhou Hongmei, so the conflict between you and her has nothing to do with me.”

Zhou Hongmei likes him, and even confessed to him.

He doesn’t like Zhou Hongmei, this kind of delinquent girl. Of course, it’s even less likely for him to like Su Bei with her undesirable background.

That day, he was so impatient with Zhou Hongmei that he casually said: “Su Bei likes me too, so must I also accept her feeling?”

He said that just to get rid of Zhou Hongmei. Taking out Su Bei’s name also simply to increase the effect. As for how Zhou Hongmei may make trouble with Su Bei, Xu Lang didn’t care at all.

But he did not expect that Zhou Hongmei would show that kind of video in the class today.

Although he didn’t directly watched it, he still could hear Zhou Hongmei’s ridicules and loud slaps, with Su Bei’s heart-breaking screams. All of that suddenly made him panic, like he had done a herrendously wrongful thing.

After contemplating all afternoon, Xu Lang finally went to find Su Bei.

He didn’t feel any need to apologize. He came to Su Bei specifically just told her that he didn’t deliberately targeted her and so he didn’t owe her anything.

After making these clear, Xu Lang felt much more comfortable.

However, Xu Lang didn’t expect that his sentence was ignored by Su Bei.

“Let’s go.” Su Bei pulled Su Xiaobao and left without taking a single look at Xu Lang.

Towards this person with his ‘I’m super good’ type of eight-grader syndrome, Su Bei only felt that even sparing a glance to be a waste of time.


Xu Lang didn’t expected Su Bei would show such attitude to him. At the school, he always been the high and cool school grass revered by everyone. Being ignored by a girl for the first time momentarily surprised Xu Lang.

When he finally found his next words, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao had already gone.

Today Su Bei wore a white shirt instead of school uniform, which made the girl even more thinner. Looking at Su Bei’s back, the stubborn face of the girl when she faced Zhou Hongmei unconsciously emerged in his mind. Xu Lang felt his vision suddenly dazed. A sour feeling gradually spread in his heart.


“Cough, that …”

“Su Xiaobao, just directly say what’s in your mind.” Seeing Su Xiaobao’s hesitation only made Su Bei feel anxious in his stead.

She and Su Xiaobao have been together since birth and they know each other as if they knew their own self. However, boy and girl are different after all. Growing up, Su Bei found that she gradually seemed to be unable to understand some of his small thoughts.

And Su Xiaobao also felt the same towards her.

“Do you really like that Xu Lang?” After hesitating a little, SU Xiaobao finally asked.

Su Bei almost laughed at his question: “How can ah.”

“You don’t like him?”


“Don’t you feel he is handsome?” Still not at ease, Su Xiaobao asked again. After all, there are too many girls at school who like Xu Lang because of his handsome face.

Hearing Su Xiaobao’s words, Su Bei really wanted to pat his shoulder and tell him ‘Boy, you are still too young.’

“Who decided that I have to like any handsome boy? Besides, if Xu Lang’s handsome, then you can directly make a debut.”

Given Su Bei’s long retort, it seems that she really don’t like Xu Lang, so Su Xiaobao finally felt relieved.

Moreover, she think that Xu Lang is not as good as himself?

Realizing this, Su Xiaobao’s lips cannot help but hook up a slight curvature: “You have a good eyes.”

“Wrong, you should say that my eyes are not blind.” Su Bei replied.

Compared with Su Xiaobao, that Xu Lang was nothing. No matter in term of face value, IQ or academic performance, all were far worse. The reason why Xu Lang got the school grass title and was very popular in their school was simply because he has a much better family background filter than Su Xiaobao. At this thought, Su Bei expression suddenly became serious.

A person background and growth environment provided them with a wide moat. Although she is unwilling to accept the ending arranged for herself and Su Xiaobao in the novel. But thinking more carefully, if they really follow the current situation, Su Xiaobao will become a small gangster, and it is not impossible that she will become an escort girl.

After Su Mei left, Grandma Wang raised them, but just half a year ago, she passed away. After her death, Grandma Wang who had no other family left the dilapidated old house and a little savings to them. Su Bei and Su Xiaobao have been living on this saving left by Grandma Wang.

But how long will that money will last? The saving would probably wouldn’t be enough to support them until high school. Two minors without parental guidance, no family support, no money, no formal education, and even weren’t accepted by their surrounding community. Any small accident may lead them astray.

She can’t let Su Xiaobao get the same ending in the novel.

Su Bei took a look at the teenager walking by her side. His face still have some remaining childishness, but already show some sharpness. Quietly, an idea was growing inside her mind.

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(1) School grass : most handsome guy at school. Female counterpart is school flower.

Translator’s note:

When I first read the word ‘school grass’ at first I thought it refer to unpopular or bullied kids instead…. School flower is easier to guess.

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  3. GOt to admit, Xu isn’t wrong, he might regret it, but he is not wrong; though it was not nice to use her a scapegoat knowing what the relationship of that horrible person has with and has been bullying Su Bei. But it might have happened anyways since I think she was using Xu as a reason instead of revealing her crush.

    1. He’s not responsible for the bullies actions but he did blatantly slander MC, claiming she liked him. So moral he’s responsible for dragging her into his mess.

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