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MWFV Ch.3 Part 1 Compared With You, He is Far Worse (I)

Su Bei’s sudden move surprised Zhou Hongmei and her gang.

Shouldn’t she tremble having to face them? Why Su Bei still unpertubed?

Especially Su Bei’s eyes, so calm that made them feel less confident.

Zhou Hongmei: “What did you say to old Wang hah?”

“Nothing, just reported to my teacher about how you beat me yesterday.” Su Bei replied. Her tone was neither humble nor overbearing.

She might be afraid of them before, but now in Su Bei’s eyes, these people are just a few underage girls, small troublemakers who only know how to bluff and bully others.

Because of Su Bei’s sudden tough attitude, Zhou Hongmei and her gang temporarily forgot to move their hands.

Zhou Hongmei coldly snorted: “Do you think it’s useful to tattle to the teacher? Want the school to punish us? And let us drop out of school?”

“I didn’t think so. I told the teacher about yesterday’s incident, simply just for precaution.”

“What do you mean? ”

“Just like that, if not long after this any unfortunate accident happen to me, then you guys won’t be able to avoid the blame.”

“Stop your fucking bullshit!!”

“What I said was true.” Su Bei then proceed to give these people some legal knowledge about campus violence. Her tone was calm and her logic was clear. Plus, she didn’t forget to list some few related cases. When avalanche happen, not a single snowflake was innocent-Su Bei suddenly remembered this sentence.

After Su Bei finished talking, Zhou Hongmei and her group expression were as if they are looking at a ghost.

Could it be that when they gave Su Bei a lesson yesterday actually made her go through elightment? How could she be this outstanding just after one night?

“Your little tricks won’t fool me.” Zhou Hongmei’s tone was obviously a little bit weaker.

“Don’t you have a mobile phone? If you don’t believe me, check it on your own.”

“Also,” Su Bei pointed at the mobile phone on the table and said, “You may post this video online, but don’t say I never remind you. If anything happen to me, this video is an evidence. ”


At this moment, Su Xiaobao who was lured away to the office is back.

Right after entering the classroom, he saw such a scene: Su Bei was surrounded by Zhou Hongmei’s gang, but she made her opponents completely speechless.

Seeing Su Bei was fine, Su Xiaobao breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, he felt a strange feeling of comfort in his heart that ‘My family’s girl has grown up.’

Because Su Xiaobao is back, Zhou Hongmei and her gang couldn’t do anything to Su Bei now.

“Don’t think that I’ll be afraid just because you report this matter to the teacher. Since you dare to seduce my person, then wait until I clean you up.” Leaving threatening words, Zhou Hongmei turned her back and left.

Without an exciting event to see, the surrounding students returned to their own seats, but many of them looking at Su Bei somewhat weirdly. Among that, there were also some complicated sight, but Su Bei did not care.


“Sister Mei, will you let go this matter just like this?” Feeling unresigned, one of Zhou Hongmei’s follower asked.

“If not, then what? So you say we should force her to die, and go to jail together?”
Zhou Hongmei rebuked with sullen face.

The case Su Bei just said about people who killed themselves because of campus violence, even if they didn’t know how much truth was there, it still sound so scary.

“This …” The girl frowned.

If they ranked the classmates who hate Su Bei the most, she will definitely be in top three. She hates Su Bei not because of young master Xu. Instead of young master Xu, the boy she likes is their class sports committee. But she found out that he secretly has a crush on Su Bei.

“Then, that video, will we still upload it?”

“Upload a fart!”

“Whoever took the video yesterday, give me your mobile phone.” Zhou Hongmei worried that the video will really be used as evidence. So except for the video on her own mobile phone, She plans to delete all other recordings.

“Xu Shanshan, what about your phone?”

“My phone was being repaired. Moreover, because yesterday I saw Zhou Xiao and the others were recording, I didn’t take any.”

“All right.” Zhou Hongmei easily believed her. She never thought that Xu Shanshan might be lying.

“Later, if Old Wang called us to ask about yesterday, just tell him that you know nothing, and no one was allowed to admit it.”

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  2. Smart enough to know not to post the video but still stupid enough to think girls have control over dudes crushing on them. My guess someone is using her, feeding her lies and encouraging the worst in her.

    At least I hope so. Otherwise she’s painfully stupid.

    1. Sadly 14 yo are not the smartest and when there is jealousy involved they become even stupider. But also considering this is a back in time revenge story there could totally be someone feeding her lies.

    2. Don’t underestimate the idiocy female teenagers have. I’m at 20s and think how stupid teenagers are and try to tolerate them because I was once clueless like that

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