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THDP Ch 127 Part 3 – A Menacing Choice (III)


Meng Qi took a step forward, feeling a bit absent-minded.

Because Yun Qingyan had never shown the slightest impatience or disdain in front of her.

Even though he was undoubtedly strong, with a cultivation far surpassing her own.

But now, that Yun Qingyan seemed reluctant to speak to her. Meng Qi lightly bit her lower lip and obediently closed her mouth, remaining silent as she followed Yun Qingyan from behind and continued walking forward for a while. The forest was difficult to navigate, dimly lit, and all the trees looked the same. The last time she entered, she followed the direction where the fireworks had been set off earlier and walked straight towards it to find Xue Jinwen and the others. After being pulled away for a distance, she had lost her sense of direction, unable to distinguish the east, south, west, or north.

Fortunately, Yun Qingyan was leading the way.

After walking for a while and turning past several tall trees, the scene suddenly opened up ahead, just as Meng Qi had expected. She quickly increased her pace and walked forward. She wondered if Pei Mufeng and Lu Qingran were still waiting in the clearing, hoping that nothing unexpected had happened. She felt a bit anxious and didn’t notice that Yun Qingyan had suddenly stopped in his tracks, allowing her to pass by his side.

“Huh?” Meng Qi stopped abruptly at the edge of the clearing. There was indeed a small open space in the forest, but there was no sign of either Pei Mufeng or Lu Qingran.

“Here…” Meng Qi turned her head suddenly and looked behind her. “Sovereign Qingyan?!”

Yun Qingyan, who was behind her just a moment ago, was nowhere to be seen.

The forest returned to its eerie silentness, and the rustling of leaves, birdsong and insects seemed to disappear in an instant.

“Hahaha…” Lin Yan’s silver bell-like laughter rang in Meng Qi’s ears, “Little sister, are you looking for your lover? But…” She giggled softly. The sweeter the laughter, the more eerie it sounded: “But I’m curious, which one is your real lover? Is he among those young cultivators waiting outside the forest, or is it the little boy in the clearing who is pretty good at using a sword? Or… is he that white-robed man that you never forget and keep hidden in your heart?”

“Senior Lin Yan.” Meng Qi’s expression turned serious as she fixed her gaze ahead. Lin Yan’s voice seemed to echo in her ears, very close yet also very distant.

“Senior Lin Yan.” Meng Qi repeated. She cupped her fists and respectfully bowed forward. “This Junior is a fellow medical cultivator, and I have once received great kindness from you. If there is anything you still wish to accomplish, please let me know. I will do my utmost to fulfill it for you.” She straightened her posture and spoke with determination, “I will do anything I can.”

“Hahaha…” Lin Yan laughed, “You, a mere Golden Core cultivator? What do you think you can do for me?”

As the last words fell, a fleeting shadow suddenly passed by. There in mid-air, right in front of Meng Qi’s eyes, sat a woman dressed in a gorgeous and exquisite gown, lazily leaning against a willow branch.

The willow branch looked brittle and slender, yet the woman sat comfortably on it. Her feet dangled, adorned with a pair of soft silk embroidered shoes, with two pearls embellishing the front, emitting a lustrous radiance that clearly indicated they were no ordinary shoes. As the woman gently swayed her feet, one hand supporting her chin, she gave a meaningful smile as she looked down at Meng Qi and said, “Tell me, what can you do for me?”

“Se-senior Lin Yan?” Meng Qi murmured. Her eyes blinked in surprise. The woman before her was stunningly beautiful; a single smile from her capable of toppling kingdoms and cities. On her unparalleled face, her smile even carried a hint of innocence. With one hand supporting her cheek, she gazed at Meng Qi, her eyes shimmering with unparalleled liveliness.

Meng Qi had seen quite a few beauties before. Sikong Xing, Lu Qingran, the Xue sisters… all renowned beauties in the Three Thousand Worlds. However, none of them could compare to this Senior Lin Yan. This person… the genius medical cultivator whose name was famous tens of thousands of years ago, who was revered as the great powerhouse of the Profound realm, who willingly sacrificed her own cultivation to save thousands of ordinary people…

Meng Qi really didn’t expect Lin Yan to be so beautiful.

“Little sister,” Lin Yan extended a slender finger and gently shook it. “You haven’t answered my earlier question. Who exactly is your beloved?”

As she spoke, she chuckled softly and raised her delicate hand. Suddenly, a vine dropped from a tree beside her. Bound to the vine was a man dressed in black robes—

“Pei Mufeng!” Meng Qi immediately recognized him. The man bound to the vine, hanging from the tree, was none other than Pei Mufeng, the master of the Xingluo Pavilion. He hung his head low, seemingly unconscious.

“There’s more…” Lin Yan waved her hand again. Another vine descended from a different tree, and on the thick vine hung a young man in black attire, his head bowed, with his long black hair cascading over his chest.

“—Chu Tianfeng!” Meng Qi looked up at the scene before her, countless thoughts flashing through her mind.

“Little sister,” Lin Yan chuckled lightly. “Are you going to make a move against me?” As she spoke, she flicked her finger. Without any spell, weapon, or artifact, a powerful gust of wind swept past Meng Qi, carving a deep trench in the ground in front of her.

“You have the Five Spirit Cauldron and my medical notes in your possession. I quite like you, so don’t force me to take action against you.” Lin Yan giggled playfully and waved her hand once more.

Several vines hung down from the surrounding trees. The vines, adorned with glistening and succulent leaves, seemed alive as they gave out rustling sounds, showing the figures that Meng Qi knew too well. Qin Xiumo, Xue Chengxuan, Sikong Xing… they were all unconscious, bound to the trees by the vines.

All Meng Qi’s acquaintances in the Starfallen Sea were there, even Lu Qingran.

Meng Qi’s hand by her side tightened slowly.

Calm down!

Meng Qi took a deep breath, forcing herself to remain calm. She knew that fighting was definitely futile. Even if Senior Lin Yan’s cultivation had declined, this person was still a formidable Void Comprehending cultivator with a cultivation base far beyond herself, a mere Golden Core.

But Lin Yan was also a great powerhouse from tens of thousands of years ago. It was unlikely that Lin Yan coveted anything on her person. Moreover, if Lin Yan truly desired it, she could easily take everything without any effort.

Then what’s Senior Lin Yan for?

Five Spirit Cauldron?


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