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MSRV Ch 94 – Time for Revenge

To satisfy Wenwen’s curiosity, Yuan Xin quickly finalized the contract for the Xianxia movie, taking the role of the childhood version of the main lead. Of course, he didn’t forget to negotiate with the director to allow the little guy to watch the audition in person.

The director naturally wouldn’t refuse this small request. Having another person on the site would hardly matter, and it wouldn’t be a problem as long as Wenwen behaved well and did not cause a disturbance.

Wenwen was overjoyed when Yuan Xin came with the news. He had found out that the role of the female lead had not yet been determined and would be chosen via the audition. Since this was the case, he absolutely must find a way to fail Fang Xueruo!

Initially underestimated, this Xianxia movie threw up a surprise by emerging as a dark horse. Compared to Wenwen’s previous project that was a science fiction, this one unexpectedly managed to appeal to a larger audience and ended up getting a series.

For this reason, Wenwen obviously didn’t want Fang Xueruo to have this chance to make a comeback. Being kind to an enemy was equal to being cruel to oneself.

So, after obtaining Fu Yunruo’s consent, he was happily taken by Yuan Xin to the audition site.

Fu Yunruo originally planned to go with her son, but the date happened to coincide with a business meeting for her job. So in the end, they met Yuan Xin at the downstairs of the office building where the audition would be held, and Fu Yunruo promised to pick up Wenwen after they both finished.

The moment Wenwen arrived at the audition, however, he saw Si Yue being greeted by the crowd. In an instant, his cheerful face turned into a sour one. “Why is he here?”

Could it be Si Yue was the male lead again? No, he remembered it was a young actor who played that role. Said so, this Xianxia movie was from the female lead’s point of view, so even the so-called male lead only had relatively few scenes.

Hearing this, Si Yue raised his eyebrows, “I’m one of the investors. Is it strange that I came to observe the audition?”

“…” Wenwen was speechless. He indeed couldn’t remember whether Si Yue was also involved as an investor in his previous life. He really didn’t want to be in the same room as Si Yue, but he couldn’t leave too… what if Fang Xueruo successfully got the role?

After struggling for a while, Wenwen finally went to the small stool next to Si Yue. He sat down with a sullen face. If he didn’t sit here, there would be nowhere else to sit. Other chairs were for adults — only the back of his head would be visible, and he also worried that these seats had been prepared for specific people. Thus, he had no choice but to sit obediently in the assigned position, even if it was right beside Si Yue..

Their position was not in the center because they were not the auditioners today. Even so, with the aura radiating from Si Yue, other people’s gaze was inadvertently drawn to him.

Wenwen snorted coldly inside. One day, he would definitely surpass Si Yue and be the most popular!

Si Yue, unaware of Wenwen’s grand ambition to outshine him, took out two candies from his pocket. “These are delicious. Want to try?”

The exquisite candies were wrapped in vibrant and colorful wrappers, looking very tempting. Yet, Wenwen threw his face aside with disdain. He wasn’t that easy to win over!

Si Yue unwrapped one of the candies and placed it in his mouth. “If you don’t want it, I’ll eat them all.”

Wenwen felt even more annoyed. How old was Si Yue? Wasn’t he embarrassed that someone his age still ate candies!

Si Yue looked at Wenwen’s pouting side face, which appeared even rounder due to his anger. Unable to resist, he dabbed it with his fingertips.

Um! Soft and smooth, very nice to the touch.

Wenwen turned his head in shock and quickly covered his face. “You’re molesting me!” How dare Si Yue poke his face!

Wenwen furrowed his brows, his cute expression turning slightly fierce. “We’ve broken off!”


Si Yue almost broke out in laughter. He still wanted to rub the little guy’s head, but seeing the pair of peach blossom eyes that resembled Fu Yunruo stared at him very defensively, he regretfully had to give up.

“What molesting? Can this word be used here?”

“Also, when did we break up? Why didn’t I know?”

“We broke up a long time ago!” Wenwen snorted coldly.

Si Yue: “…”

The chubby director who looked like a Maitreya Buddha chuckled, “Si Yue, it’s been so long, and you still haven’t made up with him?”

In the entertainment industry, there were no secrets. The story of how Si Yue had somehow angered Wenwen had already spread throughout the circle, and everyone was eagerly waiting to see the famous actor being taken down a notch.

Si Yue shrugged. “This little guy is a bit difficult to appease.”

Wenwen was getting even angrier inside. Had Si Yue even tried to appease him? Si Yue made it sound like he had a bad temper!

“Oh, look at you. You’ve made the child even angrier. It’s even harder to appease him now.” The director said with a smile. No wonder Si Yue liked to tease Wenwen. This kid was so cute when he was angry.

“My fault.” Si Yue promptly admitted his mistake, although it seemed like he would dare to do it again next time.

If Wenwen was not so determined to watch the audition, he would have left long ago. Si Yue was so damn annoying!

Not long after, the preparation was completed. With everyone in their places, the director announced the beginning of the auditions, instantly quieting the room.

Wenwen immediately perked up, his gaze sharp as he looked towards the partially concealed entrance. This round of auditions was primarily for several key roles — otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many important figures present.

The first audition was for the female supporting role, and a familiar young actress came in to audition.

She had a promising start; her acting skills were passable, and a few examiners even nodded their approval discreetly.

Wenwen couldn’t help but think — auditions today aren’t much different from those twenty years later!


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