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ATCF Ch 33 Part 2 – Third Master Feng is not Someone They Could Afford to Provoke (II)

The grandfather and grandchildren left the examination site happily, and Tong Yi hesitated for a moment before deciding to follow them.

Jiang Xiao Li was his self-proclaimed little sister. She was young and naive, and her two twin brothers were unreliable. As for Grandpa Feng… he’d better keep an eye on her. Otherwise, that guy named Jiang Tang might sell her off and she would be none of the wiser.

Feng Bai noticed Tong Yi was coming with them. He turned back in surprise, “Why are you following us?”

Tong Yi put his arm around Feng Bai’s shoulder, pulling him aside, and asked with some confusion, “Don’t you feel that something is off?”

Feng Bai looked puzzled and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Tong Yi glanced at Jiang Tang with narrowed eyes and said, “Don’t you think that guy is too close to Jiang Xiao Li?”

Feng Bai shrugged, “They are indeed close, but they have been grown up together since they were kids, Jiang Tang has always taken care of Xiao Jiang Li. Their relationship is normal, right?”

Feng Bai felt a little disappointed that his sister wasn’t as close to him as she was to others, but considering that they had been childhood playmates, he thought it was normal.

At this moment, Tong Yi thought that the third son of the Feng family was a bit slow, so he the second son aside and asked the same question.

However, Feng Song’s reaction was even cooler than his twin, “It’s good to have one more person who treats Xiao Jiang Li well. I’m happy about it.”

Tong Yi: …

Both Feng Bai and Feng Song gave him the same response, so Tong Yi did not go to ask Old Master Feng, lest the old man thought there was something wrong with him.

At this moment, Jiang Ruo came out of the examination room and happened to see Jiang Li’s group walking toward the parking lot.

When she saw Grandpa Feng looking at Jiang Li lovingly, her expression clouded slightly.

Although she hadn’t seen Grandpa Feng for many years, Jiang Ruo still vividly remembered how kind and amiable this person, who call himself her maternal grandfather, was to her.

Unfortunately, that was all in the past. Now he was Jiang Li’s grandfather, not hers.

Jiang Ruo lowered the brim of her cap and continued walking. However, she was stopped by a reporter who asked her about the difficulty of this year’s entrance exam.

She was usually confident in front of the camera, but for some reason, she felt a bit stuck and didn’t know what to say.

Even though the reporter didn’t recognize her as Jiang Ruo and just thought of her as an ordinary student to interview, she still felt very uneasy.

It wasn’t until Jiang Zhou, who was pushed over in a wheelchair, arrived and helped her out that she felt relieved.

Once they were in the car, Jiang Ruo remained silent. Jiang Zhou reached out and held her hand. “If you don’t want to stay in Minjiang City, transfer to another school elsewhere. I’ll accompany you.”

Jiang Ruo was stunned for a while before shaking her head. “I won’t transfer. I have to face what needs to be faced. I don’t want to escape.”

She chose to stay in Minjiang City not only because she had grown up here but also… because she still had hope for Qin Zheng.

When Jiang Ruo and Jiang Zhou arrived home, they were surprised to find Jiang Huai was already at home.

“I can understand if your father sent invitations to his friends, but he deliberately included my circle as well. He must do it to annoy me!” Jiang Huai’s voice was loud and filled with anger.

On the other hand, Feng Yun’s voice sounded much gentler. “Perhaps it’s just a coincidence. I think…”

“No need for your thoughts,” Jiang Huai forcefully interrupted her. “He sent invitations to the Qin family, which is somewhat understandable given their background. But he also invited those low-class nouveau riche families just because they are my business partners!”

Jiang Huai didn’t narcissistically think that Old Master Feng invited those people to show him respect as his son-in-law. With just a little thought, he knew that Old Master Feng wanted to use this opportunity to tell everyone that the Feng and Jiang families were no longer connected.

Feng Yun was stunned by his outburst and couldn’t say a word for a while.

Lately, her husband had become more irritable, and he looked increasingly haggard. She couldn’t find the same charm in him that she had seen when they first met in college.

However, she also felt guilty because all of this was caused by her father sending those invitations.

As she looked at the shattered teacup thrown by Jiang Huai, she sighed and squatted down to clean up.

Accidentally, a piece of the broken cup cut her hand, and she exclaimed in pain. But Jiang Huai just furrowed his brows and said with annoyance, “You should have called a servant to do that. Why are you fussing around?”

Feng Yun stared blankly at the wound on her hand. She remembered that when she accidentally cut her hand while peeling an apple with a fruit knife before, her husband would look at her wound distressedly and apply a band-aid for her.

Feng Yun pursed her lips and called a servant to bring the first aid kit.

When the servant brought the kit over, Jiang Huai seemed to finally realize that his behavior was inappropriate. He slowly walked over and disinfected her wound before putting on a band-aid.

The little bit of resentment that Feng Yun had just felt instantly disappeared. “I wonder how Xiao Li and Ruoruo did in their entrance exams.”

Jiang Huai said calmly, “Ruoruo has always done well, so there shouldn’t be any problems. After the entrance exams and during the summer vacation, she can film the two dramas she signed up for.”

Feng Yun hesitated, “But given Ruoruo’s current situation, she may not be suitable for going to work.”

Jiang Huai furrowed his brows, “The contracts have already been signed. If she doesn’t go, the penalty fee won’t be a small amount.”

Because of the troubles caused by the Feng family, he was preoccupied and couldn’t afford to pay the penalty fee for his daughter. It was just two dramas, nothing Ruoruo couldn’t endure.

After all, the girl genuinely had acting skills. Filming a drama was a step forward in this career path, and there was no need to avoid it.

Jiang Ruo stood at the doorway, listening to her parents’ conversation. Her face became paler and paler.

In the end, she didn’t even greet her parents and ran towards the garden alone.

Jiang Zhou followed in his wheelchair and found her sitting on a swing, lost in thought. He comforted her, “If you don’t want to film, then don’t. I have savings here. I can cover the penalty fee for you.”

But Jiang Ruo shook her head. “I want to go. We’re facing difficulties at home now, and I can’t escape alone. Brother should save your money for emergencies!”

Seeing her being so sensible, Jiang Zhou felt like his heart was being pricked with a needle.

His little sister had always been cherished and pampered. How could she bear such grievances!

Unfortunately, he was still a student and couldn’t protect her!


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  1. Jiang Ruo…if you have hope for Qin Zheng, perhaps you should answer his calls and messages. 

    She and her mom are both airheads that seem to think good things come without any effort and are paralyzed by hardship. I can see why the Feng family scorn the mom as being a love brain. 

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