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THDP Ch 131 Part 2 – Separate Ways (II)

“Thank you all for accompanying me to the Starfallen Sea. I will remember this favor and repay it when the opportunity arises…” Meng Qi bowed to her friends.

“Meng Qiqi?!” Chu Tianfeng’s eyebrows furrowed even tighter as he quickly interrupted her. “What do you mean by repaying? Without you in the Starfallen Sea, none of us might have made it out. But I don’t understand… why do you suddenly want to part ways? Our team is good, isn’t it?”

Chu Tianfeng’s words struck a chord with everyone. Even Li Che, the Xue siblings, and even Xu Zijun turned their gazes toward Meng Qi. Though they hadn’t spent much time together in the Starfallen Sea, they fought side by side, facing life and death together. The bond they formed was precious and genuine, and they already considered each other as close friends.

Chu Tianfeng even thought that if they could continue like this, standing side by side with Meng Qi and the others on their cultivation path so that they wouldn’t feel lonely.

How nice.

“Don’t you all get it?” Ji Wujiong suddenly chuckled and stepped forward, standing beside Meng Qi.

“Get what?” Sikong Xing couldn’t help but glare at Ji Wujiong. She wasn’t as afraid of this black-robed man with a gruesome wound on his face as she was before. He might be dangerous, but he wasn’t someone who killed innocents recklessly.

Ji Wujiong put down his hands and looked around at everyone with a playful smile. “Clearly, Meng Qi has come to her senses! What’s the point of staying with all of you? It’s undoubtedly more promising to become my disciple!”

“Bah!” Sikong Xing gestured at her own face. “What a braggart! Shameless!”

“Meng Qiqi,” Xue Jinwen, on the other hand, looked at Meng Qi and asked seriously, “You…” She opened her mouth but didn’t know how to express herself. Ji Wujiong had a point. When they entered the Starfallen Sea, it was to save Meng Qi. But throughout their journey, if not for Meng Qi’s rescue, they could’ve been wiped out a long time ago. Before, when Meng Qi claimed she was safe in the Starfallen Sea, no one believed her. Now, it seemed like she was truly safe back then. If not for them, she might have gained even more benefits.

Xue Jinwen exchanged a glance with her brother and saw deep concern in each other’s eyes. She couldn’t bring herself to say the next words.

It wasn’t just the siblings; no one in the room was foolish. They all looked at Meng Qi, each with different expressions, but not a single person spoke.

Meng Qi frowned and tried to speak, but ultimately, she said nothing. Finally, she cupped her fists and bowed to everyone in farewell, then turned to Ji Wujiong, nodding her chin. “Let’s go.”

The door to the private room opened, then closed again. Footsteps gradually faded away, but the room remained quiet.

“Damn it!” Chu Tianfeng was the first to jump up. “Why do I find Ji Wujiong’s smug look so annoying?!”

Sikong Xing pursed her lips. “But he’s a Void Comprehending cultivator. He could defeat all of us with one hand. And… Meng Qiqi chose to go with him.”

“I don’t believe Meng Qiqi would be like that! Could she have been threatened?!” Chu Tianfeng stared at the door with hatred, as if he wanted to burn two holes in it.

“I find it strange too.” Sikong Xing furrowed her beautiful eyebrows and looked at Su Junmo. “Meng Qiqi has always been indifferent to Ji Wujiong, so why did she suddenly go with him?”

“How should I know?!” Su Junmo replied irritably. He was worried now that Meng Qi had left with Ji Wujiong, and there was still no news from the Lord. The Demon Monarch’s Order was about to reappear, and the Lord’s personal guards were still blocked in the Seventh Heaven region…

“So, we just let Meng Qiqi go with that guy?!” Chu Tianfeng sat down by the table, unable to believe it, and looked at Qin Xiumo. “Don’t you have anything to say?”

Qin Xiumo glanced at him deeply, with a hint of confusion in his eyes. Meng Qi definitely didn’t think they weren’t strong enough. What he wanted to know now was what happened after they suddenly fell unconscious near the forest. When they regained consciousness, they were already on the edge of the Starfallen Sea, with an exit to the Western Realm conveniently located nearby, and Meng Qi was there by their side.

According to Meng Qi, the person in the forest was indeed Lin Yan. She didn’t want to trouble the youngsters, so she kindly sent them out.

But Qin Xiumo always felt that things weren’t that simple.

He turned his head to look at the door, then glanced at the restless Chu Tianfeng, and spoke in a calm tone. “What Ji Wujiong said isn’t wrong.”

“Huh?!” Chu Tianfeng was stunned, looking at Qin Xiumo in disbelief.

“Being by Meng Qiqi’s side right now will only burden her.” Qin Xiumo continued, “The Starfallen Sea is the best example. Meng Qiqi inscribed arrays on our natal weapons, which now amplifies our cultivation progress. I know of three secret realms in the Western Realm. They are dangerous, but each time they can greatly enhance our cultivation, allowing us to make rapid progress. Is anyone willing to accompany me?”

“Qin Xiumo!” Chu Tianfeng jumped up. “Is this the time for cultivation? The entire Duankong City is about to come after Meng Qiqi. This is the Western Realm, the stronghold of those old folks from the Feng Alliance. They definitely want to fish on troubled water.”

“Otherwise?” Qin Xiumo shot a cold glance at Chu Tianfeng, “Ji Wujiong is a Void Comprehending cultivator. What about you?”

“…” Chu Tianfeng, who still hadn’t reached the Spirit Severing stage, shut up instantly.

“There are thirteen Void Comprehending elders in Duankong City. Even if we all by Meng Qiqi’s side, what’s the use of us?” He continued.

“But…” Chu Tianfeng opened his mouth, but couldn’t find any other words to say after a while. Because Qin Xiumo was right. If not anything, even if he and Qin Xiumo joined forces, they probably wouldn’t be able to withstand a single strike from one of the elders of the Duankong City.

What use would it be to stay by Meng Qi’s side?!

“Fine! I’ll go with you to the secret realm.” Chu Tianfeng gritted his teeth.

“I’m going too.” Sikong Xing stood up.

“I’ll go as well.” Su Junmo smiled wryly. He didn’t know what to do now, but until the Lord gave new orders, it was always a good idea to improve his cultivation.

“Count me in.” Li Che raised his hand. “I want to go too.”

“Me too.” Sikong Zhan said.

“Aren’t you going back to the Demon Realm?” Sikong Xing widened her bright eyes and looked at him.

“No.” Sikong Zhan shook his head quickly, firmly stating his decision.

“Add me too.” Xue Jinwen said with a smile.

Next to her, Xue Chengxuan closed his eyes and said helplessly, “I need to return home for a while.” As the eldest son of the Xue clan and the future heir, he couldn’t do whatever he pleased like his third sister.

“Then… count me in too,” Xu Zijun said.

“I need to return to the Starfallen Sea,” Pei Mufeng said calmly. The others nodded in understanding. Pei Mufeng had made a commitment to the Medical Society Alliance. Since they had fulfilled the part of agreement and held the Medical Cultivators Conference in the Xingluo City, now he had to keep his words and remain for ten years in the Starfallen Sea, searching for various medicinal herbs and hunting down beasts that could be used as medicine.

“What are we waiting for?” Chu Tianfeng strode towards the door, urging Qin Xiumo, “Let’s go!”

No one asked how Qin Xiumo, a cultivator from the Southern Realm, knew about secret realms in the Western Realm.


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