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THDP Ch 131 Part 1 – Separate Ways (I)

Sikong Xing was about to ask more questions, but Su Junmo quickly pulled at her sleeve. “Alright, let’s not talk about that for now,” he coughed lightly and changed the subject swiftly. “Regarding the situation with the Duankong Sect, I believe you guys have known about it. The information I received is that the Duankong Sect is temporarily unable to spare the manpower to search for Meng Qiqi because the position of their sect leader has been vacant for ten years. Once they select a new sect leader, they will undoubtedly spare no effort to deal with Meng Qiqi. This sect…”

As Su Junmo spoke, he furrowed his brows and murmured, “It has existed for many years, but has always been quite low-key. While there are numerous sword sects in the Three Thousand Worlds, the Duankong Sect has always held a prominent position among them.” He paused for a moment, glancing meaningfully at Pei Mufeng, who was sitting quietly beside him.

When it came to sword sects, Xingluo Pavilion clearly knew more. This talented and promising young pavilion master of Xingluo Pavilion was undoubtedly among the top three among the young generation in the field of sword arts.

“The Duankong Sect has been without a sect leader since the previous one fell to the hands of a devil cultivator ten years ago. However, they have thirteen elders, and even the lowest among them is at the Void Comprehending stage,” Su Junmo continued.

Everyone in the private room couldn’t help but take a sharp breath at his words. Even Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo, who came from prominent sects, were somewhat astonished upon hearing about the thirteen Void Comprehending elders.

There hadn’t been an ascension in the Three Realms for tens of thousands of years. From the Great Ascension down to the Void Comprehending stage, these cultivators were all considered powerful. Any sect with a Void Comprehending cultivator could dominate a city in one of the Three Thousand World’s four realms and establish its own power.

“The Duankong City… is that strong?” Chu Tianfeng furrowed his brows, skeptically asking, “But in the Three Realms, they are not particularly… ” He paused and didn’t continue.

But the rest understood his implication. Duankong City had truly been low-key. Generally speaking, The Jingyuetian had always been seen as the Western Realm’s strongest sect, and while Duankong was counted as the top three, public perception saw them on equal standing with the Feng Alliance.

But the truth was different — with thirteen Void Comprehending elders, their combined strength was far above that of the four major clans that formed the Feng Alliance.

“Mmm,” Su Junmo nodded. He had his sources of information, and they were generally accurate. He looked at Meng Qi and quickly glanced at Ji Wujiong, who was lazily standing to the side with arms crossed. Back in the Starfallen Sea, Ji Wujiong had arrogantly claimed that the Duankong City was weak, confused about the path of cultivation, and didn’t have much to offer. Su Junmo wondered what he would think now after hearing this news.

Ji Wujiong’s eyes met Su Junmo’s, and a hint of mockery flashed in his deep, dark pupils. He sneered, “Below the Great Ascension, strength has its limits. Is there any need to panic like this? Meng Qiqi, why don’t you come with me? These guys get flustered over every little thing, not very reliable, it seems.”

Although his words were mocking, his lips remained slightly upturned, and even his gaze held a faint hint of amusement. His tone was nonchalant and lazier than ever, as if he found the situation rather satisfying.

Pooh! Su Junmo couldn’t help but despise Ji Wujiong inside. At the same time, he also found it a bit strange.

Ever since they left the Starfallen Sea, Ji Wujiong had been wearing this expression. It seemed like he was in a good mood?

Meng Qi sat at the table calmly, pretending that she didn’t hear Ji Wujiong’s sarcasm: “Then what about Jingyuetian?”

“Oh, Jingyuetian…” Su Junmo scratched his head. “Seven thousand years ago, they were already the number one spell sect in the Three Thousand Worlds. Not only did they have many geniuses, but whenever there were conflicts with the devil realm, Jingyuetian always stood at the forefront. That’s why they have lost quite a few disciples over the years. From what I know, those who met the same fate as their current young master — coming close to death in a battle with a devil cultivator and suffering severe injuries until they could no longer cultivate for the rest of their lives — have happened before. Jingyuetian has maintained its prestige for thousands of years due to their sacrifices, I suppose.”

“Mmm,” Meng Qi nodded, seriously pondering over the matter. One of her hands, which she did not place on the table, gently clenched into a fist, holding a small piece of profound-grade spirit stone in her palm. Despite its small size, the division of spirit stones in the Three Realms was based on the amount of spiritual aura contained within them. The amount of aura in this tiny profound-grade stone was already comparable to that of a second-realm Great Ascension cultivator’s entire spiritual sea.

The stone in Meng Qi’s palm emitted a soft glow, and wisps of spiritual aura slowly seeped out, permeating her skin. Upon closer inspection, one could notice faint blood-like lines entwined within the blue and white radiance of the spiritual aura, connecting the stone to her hand.

Meng Qi’s palm was bathed in the glow of the stone, and faintly visible were the lines engraved on her palm. Each time the spiritual aura flowed in, her right hand trembled slightly. The exertion caused the veins on her hand’s back to stand out against her fair skin.

And yet, she continued sitting calmly on her seat, as if she didn’t feel any pain.

When the young master of Jingyuetian was mentioned, the room fell into a heavy silence. Everyone present was a cultivator, and most of them were hailed as geniuses and born into major sects. They understood the pain of witnessing a once brilliant talent fall from grace and lose the ability to cultivate. Even if their sect still regarded that person as a hero, showing utmost care and respect, what was the use of that? They would gladly choose to exchange places and give up their own status as a young master if it meant they could continue their cultivation.

“So, should we head to Jingyuetian first?” After a moment of silence, Chu Tianfeng took the initiative to speak.

“Not we,” Meng Qi stood up, still clutching the spirit stone. “It’s me.”

“Huh?” Everyone was stunned, looking at Meng Qi with surprise.

“From our loot in Starfallen Sea, I will only take spirit stones.” Meng Qi said again.

“Meng Qiqi?” Sikong Xing looked up at her, full of doubt. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Xingxing,” Meng Qi said, “We have already left the Starfallen Sea, and everyone has their own matters to attend to. Aren’t you still looking for your mother? It’s time for us to part ways.” She bowed to everyone. “Thank you all for accompanying me to the Starfallen Sea. I will remember this favor and repay it when the opportunity arises…”


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