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THDP Ch 133 Part 4 – The Truth Behind Her Return (IV)

Ji Wujiong continued his explanation: “Later, the leader of the devil cultivators team — that is, the son of the devil seat’s lord — was dead. When news of this spread throughout the Devil Realm, all four Great Devil Seats, which had close collaborative relationships with one other, were furious. However, the location of the crack was naturally concealed. It was hidden deep within the rugged and remote mountains of the northern part of the Western Realm, rarely visited by people, and scarcely any cultivators ventured there. As a result, this information didn’t spread widely, and no one knows who exactly this lone cultivator who had stopped the invasion.”

Meng Qi nodded.

“But it’s not actually important,” Ji Wujiong said, “The lord of the devil seat isn’t truly grieving for the loss of his son. Those in his positions usually have dozens of children, and they might have hundreds of offspring over their long lifespans. What their side wants is just an excuse.”

“What I mean is…” Ji Wujiong glanced at Meng Qi, “Whether or not they find out the identity of the cultivator, the Devil Realm can use it as an excuse to openly confront the Three Thousand Worlds. They have yet to launch a full-scale attack because haven’t figured out how to send a large number of troops to the Three Thousand Worlds. As you also know, although the Starfallen Sea connects the three realms, it is unconquerable.”

“I see,” Meng Qi muttered. She was still thinking about the young master of Jingyuetian. She had never met this person, but an injury to the inner core was not necessarily beyond her ability to treat. In her previous life, she had saved a young cultivator who had just formed his golden core, but almost got his cultivation base destroyed because of damage to the core. And that man… remembering what happened afterward, Meng Qi couldn’t help but furrow her brows slightly.

In short, when it came to treating a damaged inner core, it would be easier if the patient had just formed their core and hadn’t stabilized their cultivation base yet. In contrast, the young master of Jingyuetian was already in the Void Comprehending stage when he received his injuries. Meng Qi wasn’t sure how much could she do for him at her current cultivation base. On top of that, the method she used was quite special, and she couldn’t teach it to others.

Meng Qi frowned and absentmindedly drew on the table. Ji Wujiong had never mentioned who had stopped the Devil Realm invasion, but it was clear that it was the young master of Jingyuetian. For him to know such details, this incident was obviously not as secretive as Li Che had suggested, with only a few people knowing about it.

Meng Qi looked up at Ji Wujiong, opened her mouth, but ultimately didn’t say anything.

“What do you want to say?” Ji Wujiong said, “Just say it!”

“I want to go and see the young master of Jingyuetian,” Meng Qi thought for a moment and said, “but I can’t just go like this.”

The young master was injured. Although she was currently just a wandering cultivator1, she had been known as someone who had passed the Grand Tournament test at the Apricot Forest, so there was a good chance that Jingyuetian wouldn’t reject her visit.


Meng Qi couldn’t ignore the fact that there were people who were aiming for her will ill intentions, especially the Duankong Sect, which was known for its ruthlessness. She was weak — her cultivation base was still too low, and she knew she was vulnerable. Even at this moment, some people might be lurking in the shadows, waiting for her appearance.

“Oh,” Ji Wujiong casually replied, “I understand.” He stood up and gestured, “go get some rest for now. I will wake you up at night.”

Meng Qi slowly gazed at Ji Wujiong’s face. This black-robed young man had a peculiar air of nonchalance about him, as if he wasn’t surprised that she wanted to see the young master of Jingyuetian. Looking at the pair of eyes that seemed to see through her and the casual, playful smile on his lips, Meng Qi refrained from asking further questions.

“All right,” she said, exhaling, “Thank you, Master.”

“It’s time for you to understand your Master’s abilities, little girl. The way you reluctantly call me ‘Master’ every time, others would mistakenly think that you are facing ten difficult patients.” Ji Wujiong said, reaching up to touch his jaw and then turning towards a room in the courtyard. With his back to Meng Qi, he waved his hand dismissively. “Go back and catch some sleep.”

Meng Qi watched as the black-clad figure entered the room and closed the door. Her eyelashes quivered slightly, and a faint smile appeared in her eyes. In truth, it wasn’t as difficult for her to address Ji Wujiong as ‘master’ as he had implied.

After a while, Meng Qi also got up and returned to her room. There was a branch of Ruyi Inn in every city, each with its own distinctive style and uniqueness. The Western Realm, known for its prosperity, was the home of many major sects such as the medical cultivators Feng Alliance, sword cultivators Duankong Sect, and the one widely recognized as the number one spell cultivation sect in Three Thousand Worlds — Jingyuetian Sect. Compared to ordinary sects, they all had an air of dominance also mirrored by the cities and towns in their territory. Perhaps it was this grandeur that made the Ruyi Inn in Jingyue City seem more luxurious.

Meng Qi walked to the wooden bed and threw herself on the soft mattress. When she was in the Eastern Realm, all she had to sleep on was a simple bamboo bed, and Xiao Qi was still by her side then…

Meng Qi opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling, wondering how Yun Qingyan was doing now. She took out the jade token that Yun Qingyan had given her from her storage space item. Her own Beyond The Heaven token had been left at the Luoyun Manor, and she hadn’t been able to retrieve it. She didn’t know where she could get a replacement. Even though she had no way to reach the Luoyun Manor, at least she wished that she could go to Beyond The Heaven to check.

The jade token warmed in her hand as she held it, and the warmth seemed to spread through her body as well. She rolled over, pressing her clenched hand against her chest and slowly closing her eyes. Cultivators didn’t need to sleep every day, especially when they were cultivating. However, she had just advanced to the Nascent Soul stage and had used a rather unique method to achieve it. Her body was already quite tired at this point, and a good night’s sleep was necessary.

But as soon as she closed her eyes, Lin Yan’s beautiful image appeared in her mind. That person was a legendary predecessor; a great powerhouse who had been among the strongest in her era, and the last Profound-realm medical cultivator in history… yet, such a Lin Yan, even after exhausting everything in her power, failed to resurrect her dead lover.

Meng Qi rolled over again in the soft bed, unable to find a comfortable position. Lin Yan had tried countless methods and spent tens of thousands of years preparing, and even in death, her lingering will was still persistently pursuing this matter. Even so, she still failed!

Lin Yan had once almost reached the level of Great Ascension, only one step further from perfecting one’s Dao and ascending. Furthermore, she was also a Profound-realm medical cultivator. Medical cultivators were somewhat unique in their path of pursuing Dao. Once you reached the three legendary realms of profound, earth, and heaven, you had come into contact with the essence of life itself. Lin Yan, who had accomplished this, devoted all her efforts and thousands of years both in life and death, but she still couldn’t achieve what she had been striving for.


Meng Qi gently trembled as she raised her own hand.

The rules mandated by the Heavenly Dao couldn’t be violated, much less reversed.

So how had she come back to life and even returned to the past?

She looked at her white fingers; her body was real, her skin was warm, and the blood and aura in her body were also real.

How did she come back?!


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  1. Wandering cultivator: a cultivator with no affiliations to a sect, clan, or other organizations.

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  1. Hi, thanks for all your work! Just an idea, could you perhaps update the Devil section in the glossary from the information we gained in chapter 102?

  2. Thanks for your work! Just an idea, can you perhaps update the Devil section in the glossary with the information we gained from Ch 102

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